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Opinion by Jeffrey2112 posted over a year ago
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Michael J. Fox
The great and the good in German showbiz honored Michael J. Fox on Saturday, when the actor won the Golden Camera, one of the country’s most prestigious entertainment honors, for his life’s work.

Danny DeVito, who received a lifetime achievement Golden Camera last year, presented Fox with his trophy. DeVito said Fox, another of Hollywood’s “short, good-looking guys,” impressed him by “always getting the girl” in his movies, “even when, in Back to the Future, the girl is actually his mother.”

On a more serious note, DeVito praised Fox for his courage and commitment in the fight against Parkinson’s.

“It was such a shock to hear he had Parkinson’s,” DeVito said. “It would have devastated most people but he took it as a challenge and approached it with the enthusiasm and passion of a great actor.”

Hefting his Golden Camera to a standing ovation from the Berlin gala crowd, Fox said he was “truly humbled” before joking that the prize made him feel old.
Guide by brianct posted over a year ago
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I just saw this on auctionzip - here is the link link - apparently a BMW 750IL that was owned by MJF is being sold on jan 1st at an auction in CT . . .check it out . . .

1990 BMW 750IL
owned and driven by


this 1990 BMW 750IL was owned from new by Michael J. Fox and his wife Tracy Pollan (residents of West Cornwall,CT) - Connecticut title and DMV documents were all signed by Mr.Fox, The BMW 750IL is the flagship of the BMW line - it sold for $87,500 in 1990 - it features a 330 horsepower V12 (twelve cylinder) engine - and every possible power option and feature - it runs and drives well - this car is 100% stock as it left the factory - it has covered just 7,252 miles per year (145k) - it has all the factory booklets and manuals, overall in very nice condition and was always garaged
Article by KidsWishNetwork posted over a year ago
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Michael J. Fox with his new friend, Gideon
After enduring the loss of his vision and suffering through multiple brain surgeries, both stemming from a life-threatening lung condition called cystic fibrosis, 16-year-old Gideon of Allen, Mich. remains optimistic and brightens everyone else’s lives with his cheery disposition. In fact, his optimism may even be comparable to that of his hero, that “incurable optimist,” Michael J. Fox.

Just two years ago, Gideon was suffering from a severe sinus infection brought about by his cystic fibrosis when things took a turn for the worse; the infection spread to his brain and caused an abcess to form. He had already undergone the first of many brain surgeries for the abcess when Gideon caught Michael J. Fox’s “The Incurable Optimist” special on television in his hospital room. It was an inspiring experience for the teen and he was especially touched to see a star who understands completely about struggling with an illness.

Unfortunately, after the second surgery on Gideon’s brain, the nerves to his eyes were destroyed and Gideon awoke to a frightening new world: one without the majority of his sense of sight. Michael J. Fox’s “incurable”...