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I DONT LIKE MERLIN IT IS LAME  Merlin_Maniac44 3 1711 over a year ago
Merlin Roleplay Discord Server  Velociowl 0 1404 over a year ago
So, what did you think of that ending?  ImAnEasel 0 1527 over a year ago
Merlin Stills Editing Contest <3  Sarah2393 77 11132 over a year ago
where can I get merlin season 5?  stephan149 0 2076 over a year ago
Merlin Stills Editing Contest Winners Gallery <3  Sarah2393 37 5182 over a year ago
How old is Merlin?  knight_princess 53 83838 over a year ago
Every song is about Merlin  blah92 2 1784 over a year ago
Who's you're fav Merlin caracter?  RosieJulia 4 1479 over a year ago
Merlin Vs Camelot? Or two shows side-by-side?  heartmerlin2 16 25174 over a year ago
Merlin Quotations  heartmerlin2 37 82815 over a year ago
I LIKE BARBIES!!!!!!!! YOU DO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Merlin_Maniac44 1 1017 over a year ago
best Merlin fan vids?  RosieJulia 2 1203 over a year ago
Major 4x13 spoilers  mereditlady 37 23573 over a year ago
OMG WHY DID FREYA DIE! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  RosieJulia 0 888 over a year ago
Rate The Merlin Icon Above You! :D  diademrocks 44 4696 over a year ago
Season 5  MerWhoLockian 4 1211 over a year ago
This or That  LadyMorganafan 137 9442 over a year ago
Merlin A-Z  AmyofCamelot 11 1779 over a year ago
Why Did Morgana Turn 'Evil??'  zylice 4 42421 over a year ago
Countdown to 4500 fans :)  Kraucik83 68 4074 over a year ago
Merlin Time Game :)  diademrocks 252 12322 over a year ago
Series 5 Spoilers  Sandiwich11 37 7651 over a year ago
Merlin Idiomatic Phrases  MikeAP001 0 1159 over a year ago
Calling all Merlin Fans - Possible Convention  tracy127 20 3290 over a year ago
ANOTHER Picture caption game.  mitcn012 0 808 over a year ago
Picture caption game  RosalynCabenson 144 25286 over a year ago
question about a song  cincuadrian 1 2158 over a year ago
Kiss,Hug or Slap Game  ELockley72Garoo 179 12408 over a year ago
Love it or Hate it  diademrocks 104 8825 over a year ago
Tumblr  DW_girl 2 905 over a year ago
Recognize the Picture Game  Raistlin 18 1573 over a year ago
trailer  dunyayolcusu 0 427 over a year ago
Season 5 Interview, Capps and Murphy  MikeAP001 9 3355 over a year ago
Merlin Icon Contest. Round 16 CLOSE :)  Cara666 117 16227 over a year ago
"Berlin" - the fun family spoof  paulgreenacre 2 649 over a year ago
My Drawings Of The Cast.  TheLadyOlivia 5 3252 over a year ago
When will gwen and arthur get together?! the storyline is dragging on!!..(I HATE MORGANA!!!!!)  Mcgeeky 19 13378 over a year ago
What if Merlin had a sibling?  Unimportance 1 646 over a year ago
merlin game  terra_rocker 35 6207 over a year ago
Merlin page  Juhanna17 3 515 over a year ago
Merlin A-Z  AdrianaNavid 88 13789 over a year ago
Favourite character and why  AmyofCamelot 19 1985 over a year ago
random game =D  MerlinLemon 454 23290 over a year ago
Character Haters  tns31091 2 689 over a year ago
Picture Hunt Game  Barbara_War 44 7124 over a year ago
March 2012 FOTM  _xxzikkixx_ 6 1074 over a year ago
merlin twist (my friend told me to post here too)  terra_rocker 2 1130 over a year ago
Proxy to watch merlin on BBC site  jasonlw 1 1092 over a year ago
