Stories I'm working on now:

A Start Of A FriendShip: PoM/A&O crossover (Need help on it lol)

Def Jam Fight For JP: A&O Story.

Stories I plan to start: A MLP story that I Will do with Fearlessdude88 this Summer. (Will start around June)

PoM remake of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (Not sure when I Will start it but I'll try.) Teaser Trailer, wish to know more let me know.

How I mate my Mates: For A&O fan spot RP.

Stories I MIGHT Start, but not till a later time (could be as late as 2013, deepending on how I finish these stories)

Kate's Venom. If you read Kate vs Venom you will know what its about.

Silent Hill 2 (PoM remake) IF your wondering why part 2 if you haven't done part 1. Well Silent Hill games don't really fallow each other so I could go with either one. And Silent Hill 2 is my fav from the series. Teaser Trailer, wish to know more let me know.

Yeah its a lot I know. But I come up with so many ideas! XD