• Katie and current boyfriend Samuel. Katie McGrath and boyfriend Samuel. Images in the Merlin on BBC club.

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    Katie McGrath and boyfriend Samuel (Source: tumblr/facebook)

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guys, not to spoil anything, but personal photos of their love lives shouldn't be posted on here. it's *personal*.
same goes with Bradley and Georgia.
I wont comment on their relationship, but i think their lives should be kept a little more private.
posted over a year ago.
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^I have to agree, it is a little bit too personal to put of the site...
posted over a year ago.
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sprit23 said:
If its. want they want let them they don't have to tell all
just give the fans a little somthing to keep there hopes up
maybe they set down in front of there tv and watch or maybe just hit that like button on
there fabulous websites they go to. Yes I do agree somethings should be keep private and personal
posted over a year ago.