How could the episode better ??  kseide14 2 965 over a year ago
MerlinCast - A new podcast devoted to Merlin  MerlinCast 3 1030 over a year ago
Character Game  diademrocks 521 12733 over a year ago
Character Elimination  Mallory101 1404 32440 over a year ago
Katie McGrath for Fantaghiro -Remake of Italian Epic-Series  darkgoth 0 2871 over a year ago
Couple elimination  Articuno224 370 8731 over a year ago
new banner?  KatieYou 13 1127 over a year ago
Countdown to 3000 fans :)  DaniKatZ 137 7321 over a year ago
Anyone else love Arthur?  Lubbeelou 11 7605 over a year ago
If you love to write and read about Merlin, this is the place to be.  scarxtardis 2 971 over a year ago
Funny picture  MerlinBBC 5 9388 over a year ago
Merlin- Icon contest: Round 21- Locations  diademrocks 246 18471 over a year ago
merlin look a like .  kseide14 20 9520 over a year ago
Eva Green as Morgana??  divisi 3 4113 over a year ago
FanFic Game  heartmerlin2 98 6183 over a year ago
Character quote competition :)  DaniKatZ 76 7150 over a year ago
Merlin Action Figures: Wave 2 coming soon?  LostFreak 3 1944 over a year ago
Is this idea too weird???  chickencheese 6 1068 over a year ago
Time to settle this...  heartmerlin2 14 1311 over a year ago
Merlin Fan Fourm Chat ♥  Elbelle23 231 20517 over a year ago
Merlin challenge contest  kseide14 2 1149 over a year ago
Merlin Convention - Camalots court!  tracy127 2 2090 over a year ago
Merlin Talk  kseide14 14 592 over a year ago
merlin love ?  kseide14 6 762 over a year ago
Words to Describe Arthur Pendragon  Mallory101 59 8553 over a year ago
I am so exicted for next weeks episode of Merlin with Arthur & Gwen <3 :)  Mcgeeky 10 1438 over a year ago
Character music/sentence  scarxtardis 6 705 over a year ago
Two questions i wanna ask: Why does Uther hate Magic? and why does Merlin wear the blue scarf?  Mcgeeky 4 6847 over a year ago
Let's talk about the characters =)  louvreangel 13 837 over a year ago
Picture-rama :)  MerlinLemon 15 1369 over a year ago
PROOF THAT GAIUS IS MERLIN'S UNCLE  knight_princess 2 7016 over a year ago
character elimination  narniafreak12 27 5162 over a year ago
What's going to happen to Merlin  TheLadyOlivia 0 1706 over a year ago
merlin and true love  sexxiemogirl 32 2542 over a year ago
Merlin and Arthur?  Mafiaprincessmp 2 896 over a year ago
GUESS WHAT!!  Shepard14 12 1455 over a year ago
Little Drawing of Merlin.  SweetElysa 8 1032 over a year ago
My Own Drawings of Merlin  chickencheese 19 2169 over a year ago
Legends of King Arthur-spot  AussieTiva 2 671 over a year ago
PLEASE vote Merlin!!!!! (Closes on the 9th July!).  heartmerlin2 3 1051 over a year ago
B.A.C.K!  heartmerlin2 9 809 over a year ago
Funniest videos ever of Colin and Bradley and the rest of the cast!  SweetElysa 1 754 over a year ago
Merlin ~ Piano Fan Arrangements  justamemory 1 1855 over a year ago
Introducing The Lady of Evil Fanclub  merlinmeme 1 688 over a year ago
The King!  muffinsmom 1 1092 over a year ago
RPG searches:  RPGmoony 0 954 over a year ago
Camelot Love  AussieTiva 3 850 over a year ago
YAY!!  Shepard14 1 946 over a year ago
Prince Arthur club  babe9305 0 800 over a year ago
The Pendragons  babe9305 7 1597 over a year ago
Coming to SyFy in the US!  cuzimawesome 6 801 over a year ago