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knight_princess posted on Oct 23, 2009 at 08:58PM
How old do you think Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen are? (I know how old the actors are but what age do you think their characters are?)
How old do you think Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Gwen are? (I know how old the actors are but what ag

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over a year ago Queen_I said…
I think Merlin is maybe 20 and so is Arthur. The girls may be older, but they are all in the begining of their twenties.
At least that is what I think ;)
over a year ago heartmerlin2 said…
I agree. they are supposed to be young adults so i would say 20-23.
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over a year ago knight_princess said…
I do know that Arthur is twenty. My father says that Colin Morgan is one of those 'ageless' actors. He can easily play a 15 year old or a twenty-five year old. My sister thought Merlin looked 17ish, and I think Gwen and Morgana look about 20-23.
It's an interesting topic....
over a year ago judyth1 said…
Artur is now 22, because in first series he was 21

Morgana is 23-24

Merlin 19-20
over a year ago fantasyluva123 said…
I strongly believe Merlin and Arthur are the same age - 20-21
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over a year ago Shepard14 said…
I believe Arthur is 22

Merlin i am not sure.....he could play any age well

Morgana I think is 21

and Gwen i believe is 20
Morso commented…
you mean like he played Dragoon the Great XD over a year ago
over a year ago morgause said…
I recall Uther telling Morgana she wasn't around 20 years ago in season 1, so that kinda puts things into perspective. If you think about the time-line of The Great Purge, Arthur should have been 20 in season one, 21 in season 2. I'd had probably said Merlin was around 18 when he came to Camelot, but that just my opinion. I'd assume Gwen was about Merlin's age, a year or so younger than Morgana.
over a year ago gwenandarthur said…
I think that arthur and merlin are both 22 years old and so is morgana maybe a year older but gwen is either also 22 or 20/21
over a year ago TheLadyOlivia said…
In Excalibur (Episode 9 Series 1) Arthur had come of age, so that would make him 21.

I would say Merlin was 21 when he arrived in Camelot. As Johnny Capps said, they were going to make Merlin and Arthur contempary. I believe Merlin is older than Arthur because that would be the only part in the legend they kept true or i would say if he was younger he wouldn't be younger by much :)

I would say Morgana was older than Merlin and Arthur in series 1 and I would say she was 22 in series 1.

And finally I would say Gwen was 20 at the start of series 1 because in my head it seems right to have her younger than the rest of the characters. I would say there isn't much age difference between her and Merlin or Arthur...depends which one is older.

So now we are going series 3 i would say:

Arthur - 23
Merlin - 23
Morgana - 24
Gwen - 22
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over a year ago VenusNight said…
Arthur wont be 22 he will be 23 because series 3 is a year after 2
over a year ago chickencheese said…
Hmmm....well I have no idea! When I first saw Merlin I automatically assumed he was a young boy, not a young adult, but obviously that's a bit strange! So I agree with the rest of you- in their twenties.
over a year ago Mallory101 said…
Arthur is 22 [Turning 23 in Season 3]
Merlin is around the same Age I'm guessing.
Morgana is 22? 23?
Gwen is the youngest ; 21.

So Yeah , Like everyone said ; Early twenties
over a year ago nimone said…
no idea
over a year ago chickencheese said…
big smile
HAHA! I found out! I asked Bradley on Facebook (on Formspring) and he said they are all early twenties! WE WERE RIGHT!

(he also said yes, it is hard to fight in all that armour; it gets really hot inside)
over a year ago heartmerlin2 said…
big smile
Lol chickencheese!
Here's what I think;
- Arthur 23
- Merlin 22 (almost 23)
- Morgana 24
- Gwen (early) 21
Tbh, i don't think when the producers made the show, they thought of the characters ages. Although, it would be nice to have an ep. that celebrates one of the main characters birthdays as well as having a big adventure in the middle. :D
over a year ago lira872 said…
ok, so i now know the age of them all, i worked it out (connections)
merlin= 23
arthur= 24
morgana= ????
gwen= dun dun dun dun (drum roll)...24!!!
and we have a winner!!! hope this helps :)
over a year ago abbasadam19 said…
i think
Merlin is 25
Arthur is 28
Morgana is 30
Gwen is 46
the king is 44
HarleySkywalker commented…
that cant be true over a year ago
over a year ago justliveitlive said…
^ the king is younger than Gwen? Jesus
over a year ago SpotTheLady said…
in the first series Merlin was like 16 or 17 :P
over a year ago jaqtkd said…
My feeling has always been that in the first episode.

Merlin = 19
Arthur = 20
Gwen & Morgana = 18

Although, in medieval times they should all be very much younger than that.
over a year ago diademrocks said…
woah...i thought they were all teenagers O.o
over a year ago kseide14 said…
wasn't Arthur 21 in the black knight episode.
over a year ago RadioGallifrey said…
Well Arthur was coming of age, so 21.
Merlin was being described as a young boy, and in the script he is the same age as Morgana...who is under the age of 20 because Uther said in an episode about the great purge 'before you were born'. So Merlin and Morgana are 19 or less. Gwen she seems very mature, she could be 21 or older.
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over a year ago MerlinFanATL said…
i think
merlin is 22
morgana is 22
arthur is 23
gwen is 22

but I'm placing that NOW, after two years or so plus the extra year of Morgana's disappearance. Therefore, at the beginning of season one, they would be severeal years younger.
over a year ago hypergeek21 said…
I always thought that Merlin was younger than Arthur and so was Morgana. I reckon that Arthur is the oldest because he's so protect over the others, like an older brother.
I think there ages are(around series 3):
Merlin = 21
Arthur = 23
Gwen = 22
Morgana = 21