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LadyMorganafan posted on Jun 08, 2011 at 01:00PM
A game just for fun...doesn't have to be merlin related. Can be anything. All TV shows or other stuff.
A game just for fun...doesn't have to be merlin related. Can be anything. All TV shows or other stuff

Merlin on BBC 137 replies

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over a year ago vick2075 said…

gaia berries or veggie throwing
over a year ago Barbara_War said…
veggie throwing

your favorite character or yourself?
over a year ago Articuno224 said…
my favourite character! Don't want to sound selfish lol...

Agravaine or Uther?
over a year ago Barbara_War said…
Hard one. Hmm... I think Uther 'cause he's dead.

Arthur as prince or as king?
over a year ago Articuno224 said…
KING! without a doubt!

Uther's hate of magic or Morgana's hate for Uther? (Heh, really hard one)
over a year ago IcLufeMinBytt said…
big smile
Ugh! :B How tough a decision!! ;B

I think I'll go for Uther's hate for magic! ;) That's why Merlin can't tell anybody about he's secret and why every body hates Uther! ;)

... Uhm, Young Merlin or Old Merlin? xD
over a year ago Articuno224 said…
Heh, that's even harder... I'm not going to answer it lol...
over a year ago KatieYou said…
I will! Young, for attractiveness!

Sword in the stone or sword in the lake?
over a year ago GwenPendragon said…
Oh I love this game. Sword in the stone.

Good Lancelot or bad Lancelot?
over a year ago Articuno224 said…

Season 2 or 3?
over a year ago IcLufeMinBytt said…
big smile
Season 3! ^w^

Morgause and Cenred og Morgause and Morgana? ;)
over a year ago Barbara_War said…
Morgause and Morgana. (in a non-shipping meaning, I may add)

Uther's hatred of magic or Sorcerer's hatred of Uther?
over a year ago KatieYou said…
Sorcerer's hatred of Uther

Tristan or Isolde?
over a year ago Sandiwich11 said…

Arthur as Prince or Arthur as King?
over a year ago IcLufeMinBytt said…
big smile
Both are great, but I chose as prince, because I loved the many troubles he had with his King-father! xD LOL!
... Now he can do whatever he wants! ;)

Merthur or Arwen? ;P
over a year ago Barbara_War said…
Neither. I don't ship. But since that's not an option Arwen just because it fits with the legends.

Sorcerers or Non-Sorcerers?
over a year ago Articuno224 said…

Gaius or Uther?
over a year ago KatieYou said…

Merlin of Emrys?
over a year ago Cillemaller said…
big smile
Merlin! He's the young magical boy! But Emrys is so cool too! XD

Seer or Dragonlord
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over a year ago PociandSmith said…
dragonlord <3

morgana as queen or arthur as king?
over a year ago blah92 said…
Morgana as queen :D
long live the... ok, ok, I'll shut up

Gaius possesed by goblin (3x03) or Merlin as Morgana's servant (4x06)
over a year ago JAlanaE said…
Gaius possessed by the goblin! Sooooo funny! :D

Bossy Arthur or heroic Arthur?
over a year ago Albiee said…
heroic arthur :)

the great dragon or nimuh?
over a year ago IcLufeMinBytt said…
big smile
The Great Dragon! :D

Hunith or Balinor?
over a year ago angellla29 said…

Mordred or Alvarr?