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Fan fiction by MissJackson77 posted 12 days ago
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The room went quiet. I could hear Michael's light breathing over the too of the men who were sat opposite Michael. I peeped out from under the table to see what was going on. I saw about 12 guys, 11 dressed in black suits and 1 dressed in a grey one. I was assuming the grey-suited guy was the main guy. I saw Michael, he was looking a little nervous but professional. I saw one of the men stand up, leaning on the table with his hands.
"So, what do you want from us?" the guy asked, with a yell. Michael now looked angry. Michael stood up.
"You know what I want, I want you to back off!" He yelled back. He was looking at the man until his vision was moved over to the black-suited man standing up.
"Look, punk, we ain't backing off. We got a good thing going here. We tell the paps all the stuff we know about you and you say NOTHING." he said, using his finger to mime the act of zipping his lips together. Michael looked furious.
"But it's all lies! Why would you do this to me?! I was so nice to you! I let you stay in my house, I gave you a home, you worked for me, each and every one of you, and what do I get back? Lies and humiliation! I don't want it!" Michael...
Fan fiction by MissJackson77 posted 13 days ago
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Chapter 3:

Once we were inside the house again, me and Michael got dried off from the SuperSoaker war. I changed into my pyjamas and so did Michael, and we snuggled on the sofa watching Disney films all night, or at least til bedtime. I had fallen asleep and woke up only when it was bedtime.
"Becky..?" Michael whispered, tapping me gently. I found my head leaning on Michael's side, as he was sitting upright on the sofa. I pushed myself up a little and looked at Michael.
"What time is it..?" I asked sleepily. I tried to look at my watch but my eyes were blurry and I couldn't make out the time.
"It's nearly midnight, we better get to bed.." Michael told me.
"What? Oh.. Ok.. Let's go.." I muttered from tiredness. Michael lifted me up and carried me to bed. He tucked me in bed and kissed my forehead. He turned off the light and walked towards the door. He walked through and poked his head back through the door to see me one last time.
"Goodnight princess.." Michael smiled, blowing me a kiss.
Fan fiction by MissJackson77 posted 14 days ago
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Chapter 2:

Me and Michael ran back to Neverland. We always enjoyed playing SuperSoakers, we would play for hours on end. We got to the Neverland gates and Michael stopped at them and held onto the railings to catch his breath.
"I can't wait for this!" I smiled. I also stopped running and stood next to Michael.
"Neither can I!" Michael giggled, before letting go of the railing and smiling at me to give me the indication we could carry on running. We got to the house and rushed to Michael's room to grab the SuperSoakers. Michael grabbed his first and made a run for the sink to fill his gun up. I wasn't far behind and we both filled our guns up. Michael splashed my face there and then by the sink.
"Michael that's not fair! I wasn't ready yet!" I giggled, wiping the water from my face with my sleeve. Michael giggled playfully and we ran outside. I was the first to aim and fire, and hit Michael in the chest. He squealed in shock and attempted to fire back, but I dodged out the way and ran towards a statue that was outside. Michael saw me and ran after me. I hid behind the statue and Michael aimed and fired again. But because the statue was in the...