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Opinion by Splashstorm posted over a year ago
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So I’ve been reading a lot of meta lately, and some of the responses I’ve seen have got my hackles up. Read at your peril.

Goddamn but I do hate queer-baiting. I hate the whole concept it represents, I hate that it happens, but most of all, I hate that certain quarters in a fandom will use it as an excuse to discourage/disprove any points a gay ship has towards becoming canon.

"Oh, Regina and Emma touched one another and made literal magic? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Castiel told Dean that he was his primary motivation in abandoning heaven? Queer baiting!"

"Oh, Merlin took off Arthur’s pants and wrestled around with him for a bit? Queer baiting!"

Listen. TPTB have lots of reasons for including stuff in their shows/movies/stories. Maybe they introduce a POC because they’ve been criticized for a very white cast. Maybe they amp up a female character’s competence because they don’t want to be accused of sexism. Maybe they bring in a funny animal because kids like funny animals. And maybe they do stuff because it actually ties into the story they’re trying to tell.
Article by TheGoldenHeart posted over a year ago
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Hi there everyone!

I'm a writer and I'd love some international support for my story that I already gave to Colin Morgan personally as a gift. He inspired me for a certain character and it was given more as a sign of gratitude for the inspiration rather than for him to read it. No idea if he ever would, but I just hope the effort I put into translating it just for him made him happy that day. What a brilliant actor ^^ Anyways - I've created a club and this account itself for communicating with future readers. I don't want to bother anyone with it, but how else could you let people know your story even exists before it's published?

I promise I have put a lot of effort into it! It took me three years to create this world and the characters. Maybe you'll fall in love with "The Golden Heart". I'm striving for an international release of the book and what I need for that is support, support, support and lots of love!

I love everyone who tries to do the smallest thing to help!
Opinion by TheKingsWard12 posted over a year ago
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The lightning craked and thunder roared.Morgana lay wounded in a large forest. She breathed slowly praying for a miracle. Merlin ran threw the forest jumping over fallen trees and branches his heart racing. He had to find the ingredient for the antidote before it got even darker.Morgana could hear sounds of movement. She tried to scream but only a small squek for help came out. She kicked her feet against a branch hoping it would cetch someones attention. Merlin stopped running. He took deep breaths. He felt light headed from running. There standing at his feet were three healing mushrooms. He bent down and picked them putting them in his brown sachel. He sat on a fallen tree trying to catch his breath. A small flowing stream flowed beside where Merlin sat all the way to the e border of Camelot. He heard the sound of twigs breaking. He leapt from the trunk of the tree looking around him cautiosly. There at the foot of an old oak tree badly wounded was Morgana. Merlin tried to look away to pretend as though his eyes had been miss led but it was usless he was drawn to her. He walked slowly,catiously to where Morgana lay. Her eyes met his gaze. She wriggled about trying to stand up...