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Fan fiction by just_bella posted over a year ago
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End of Chapter 22

"Maija, I got a call. We have to leave, your...family is coming for you." He said softly, yet sternly.

"I can't just leave, my aunts.." I said as I was interrupted.

"Dale and Elise will tell them, we have to go now. Please just grab what you need, we're going to have to take the horses."

"Um..Michael, can't we talk to everyone about this?"

"No...someone...we can't stay. Please trust me." He said softly, his hands dropping from my face.

"I do." I said equally soft.

"Please hurry then, we have to go before they get too close."

I looked at him for a few minutes trying to figure out what he wasn't telling me, but his face was like stone..unreadable. I believed Dale when he said that Michael was going to be my traveling companion..and because of that I turned and started stuffing things into a backpack as fast as I could.

Chapter 23

Fan fiction by just_bella posted over a year ago
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End of Chapter 21

"You will not do something like that again." Maxine said, and I assumed she was talking to Michael..but when I looked she was staring directly at me.

"What?" I asked, surprised she was talking to me.

"You were foolish to think that you would be safe. We warned you not to go alone..." She said as she shook her head.

"She wasn't alone." Michael said, wincing slightly when he realized what he said.

"Yes, I am aware of that." She growled. "Let's go, we have many things to discuss." She said as she turned and smiled at everyone before pushing him through the door.

"Maija," Jan said as she began her speech.

I knew that I should just stay here, that I should hear them out and find out what I could but the seventeen year old in me won out as I turned and stomped up the stairs to my room, slamming the door loudly before falling on my bed.

Chapter 22
Fan fiction by just_bella posted over a year ago
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End of Chapter 20

"You saw your mom again didn't you?" Michael asked as he hugged me.

"Yeah, Diana and Virbius too." I said as I rested my cheek against his chest. "How did you know?"

"You went still, I knew you were sleeping but you were so still." He said, obviously I had worried him. "Then you said your mom's name once."

"Oh...I'm sorry." I said as I turned my head and looked up at him.

"It's alright, I'm glad I was here." He admitted, laughing as I yawned. "Do you want to go back to the house yet?"

"Nope." I said as I closed my eyes and rested my head against his chest. "I'd like to stay here if it's alright with you."

"Oh, it's more then alright with me." He said softly as he got comfortable again.

I smiled, happy because he was excited that we got to spend time together. I nuzzled my head against his chest before closing my eyes, the sound of his breathing causing me to relax and soon I was asleep again.