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Megan Fox out shopping at the surfer store (April 14).
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This Megan Fox photo might contain sign, poster, text, chalkboard, hip boot, and thigh boot.

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Model-turned-actress Megan Fox is so unhappy with her appearance that she "panics" and suffers "anxiety attacks" if she sees pictures of herself.

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The " Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen " star, who has been voted one of the world's sexiest women, is unhappy with her appearance and hates being confronted with images of herself, reports .

"I never look at myself, even in still photographs. I don't look at anything. I panic if there is a monitor in the room and I immediately go into like an anxiety attack. I'm insecure, I think most actors are pretty insecure," said the 23-year-old.
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Megan Fox was named the 4th ranked Sexiest Woman Alive by Smartasses.Net on Thursday, March 17th 2011, when the online men's magazine revealed their everpopular who's who of the hottest women on the planet. 2011 marked the sixth annual year for the increasingly popular Smartasses Top 100 Sexiest Women List, which comes out every St. Patrick's Day, to coincide with March Madness. For Fox, the only two time Sexiest Woman Alive on the Smartasses Top 100, it was her fifth year on the list. Last year she was her second term as Sexiest Woman Alive. For more, visit Smartasses.Net.
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Olivia Wilde doesn’t mind being Megan Fox’s girl crush

Thursday, 18 June , 2009, 17:06
Last Updated: Thursday, 18 June , 2009, 17:07

Actress Olivia Wilde is happy being Megan Fox’s girl crush. Fox had once revealed that she has a girl crush on “sexy” House star for years.

And Olivia doesn’t feel offended. "She said, ‘I’ve had a girl crush on you for years, and I hope that doesn’t offend you.’ And I said, ‘Why would it offend me? I think it’s wonderful,’” Fox News quoted Olivia as telling Maxim magazine.

“Then I said something really nerdy like, ‘I should send you a thank you card!’ She said, ‘Yeah,’ and I just kind of withered. Thank you cards are not sexy!” she added.
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