Set up a lemonade stand right outside a McDonald's. See how long it takes to kicked out.

Go to mcdonalds and ask how much something on the dollar menu is.

Walk through the drive through at Mcdonalds and order something.

Go to McDonaldes and ask them for a cheese burger without cheese while driving backwards in drive in.

Go to mcdonalds dressed like a gangster and say you feel like a princess.

Go to mcdonalds and order everything on the menu..............THEN RUN!

Go to McDonalds and ask for fat free fries.

Go to mcdonalds and order tacos.

Pull someone in a wagon through a McDonalds drive thru.

Start a fight at McDonalds about how dirty the spatula is.

Take Chinese food into McDonalds.

Go order at the mcdonalds drive through riding in a shopping cart, suprisingly its legal!

Go to McDonalds and order a diet water, drink it, do a spit take, and yell, I SAID DIET!

Go into McDonald’s and pretend you don't speak English.

Go to the mcdonalds drive thru and sing the drive thru rap.

Go to McDonald's and order unsalted fries. Then ask for salt packets after you get the fries.

Prank call McDonald's and complain about the food (pretend to be a famous person).

Go to McDonalds and ask for a Whopper.

Go to mcDonalds and pretend you do not know english.

Take over the McDonalds Playground and don't let the little kiddies on it and laugh evilly.

Go to mcdonalds and ask if the mcnuggets are giraffe meat.

Go to Burger King and ask them for directions to McDonalds.

Walk and order through the McDonald's Drive-Thru.

Go into McDonald's and ask 'Where is the nearest Subway?'.

Go to McDonalds and order one pice of ice.

Go to mcdonalds dressed as an emo and order a happy meal with extra happy.

Go to kfc and ask the way to mcdonalds

Protest mcdonalds cause it makes you fat.

Go to mcdonalds and ask for a diet water.

Go CONING!!! At McDonald's.

Go to McDonalds and order something thats not on the menu. Keep insisting that its there.

Stand at the end of a McDonalds drive-thru and yell at the people "you're fat".

Go to McDonald's and talk in your make belive language to the chashier.

Ask the manager of a McDonalds where the nearest Burger King is.

Go to McDonalds and ask for a happy meal with extra happy.

Go to McDonald's, ask for the manager, and start complaining about your life problems.

Go to Mcdonalds and ask for pizza and if they don't give you one scream.

Go to your local McDonalds and order a CheeseBurger without cheese.

Walk to a drivethrough at McDonalds and order foods only at Taco Bell.

Go to Mcdonalds and order using the Big Mac rap.

Go to Mcdonalds, and ask for french fries with out the potato.

Go to McDonald's and ask for a chinese.

Yell random things out of your car window at random people mcdonalds drive thru line.

Dress up as ronald mcdonald and go aplpy for a job at burger king.

Walk into a Mcdonalds with a Subway sub and eat it at one of the tables.

Go to mcdonalds and ask for directions to burgerking.

Call McDonald and order everything on the menu.

Ask mcdonalds for a small large fries and a orange coke.

Go to McDonald's and glue fries to the walls with ketchup.

Go to McDonald's dressed as an emo Ronald McDonald and yell at little kids.