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Laurencia7 said …
Bloody Hell, I came on here trying to do a quiz and find out Alex dies?! This is the prob with getting into a show that's already been cancelled. Bugga. Posted over a year ago
Laurencia7 said …
I just got into MCD on netflix and have watched up til s7. OMG, loving Kate and Dave right now. But I miss Claire and Alex, I like Stevie but it's not the same. Posted over a year ago
Caillin-Moore said …
I have grown up with Mcleods Daughters my whole life, i miss it and i wish it was back on!!!!
It has with out a doubt been my most favourite and amazing show i have ever seen.
Posted over a year ago
InLoveWithJesus commented…
absolutely agree over a year ago
chergaslp commented…
This is one of the best...if not the series I have ever seen. Thanks to Netflix. to many have been written Off the show . Alex should come back . The God given talents from the stars, writers, directors/producers, are awesome.. It has brought back a love of horses. over a year ago
j-fountain commented…
i really miss mcleods daughters i especially miss all the characters and the over a year ago
j-fountain commented…
forgot to finish i especially miss all the characters and the property its self over a year ago