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Fan fiction by daxina posted over a year ago
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Dexter is my favorite drama series. I like the characters of this drama and their performance too. Michel C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, I like him very much. Hey guys, I set dexter as my home page. Do you want the same. Then, just click on www.sleeksearch.com and you will find many information about Dexter..Dexter morgan (Michel C. Hall ), who moonlights as a serial killer, recovered himself from Hodgkin’s lymphoma and set to get back to work for a new season of Dexter. After recovering Michel C. Hall accepted many awards including Emmy and Golden Globe for his portrayal as a Dexter in the most popular drama series. Dexter, the drama series whose fifth season Began airing on september 26, 2010, based on the novel “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay. In the fifth series Dexter lost his wife Rita and now burdened with the responsibility of fatherhood. Dexter is troubled by the conflict arising with the children because he is actually wants to do the right thing for the kids, but doesn’t quite know how to go about it. There are plenty of exciting questions are in viewers mind. One of which can be, Will Dexter find any support in single fatherhood or will his feelings of...
Article by Ryanne81 posted over a year ago
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• Narrator for The History Channel's "Civil War Terror" special in 2006.

• Narrator for The History Channel's "Cannibalism Secrets Revealed" special in 2007.

• Narrator for The History Channel's "Mysteries of the Freemasons" in 2007.


Michael is a gifted singer and has performed on stage in musicals and even broken in song and dance several times during his stint on Six Feet Under. When asked if he thinks we will ever see Dexter Morgan in a musical number, Hall replied: "He's got a little dance in him, but not a lot of sing." Maybe one day! ;)