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ShadowFan100 said …
Wow, I don't get on this club enough as I should. I love to meditate. In fact, I've just started back after a long time trying to get myself into it. I just finished meditating a few minutes ago, and something happened. I didn't get into a trance state, but I did manage to focus on those I love that have passed away. While meditating, I started thinking of my Mother, and my dogs (RIP). I started crying, and that's never happened before. It made me feel like I was still connected to them. Posted 1 month ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
And I loved that about the experience. I only meditated for 15 minutes, so I wasn't expecting it to happen so quick. I plan on making meditation apart of my life now. I've always said that I'm tired of feeling like I have no real purpose, and I think meditation could be helpful. 1 month ago
ShadowFan100 commented…
Plus, it really does seem to give me a sense of peace. And peace is something I rarly ever get these days. 1 month ago
fansfunsz said …
wow Posted over a year ago
gourmet123 said …
i am peer mediator. i help people solve there promblems.... i am being to not like it...... because everytime we are doing something fun... ''Peer Mediators" they call like seriously.. it is real innoying goshh. im not saying that i hate it but seriously stop ruining ur fun.. and its everytime.. i am being to feel like if they are doing it on purpose... but it is really innoying. could u imagine someone come into ur class and take u out into a meeting with other different kids for nothing.yuck* Posted over a year ago