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Dave (:
★ Dave ☆
★ Dave ☆
★ Dave ☆
★ Dave ☆
★ Dave ☆
★ Dave ☆
★ Dave ☆
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The fans pick: Blood Of Heroes
Blood Of Heroes
Black Swan
The fans pick: Megadeth
Justin Bieber
The fans pick: Birth of Vic
Birth of Vic
The fans pick: Sweating Bullets
Sweating Bullets
Sudden Death
The fans pick: Kicks @$$!
Kicks @$$!
Its a great album
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1 fan has answered this question
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Alainer said …
Happy Birthday Dave Mustaine!! ♥ & thank you for everything! I love you more than anyone esle! Youre a metal legend! Saying youre a musical genius is an understatment! ;D I wanna wish you the best of the best (you are the best of the best!) You've given us all the best metal band ever! (MEGADETH♥) It's the least I could do considering all you hav done for me and my life, and a ton of others♥ So happy birthday & have the best day you possibly can! and thanks again! :) ♥♥ Posted over a year ago
MarksterStudios said …
Megadeth is the best metal band ever! Posted over a year ago
mPowered16 commented…
I agree with you past Mark. 6 months ago
Alainer said …
I finally get to say that I've been to a MEGADETH concert!! :D ♥ (my favorite band ever!) It was such a great experience, the best night of my life! Just seeing Dave♥, Jr, Chris, & Shawn in the same place as me was SO overwhelming!!! I'll never forget the way they moved onstage & the sound of the amazing music they played!! :D and now, my life is complete! :] Posted over a year ago