It was chaos every one was fighting under the borrow and it was falling apart. the COMILADS brought all 32 members to invade are brow! me and my sister Meek were in the very back of the borrow with Dee-Dee are older sister. suddenly the dominate male of the COMILADS came to get us. He hissed and showed his huge fangs. me and my sister were frozen in fear. suddenly are big sis jump out in front of us facing Killer the dominate male of the enemies after the star off they lunged at one another. suddenly the unthinkable happened, Killer killed Dee dee in a flash. and then Meek did a screamed so loud the other half of the desert could here it . then Killer lunged at us, but right then are father Ty jump at him, then they fought like no tomorrow. the battle lasted for 3 hours. then are group chased out the other group. we had lost 3 key members, Dee Dee, fall, and worst are dominate female died protecting dally a young female. also she was are mother. are father Ty walked around her and moaned, he was all turn up from fighting Killer. me and Meek sat in the sleeping chamber with are eye open bigly. Meek's face was pail and mine was red from cry about Dee Dee. then suddenly Meek screamed with anger. "THAT WILL BE THE LAST THING THEY DO!" said Meek. "wo... Meek we can't do any thing were just pups " I said. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" said Meek really loud. We got up and walked to are father Ty. then he said "we will be in search for a new leader soon after the grounding.