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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*San Francisco, California, 9:00 pm*

Nick: *Sleeping*

Nudge: *Looking at the bay*

Felecia: *Sees Nudge* Hello Nudge.

Nudge: Oh, hello Felecia.

Felecia: It’s so beautiful tonight....the moon is reflecting the shining bay...

Nudge: I have never seen San Francisco before...I lived my whole life in a dog crate...

Felecia: I used to be in an orphanage with Nick, but then I was adopted into a family that lived on a plantation.

Nudge: Plantation? What’s that?

Felecia:’s a large piece of land where they grow’s kind of like a farm...except the owner is very rich...

Nudge: Wow...that sounds really good...

Felecia: *Nods* My father’s name was Robert...

Nudge: Felecia...what’s your full name?

Felecia: Felecia S. Lee.

Nudge: Who was your father?

Felecia: Robert E. Lee.

Nudge: He must have been really powerful and kind!

Felecia: Yup.

*Bermuda Triangle*

Cactas Jr: *Absorbing electricity*

Vangel: *Bows* Cactas Jr...

Cactas Jr: Yes, Vangel?

Vangel: We have found two more of the mutants, my liege.

Cactas Jr: Oh?

Vangel: Lantas, come in with the prisoners!

Lantas: *Walks in with Fang and Iggy, both chained up*

Cactas Jr: Excellent! Bravo!

Fang: *Struggling* Let me go you buffon!

Vangel: *Shocks Fang* I wouldn’t be so rude to Cactas Jr if I were you.

Fang: Then what would you do?

Vangel: *Shocks Fang again* Keep quiet!

Fang: *Passes out*

Iggy: What did you do to Fang????

Cactas Jr: Vangel, prepare the Psychic Patch!

Iggy: Psychic Patch?

Vangel: *Puts a purple patch on Fang*

Fang: *Under the patches control* Max and Gazzy are captured by Nightmare Inc and Nudge is with Nick and his crew!

Cactas Jr: Send all warships to the Nightmare Inc fleet!

Vangel: And what about Nudge?

Cactas Jr: *Turns into his Clawfly form* I shall find her personally! *Flies off*

*South Pole*

Grey: *Sharpening claws* Time to find Nudge!

*San Francisco*

Nick: *In the Iron Wolf 2.0 Suit*

Emilia: Nick, try your rocket thrusters.

Nick: *Uses rocket thrusters and flies into the air* This is amazing! You did a really good job!

Emilia: *Smiles* Thanks.

*Golden Gate Park*

Nudge: *Walking and talking with Felecia*

Grey: *Glides in and slashes Felecia*

Felecia: GAH! *Uses communications to call for Nick*

Nick: *Flies to Golden Gate Park*

Grey: *Grabs Nudge by the cheeks* I caught you.

Nick: *Fires missiles at Grey*

Grey: *Is hit all across the back* AH! *Drops Nudge and flies at Nick*

Nick: *Fires soundwaves at Grey*

Grey: *Slashes Nick with Bear Claws*

Nick: *Pulls out Rocket Hammer and bashes Grey*

Grey: *Is thrown at a building*

Felecia: *Running away with Nudge*

Grey: *Gets up and fires at Nick*

Nick: *Falls out of the sky but lands in the ocean*

Grey: I win!

Nick: *Jumps out of the water and smacks Grey with rocket hammer*

Grey: *Is knocked into a tree*

Nick: *Fires 100 rounds at Grey with gatling gun*

Grey: *Jumps at Nick and rips off his gatling gun*

Nick: *Falls down to the ground*

Nudge: Nick!

Grey: *Slashes Nick’s Iron Wolf armor mask*

Nick: *Grabs Greys Bear Claw and hits it on a pole, breaking Greys left Bear Claws*

Grey: *Screams in pain and punches Nick in the chestpiece*

Nick: *Flies backwards*

Cactas Jr: *Flies in and throws bombs at Grey* Eat this fools!

Grey: *Slashes them* New Enemy: Cactas Jr! *Fires at Cactas Jr*

Cactas Jr: *Slashes Grey and bites his arm*

Grey: *Screams and rips off one of Cactas Jrs spines*

Nick: *Fires Magma Grenades at Grey and Cactas Jr*

Grey: *Jumps from them*

Cactas Jr: *Jumps on Nick starts to tear his Iron Wolf suit to bits*

Nick: *Throws himself and Cactas Jr onto the ground*

Cactas Jr: *Gets up with a mouth full of concrete*

Nick: *Pulls out Rocket Hammer and smashes Cactas Jr*

Grey: *Slashes Nick on the back*

Nick: *Also whacks Grey with the hammer*

Cactas Jr: *Pulls out spear and tries to jab Nick*

Nick: *Grabs Spear from Cactas Jr and stabs him with it*

Cactas Jr: *Life systems start to fail* Drat! I must be going! *Flies away*

Nick: *Sees that Grey is missing*

Felecia: *Looks around* It seems that Grey has disappeared.

Nick: Yeah...*Falls down*

Nudge: Nick! *Flies to Nick and catches him*

Nick: *Asleep*

Felecia: Aw...Nick is so cute when he is asleep...

*Bermuda Triangle*

Vangel: *Treating Cactas Jrs wounds*

Cactas Jr: I failed to retrieve Nudge...

Vangel: But we do have some good news.

Cactas Jr: Oh?

Lantas and Gillag: *Both walk in, Lantas carrying Max, and Gillag carrying Gazzy*

Cactas Jr: Huzzah!

Max: *Struggling* Let me go!

Lantas: No.

Max: *Looks at Cactas Jr* Where is Angel???!!

Cactas Jr: Somewhere, somewhere...

Gazzy: *Breaks free*

Gillag: Get down on your feet! *Shocks Gazzy*

Gazzy: *Falls to the ground*

Gillag: *Laughing*


Cactas Jr: She is being put in a dress.

Max: Dress? For what?

Cactas Jr: Our wedding! Duh!

Max: Wedding??? She’s not even 7 yet!

Cactas Jr: Technically I’m 13.

Max: Thats still 7 years older than her!

Cactas Jr: So?

Gazzy: Cactas is a pedo!

Cactas Jr: Cactas is my father.

Gazzy: Oh.

(the end)