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posted by Casual_Observer
I think we can all agree that if there was a Universal Declaration of Fan Rights, the right to ship whomever and whatever we want, no matter how strange, disturbing and/or ridiculously adorable the pairing, would be at the very top of that list. Shipping, especially when in regards to non-canonical couples, often reflects what we as individuals desire in relationships, and our own subjective views of what would be cute, sexy or funny to see in a romantic pairing. However, shipping isn’t something that is simply based on our own individual views and desires alone. Fandoms are essentially interactive...
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1- In 2x10 she choosen to save her sister over kill Uther; because if she was "pure evil" like her haters say, she could sacrifice her sister and kill Uther (but she don't, and she could do it if she wanted because is a powerful woman, but no, she prefer to save her love sister when Merlin "good guy" abondoned/poisoned Morgana);
2- she could be villainess, but she is loyal to persons that loves:
When Morgana was afraid without nobody to help her, who's in her side? Morgause. When Morgana was a overrated, who's respect her for herself? Morgause. And who's protect her when even Merlin and Gaius...
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posted by zanhar1
With Merlin something I personally came to realize is that good and evil in this show is far from black and white. Many seem to agree that the good guys truly are the good guys and the bad guys are the bad guys. I have a different take; I feel like the villains really aren't that bad, they just want some security...some safety...the ability to be themselves. And some of the good guys (yes my finger is pointed at you Uther) aren't really all that good.

First and foremost, all the villains seem to just not want to be persecuted. Nimueh being the prim example. This woman just wanted to make sure...
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5. Merlin

Merlin I think has this different sort of handsomeness. He's not your classic blonde haired, tough, physically fit guy. He's kind on the scawny side but I think he's cute enough to make the top 5. He has a really nice face and I love his hair. And his eyes I adore his eyes. They are such a brilliant blue. Merlin is proof that a person doesn't have to meet the typical standards to be good looking.

4. Mordred

Don't get me wrong he was a really cutie pie when he was younger, but all things considered I'm not referring to adorable little Mordred. I'm talking about the teenage Mordred....
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posted by zanhar1
I pretty much have made an article like this for every character I ever loved. Plus for this fandom I realized that Morgause isn't really all that popular...I mean I haven't seen much hate either but she simply isn't that popular. Back on the favorite character poll a whopping 1% of voters said she was her favorite so I kind of wanted to state why I liked her so much. So here we go;

What a better way to introduce an article about why I like a character than to mention how much I loved said characters introduction. Excuse my language but Morgause's entrance was completely badass. When she first...
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posted by Splashstorm
So I’ve been reading a lot of meta lately, and some of the responses I’ve seen have got my hackles up. Read at your peril.

Goddamn but I do hate queer-baiting. I hate the whole concept it represents, I hate that it happens, but most of all, I hate that certain quarters in a fandom will use it as an excuse to discourage/disprove any points a gay ship has towards becoming canon.

"Oh, Regina and Emma touched one another and made literal magic? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Castiel told Dean that he was his primary motivation in abandoning heaven? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Merlin took off Arthur’s pants and...
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posted by TheGoldenHeart
Hi there everyone!

I'm a writer and I'd love some international support for my story that I already gave to Colin Morgan personally as a gift. He inspired me for a certain character and it was given more as a sign of gratitude for the inspiration rather than for him to read it. No idea if he ever would, but I just hope the effort I put into translating it just for him made him happy that day. What a brilliant actor ^^ Anyways - I've created a club and this account itself for communicating with future readers. I don't want to bother anyone with it, but how else could you let people know your...
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The lightning craked and thunder roared.Morgana lay wounded in a large forest. She breathed slowly praying for a miracle. Merlin ran threw the forest jumping over fallen trees and branches his heart racing. He had to find the ingredient for the antidote before it got even darker.Morgana could hear sounds of movement. She tried to scream but only a small squek for help came out. She kicked her feet against a branch hoping it would cetch someones attention. Merlin stopped running. He took deep breaths. He felt light headed from running. There standing at his feet were three healing mushrooms....
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posted by afirewiel
This is a ficlet I wrote about eighteen months ago after season 3 finished airing. I just thought I'd share it here. Enjoy!

"Sire?" Uther Pendragon looked up from his paperwork to see Vivienne standing timidly in the door way. Although she had addressed him, she was staring at the ground, unable to met his gaze. Uther couldn't blame her. Lately whenever they were in the same company together, he found himself looking anywhere but at her. They had an unspoken agreement to ignore each other. It had been that way ever since their...
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arthur and his knights find a little girl in the woods they go 2 her village and everyone is dead.when the girl regains her strength she says her name is vivian and that morgona destroyed her village but she wont tell them why.merlin investgates and finds out that vivan has powers but shes like merlin and uses them for good. she tells merlin that the reason morgona destryoed her village is morgona was looking for people to follow her and sense their villge was fulll of magical people morgona thought theyd go on her side.but she thought wrong.vivan is later asked by gwen to be their ward but gauise warns merlin to look after vivan because she doesnt understand she can be killed for using magic.through the season vivan grows close to all the people of the cort. soory for my spelling and i hope u like my idea!
posted by mitcn012
“Everything is fine Gwen. You won’t need me anymore!
Gwen was happy yet unsure. Everything was different now. This would be the most life changing thing yet.
“Are you sure Gaius?”
Ever since she was young, Gwen dreamed of this moment. How exiting and exhilarating it might be. But now she was married to Arthur, everything seemed to be different than if he were an ordinary status man. She wanted to tell him the big news but – She was afraid. She was afraid that he would banish her from Camelot and make her swear on her life she’d never return.
“You’re worried about...
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okey, I was really shocked (in good way) when i was surfind on the internet and found this:



Okey!Now what are your thoughts? Are you satisfied with Alex playing Mordred? Oh I am!:D So much, I loved Asa, but this one will be more.. Mordred I think:D

But what does it mean for the rest of characters? Well, because of Mordred's possible age in season 5 there should be big time jump! Because we last saw Mordred in 2x11 then we had 1 year jump to season 3 and then another 1 year jump for season 4, so, it should be 2-3 years why we last saw him right? And he was still a kid! So does it mean longer time jump this time?

