Hey everybody. Today, I'm gonna talk about why McDonald's promoting Pokemon toys to boys is what Pokemon's marketing outside of Japan when wrong.

Ugh. Why, McDonald’s? Why do you have to promote Pokemon toys to boys? Pokemon is not for boys. If you target Pokemon to boys, it’ll fail. That’s why The Pokemon Company International is not happy at you for releasing Pokemon toys to Happy Meal for boys. Pokemon needs to be promoted on its own. Not paring with a girl’s toys. Releasing more girls toys to Happy Meals with Pokemon made Pokemon’s audiences lost a huge chunk of girls. Pokemon does not needs to be on the boys side. Pokemon can be promoted on its own and you know that, McDonald’s.

Second stop putting Ken Sugimori art and Pokemon Trading Card Game on your Pokemon toys, McDonald’s. Put the artwork from the popular long running animated series from the 90s to your Pokemon toys, McDonald’s. If you promote Pokemon only to your Happy Meals and not pairing with girls next time, you win. I hate today’s America’s fast food Pokemon promotions. Why? Ken Sugimori art and Pokemon Trading Card Game. I hate Ken Sugimori art and Pokemon Trading Card Game version of America’s fast food Pokemon promotions. Why they have to get rid of anime art and change it’s artwork to Ken Sugimori art and add in Pokemon Trading Card Game. I’m sick of Ken Sugimori art and Pokemon Trading Card Game version of America’s fast food Pokemon promotions. Bring back anime art, America’s fast food Pokemon promotions. It’s getting annoying.

But the biggest thing that is preventing Pokemon from having an identity outside of their toys in your Happy Meal marketing is the suits' paranoia over young boys. You know how much I hate their fear of what young boys want to Pokemon toys in their Happy Meals.

McDonald’s brass... Boys aren't your target demographic for Pokemon! Boys aren't your target demographic who are kids!

Who is your target demographic that are kids for Pokemon?


Pokemon is not for boys, it’s for everybody. Play Pokemon to every singles children... That includes girls. You'll get a big success on your hands, it's not freakin' rocket science! By trying too hard to appeal to boys, you alienate the girls who will make your Pokemon toys more successful than they are. You also come off as sexist, and you also make young girls feel left out. What is this? A boys-only treehouse? This is McDonald’s, something everyone deserves to experience.
Also, if you treat Pokemon toys at McDonald’s as a treehouse for boys that doesn't allow girls... Then you're limiting your number of kids. Girls don't want to go into a boys treehouse, because that's boys' stuff. Is Pokemon boys' stuff? No. Need I remind the suits about Pokemon toys released at McDonald’s??? Good thing Pokemon X and Y done correctly because Pokemon X and Y is for everybody (not for kids, the whole audiences), they probably would've done decent business at best. You mean to tell me that boys are Pokemon's target audience for McDonald’s Happy Meal? No. You need girls in the audience, too. Otherwise, girls won’t be able to see Pokemon at McDonald’s and it’s all you fault.

This obsession with pleasing one minor chunk of their audience all stems from Pokemon. McDonald's’ newly-hired staff came on board when Pokemon was released to Happy Meal, and those "geniuses" failed to realize that Pokemon toys was for boys and not for both girls and boys. But in corporation fashion, the suits and marketing are never wrong... It's obviously Pokemon's fault for McDonald’s Happy Meal marketing released Pokemon directly to boys and not appealing girls too.

This will be a lesson to you, McDonald's never promote Pokemon to boys and pair with girls toys, ever again. Move Pokemon away from gender marketing and promoting Pokemon toys as, well, Pokemon toys. Pokemon needs to be promoted on its own. Plain and simple.