Merlin followed the bare feet up her ankle and up to her face. He couldn't see her face because she was standing in front of the sun.
“Who is it”? Merlin tried to cover the eyes from the sun. She began slowly walking towards him. He was struck when he finally could see her. Her hair was blowing in the small wind, it looked like bronze and gold when the sun was shining on it, her eyes was as blue as the bluest lake and her lips, he had to shuck his had to come out the of trance.
“Do you need any help”? When she spoke it sounded like small belles. He nodded with his mouth wide open, unable to speak. She sat down on her knees beside him.

“Why are you such a lazy horse Merlin”? Arthur was standing in his room when Merlin walked in with his supper.
“What”! Merlin replied.
“I have been out looking for something suspicious the whole day and you have been gathering some herbs. When I let you go out to day I think I deserve food when I come home”! He was angry.
“Who Cares”? Merlin dropped the plate on the table and walked out.
“What was that”!? Arthur was looking at the door.
“whhaaat”! Merlin was standing in the door.
“What is it with you today”?
“Nothing I am just fed up with you complaining of everything”. He walked out the door.

Gaius was standing with his work table when Merlin walked inn.
“Oh, Merlin can yo…. . Gaius turned around but Merlin was already in his room.
“Hay, Merlin are you not going to talk to me? Has Arthur tired you out? Where are my herbs”!?
“They are on the chair”. Merlin growled.
“Hay did something happened today? You are not yourself”.
“No, nothing happened”.
“Merlin, come out here”! Gaius was angry; he didn’t like it when Merlin lied to him. Merlin walked out from his room and relied to the wall.
“Did something happen in the woods today”?
“No”. Gaius looked at him with a suspicious look.
“Well, I met a girl.”
“What kind of girl? Someone from the town”
“No! I have not seen her before. She helped me pick your herbs. Can I go no”? Merlin went out without waiting for an answer.

Arthur was walking towards the ding room to eat breakfast. He had a worried expression on his face. When he walked in Morgana and his father was already there. He sat down and began eating, Gwen come beside him hand pored drink in his glass. He smiled at her, but she did not fall for it, se saw that it was something wrong.
“Arthur is something wrong”? Uther had also seen it.
“No”. He shrugged
“Well it is slightly awkward”
“Well, what was it”? Uther looked at him suspicious. Arthur looked at his father and then Morgana.
“I can’t find my crown”!