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Fan fiction by MissJackson77 posted 14 hours ago
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Chapter 2:

Me and Michael ran back to Neverland. We always enjoyed playing SuperSoakers, we would play for hours on end. We got to the Neverland gates and Michael stopped at them and held onto the railings to catch his breath.
"I can't wait for this!" I smiled. I also stopped running and stood next to Michael.
"Neither can I!" Michael giggled, before letting go of the railing and smiling at me to give me the indication we could carry on running. We got to the house and rushed to Michael's room to grab the SuperSoakers. Michael grabbed his first and made a run for the sink to fill his gun up. I wasn't far behind and we both filled our guns up. Michael splashed my face there and then by the sink.
"Michael that's not fair! I wasn't ready yet!" I giggled, wiping the water from my face with my sleeve. Michael giggled playfully and we ran outside. I was the first to aim and fire, and hit Michael in the chest. He squealed in shock and attempted to fire back, but I dodged out the way and ran towards a statue that was outside. Michael saw me and ran after me. I hid behind the statue and Michael aimed and fired again. But because the statue was in the...
Fan fiction by MissJackson77 posted 15 hours ago
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[For this story, my name is going to be Becky. Hope you like the story, please tell me what you think of it, Thank you:)]

Chapter 1: [In 1988, BAD era Michael]
"Michael pass me the ball!" I called ahead to Michael, who was running with the ball I was asking for, about 10 metres ahead of me. We were in the field near Neverland, which was huge. Me and Michael always enjoyed playing there.
"You gotta catch me first!" Michael giggled, running faster. I tried to run a little faster but I wasn't very good at running and I have asthma which makes me tired quicker. I gave up and stopped running, falling to the ground to catch my breath. Michael turned to face me, and saw me on the floor. He ran towards me, still clutching the ball.
"Are you ok?" He asked me. I looked up to see him standing above me, holding the ball out towards me so I could take it.
"You can have the ball.." He smiled. I took the ball and stood up slowly. I was still trying to catch my breath, and Michael was watching me.
Fan fiction by KikiKool1983 posted 1 month ago
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Michael and Quincy sat in the room, listening to the tapes that were recorded just a few hours ago. It was unclear what Quincy thought, but Michael felt the grown up and disco feel it had. " This is gonna sell." He mumbled excitedly. Quincy nodded in agreement before standing up. " Hey Mike, I gotta go, my wife Peggy is waiting for me. And so is her shrimp gumbo. See ya later Funky." He left.

Now I was alone, with nobody to be found. So, I packed up everything and left. Mother was probably get worried, so I called my driver to get me home, since my car was in the shop getting repainted.