Medium Lee Scanlin anyone?

Heptephobiac posted on Mar 11, 2008 at 03:21PM
Okay, I absolutely love Joe, and I absolutely love Alison and Joe's marriage being so strong, but there's a little part of me that wants to see her with Scanlin. Nothing big, maybe just a little flirting for Joe to get jealous over!:) I don't want the DuBuois clan breaking up or anything!

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over a year ago DarkSarcasm said…
LOL. I always kinda thought there could be something there... but Allison wouldn't leave Joe. Even though he's a whiny, annoying... you get the picture. =P
over a year ago JulieFoster said…
Yes it has crossed my mind when watching, they look suited
over a year ago nonSequitur said…
no doubt, he is her non-romantic love interest. Ever notice how they often seem to dress alike particularly in the 2nd season. Cute couple
over a year ago thepanoogie said…
I would hate to see them hook up. it would totally wreck the marriage she has with Joe. Lee is a bit hot though.
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