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BeautifulWish said …
I think it's a good offer should i go for it
And it's all japanese pichi pichi pitch!? Posted 2 months ago
Hanna467 said …
Hi Everyone:D

I have a mermaid melody community in facebook :3
they like it then join it
link: Posted 4 months ago
BeautifulWish said …
So do you guys think Luchia is aqua reginas successor? Posted 9 months ago
XxKairiFlowerxX commented…
I mean in manga is luchia looks like aqua regina. 8 months ago
Karoii-chan commented…
I'm not sure, but I read somewhere that Aqua Regina is actually Lucia's elder sister?! >__< 7 months ago
BeautifulWish commented…
She's Lucia's predecessor! so she's somehow connected to Luchia. 6 months ago