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The fans pick: Dexter
The fans pick: Yes !!! He's so sexy !
Yes !!! He&# 39; s so sexy !
The fans pick: no
The fans pick: Dexter Morgan on Dexter
The fans pick: Horror/Sci-fi
Horror/ Sci- fi
Thriller/ Suspense
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Amberlight19 said …
I cannot believe I am on a fan site like a little teenager. I have been reduced to this! I just wanted to find out how Michael C. Hall is doing. I miss seeing him. Meeting him is on my bucket list. I found it ironic that I've been in a nostalgic mood lately, watching reruns of Dexter on Netflix and driving around listening to Radiohead. I've been out of touch for a bit now. I just caught up on some news and found to my astonishment that Mr. Hall performed Radiohead Tribute. Posted over a year ago
InLuvWu24-7 said …
here i am 35 years old and yet i feel like a teen ager!!! Widowed and divorced yet i am IN LOVE with michael c. hall.!!!!..i have become addicted to the character of dexter, but then as a person and an actor i see so much more. Is it possible to fall hopelessly in love with someone ive never met? A MAN OF MANY TALENTS...IM IN LOVE WITH YOU MICHAEL!! you have inspired me through my darkest moments. thank you! Posted over a year ago
Saoirse10 said …
gawd he is so hot! ♥♥♥♥♥ Posted over a year ago