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MJ prophecy of Nostradamus!!!

My turkish friend investigated so much and decided:
MJ prophecy of Nostradamus is true:
"The boy king who walked backwards is silenced
And the children gather no more around the throne
Tears fall across the territories
And fires will rage thereafter"

"Second and third which make prime music
By the King to be sublimated in honor:
Through the fat (thick) and the thin almost emaciated,
By the false report of Venus to be debased."

1st:The boy king who walked backwards!So,moonwalk.Boy king!Do you remember,so,Michael like a little boy always.
''Tears fall across the territories''.So,all world crying after death of Michael.
2nd:This is about Michael's trial.Fat!So,Tom Sneddon.And thin almost emaciated!You know that,of course,Michael Jackson.
And I want to say anything.I think death of Michael Jackson is Hoax.Yes,I believe it.And I dedicated to all believers.
MJ prophecy of Nostradamus!!!
Time will tell the Truth!!!
mjpeterpan posted over a year ago
sonajackson5809 posted over a year ago
yes i've this book. i thought it was some kind of bible then i read through it, he was like predicted what will going to be happen
royalssy posted over a year ago
 sonajackson5809 posted over a year ago
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foreveraMJJFan said:
only time will tell.... i agree with mjpeterpan :)
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posted over a year ago 
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