You are in charge with the lights and other things you are just taking notes and making sure things are right. michael is rehearsing his dance moves for the thriller movie. He trips and accidently falls on top of you saying omg! are you okay are you hurt? you say nothing because you are shocked that it is really michael jackson. he finally gets up while helping you up and then he screams back i am taking a break keep rehearsing! you two sit down at a table and he asks are you sure you are okay? you finally snap outr of it saying i am fine i'm madeline. he says well madeline i am glad you are okay then you two talk he says seriously you have never seen my house? you say nope. man you missed out on a lot of fun. whould you like to come to my place after the shoot? sure i will michael i would love too. so you two go to his place and ride as many rides as you can it gets cold so you guys go inside and eat dinner with candels lit. you look at each other after dinner you guys go into his bedroom and just lay their looking at each other then michael kisses your cheeck. you think this is wrong this can't happen but michael cuts off those thoughts kissing you again this time passionitly you forcefully kiss him back. then he starts to touch your body and everytime he moves you mone he answers back. then he undresses you and himself then he makes love to you. you feel this earge deep inside you and michael answers it. then you two go on loving forever the end.