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Morgana Pendragon Legendary

Morgana Pendragon Unstoppable

Merlin - Dynasty

Bradley James & Colin Morgan - On Set Of BBC Merlin

Merlin Cast Tribute - We Could Be Heroes

Merlin/Morgana/Mordred - Why Don't You Kill Me?

Bradley James & Knights of the Round Table | Harlem Shake @ Supanova 2013

Merlin, Gwen and Arthur Love Triangle

A time of myth and magic - Merlin BBC

Dollop Head - Merlin BBC

BBC Merlin - This is War

Merlin || You are a memory [CTSC]

Merlin Tribute (Who We Are)

Merlin Crack 4

Merlin Crack

Making of Merlin [part 2] - Talking Spellish

Merlin South Park

Morgana and Morgause deleted scenes 4x01 (Merlin - The Darkest Hour)

Merlin Crack Video

~*Morgana Pendragon*~ "This Is Not My Paradise"

◄ᴍᴇʀʟɪɴ ►

Merlin ϟ Once I was real. [BOMGV]

Merlin Tribute :: Through the Trees [200+ subscribers]

Say Something // Merlin & Arthur

Reign / Merlin - Story

Morgana Pendragon | Your Biggest Mistake

Merlin and Morgana | Clarity

Merlin&Arthur | Come Back To Me

merlin | goodbye

Morgana Pendragon | Cold As Stone

►Merlin | Holding on & Letting go (w./A,G&H)

Merlin | Welcome To The Black Parade

Merlin - I Was Here (SPOILERS S5)

Merlin || "Say Goodbye..." [Tribute]

Morgana Pendragon || What I've Done

Merlin|| Punish Them||Horror

Merlin & GOT ♠ World On Fire (+easethestarts)

Merlin+Morgana | Will you miss me?

Merlin -Trouble

Merlin&Arthur | Somebody To Die For

Merlin & Arthur - Hallelujah

Merlin&Morgana | Pretty Wicked Things

Arthur&Morgana&Merlin | Goodbye Morgana...

Arthur Pendragon // Merlin // The Day Is At Hand [MOD]

Merlin & Arthur || King & Lionheart

Merlin || Closer to the Edge

A&G | Time is an Illusion | Bones/Merlin Crossover

Merlin&Arthur | No Light, No Light (OTPRC)

Merlin -The Last Dragonlord-

Merlin -Sky's Still Blue

Merlin -Falling Into Your World-

Merlin & Arthur -With You By My Side-

Hugs in Merlin

Bradley James-Je ne comprend pas je suis anglais, yeah hey!!

Merlin | I Dreamed A Dream

Merlin | These Times (Collab w/ LadyMagiccc)

merlin | heads will roll (dedications)

Igraine Pendragon [MVT Merlin R3]

Merlin | Far From Home

dollop head | Merlin BBC

Merlin & Morgana - ❝Don't get too close.❞

Merlin&Arthur | Selfless (OTPRC)

Merlin | We Might Fall

Merlin - Glowing In The Dark

Merlin&Arthur | On My Own

merlin&arthur | right here

Arthur & Gwen ♡ With Or Without You

Mordred/Merlin/Arthur || Battles [5x11]

Merlin & Morgana || I Can't Save You Now

Arthur & Gwen || Shouldn't Be a Good in Goodbye

Merlin || I'm not afraid to fall...

Morgana Pendragon // "She's lost inside..."

Guinevere Pendragon | The Once and Future Queen

Crash and Burn :: Merlin

Arthur&Morgana | Can We Ever Go Back

Mordred&Morgana | and then you

Merlin || Hymn For The Missing [S5]

arthur & morgana "arthurian legends"

what happened to you, morgana?

Merlin || United We Stand, Divided We Fall

merlin + arthur | only for you

Merlin || Heart, cover your tracks

Merlin's Musical [Stupid Mini-Crack! Vid]

Merlin | Hide and Seek

merlin&arthur | you

Merlin & Morgana | My love is a consuming fire [c/w Geena]

Merlin | Explosions [MVT R2 - Emotions]

Merlin | SO ELECTRIC! [MVT R2 - fun]

Morgana - Don't know where she belongs

merlin&morgana | R.E.D

Vagabond | Merlin & Arthur

Morgana Pendragon || "You won't forget my name"

Merlin | the chain

porcelain heart | merlin {MVT R2 - Emotion}

Merlin | Come Together

to rise again | Merlin BBC

Merthur Memories Safe and Sound

merlin | "this isn't funny!"

merlin | arthur will rise again [MTV R2]

Morgana Pendragon | evil angel