Thank you for reading!
And I am sorry if someone had already uploaded something about this new fact:)

posted by Kate481216
Firstly Hi!
I already know that you guys are all AMAZING people, purely because you are Merlin fans! So i know that when i ask you too read this, you will.
Its not Merlin related- you just need to know if you don't already, and if you do? SPREAD THE WORD.

Basically there is this man (if you can call him that) who has, for YEARS, been abducting children- killing their families and turning them into soldiers.He has forced young girls to become sex slaves. He has abducted an estimated 20,000 children , in a resistance group he formed named Lord's Resistance Army (LRA).

His name? Joesph Kony.

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posted by terra_rocker
“Watch it you are Guinn’s long lost sister not one of mine.” Morgana said her magic made me recite my story.
“My mum left me as a baby and I grew up on my own looking after myself then I heard I had a half-sister and came to see her to start a new life if she will accept me.” I ended
“good but less like you’ve said it a million times more believable again, Terra.” Before she finished I knew that it would happen again, I bent over backwards out of pain I knew better than to scream. I just continued to recite it.
“it’s time go.” Growled morgana.
I walked out the door and...
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"Merlin" is back on Syfy tonight (Jan. 6th) with a whole new season. Fans were shocked to see Uther's (Anthony Head) death in the trailer, along with a much darker tone. Zap2it got to chat with stars Colin Morgan who plays Merlin and Katie McGrath who plays his archenemy Morgana about what's coming up for fans of the show.

Morgan said, "The 4th season definitely ups the game a lot, even in terms of how it looks ... it gets a little bit darker each year. This is the darkest it's become." The show has had dark episodes before, but they've always been balanced out with silly ones to break the tension....
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» ‘I was enhancing it for comfort and ease of use.’

» ‘Trust me, if there’s one thing I’m good at it’s keeping secrets.’

» ‘I look for her in the room and she’s not there… then I remember why.’

» ‘Arthur would never abandon his people. He’d rather die.’

» ‘Prepare the horses – we’re going on a hunt.’

» ‘I would do anything for you, you know that.’

» ‘What kind of coward would deny who he is?’

» ‘We prefer to think of it as free trade.’

» ‘It’s the perfect disguise!’

» ‘You and your kind bring nothing but misery to this land.’
posted by AmyofCamelot
Kalista hurried across the courtyard, in a blind panic. She had forgotten the Lady Morgana’s finest dress. A gorgeous midnight gown, overflowing with sequins. Kalista’s heart thudded in her chest. If she lost it, the King’s fury would know no bounds. Rushing straight into the castle, she skidded outside the old court physician’s chambers. Gaius was ancient and wise but still had a mischievous glint in his eye. Kalista rapped on the wooden door, hopping with impatience. Worry was consuming her with every passing moment. Gaius’s kind tones hadn’t reached her ears yet so she sped to...
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posted by heartmerlin2
Arthur is known for his legacy for getting knocked out on the show. But it's not just him who is always unconcious. Here's a list of episodes and every time someone has found themselves in the blackness;

Series 1
1. The Dragon's Call - Everyone in the throne room except Merlin
2. Valient - Ewain
3. The Mark of Nimueh - No one
4. The Poisened Chalace - Merlin
5. Lancelot - Lancelot and the Knights (inc. Arthur)
6. A Remedy to Cue All Ills - Morgana
7. The Gates of Avalon - Arthur
8. The Beginning of the End - Mordred
9. Excalibur - Arthur
10. The Moment of Truth - No one
11. The Laybrinth of of Gedref -...
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posted by vick2075
- Morgana is quickly nursed back to health and this time targets Gaius
- There’s more bedroom antics involving Merlin and Arthur
- “Gaius condemned himself. There’s no more to be said!”
- Arthur makes another bad decision. He should really stop listening to his uncle
- “I’ve had my heart broken enough already today, I don’t want to lose another friend”
- Agravaine is caught red handed… and so is Merlin
- “I am as disappointed as you sire. Someone so close, so trusted. And it’s not merely the discovery that he was a sorcerer…”
- Poor old Gaius is interrogated…and...
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1. "You never know when you might need to kill someone!"
2. Merlin becomes most irritated when Gwen prepares lunch for Arthur.
3. "There's only one conclusion we can draw - we have a ******* in our *****!"
4. Agravaine's luck may be about to run out...
5. "Now you've condemned me to a day of mindless chatter."
6. Arthur gets a new man-servant.
7. "The man makes jokes about brass!"
8. Someone is responsible for the death of an innocent pig.
9. "Are you going to get dressed?!"
10. Arthur is forced to cover his modesty with a pillow.

Can't WAIT...