Michael started running after Madeline,but when he got out of the hotel,he couldn't find her anywhere!So he went back in his room and called Dave."Hello?",Dave answered."Madeline is gone!",Michael said desperately."What do you mean?What happned?"."I was going to go to a walk to find the way to tell her and when I opened the door Madeline was there crying and as she saw me she ran away and I ran after her but I couldn't find her and...oohh God!She heard our phone conversation,I'm shure!Oh,God!".Michael was crying while he spoke,so Dave couldn't understand all of what he said,but he knew he must go there."Stay in your room,I'm coming!",Dave said and than the conversation ended.Michael fell on his knees and started to cry more than ever."Oh,God!...",he desperetly whispered.
Madeline,who ran to the park next by the hotel and stood behind him while MJ was looking for her,fell down now and started to cry,just like MJ.They were feeling like thir whole life is over!Madeline didn't knew what to think!"How could he dod this?",she was thinking."How can he say that he doesn't knows which of us to choose,after all he said that girl did to him?I thought he loved me the most,he told me he loved me the most!And that's why I came here and now...Oh,God!I can't go home,I have not enough money!Oh,God,why is this happening to me?Why are you doing this to me?".Madeline fell down as Michael did and desperately whispered:"Oh,God!...".
The situation was desperate for both of them!
Dave arrived to Michael and helped him to sit on the bed's border."Mike,you must calm down and tell me what happened,or I can't help you!".Michael was convinced to stop crying and started talking:"After we finished our conversation,I wanted to go outside and walk in the park,so I can find a solution,but when I opened the door,Madeline was there crying and when I looked in her eyes,she ran away like I was a murderer!I ran after her,but when I gou out of the hotel,I couldn't see her anywhere.",Michael said and then took a deep breth and said:"I think she heard what I said on the phone...".A pressing silence followed Michael's words.None of them didn't knew what to say.Finally,Dave got up and said seriously:"Dump Madeline.".Whe he heard this,Michael lift his head like he was hit by a lightning.He was surprised,but he choosed not to speak.So Dave said:"I know that this is not what you want,but I don't think there's anything you can do,she won't forgive you after what she heard!How can he say that he doesn't knows which one to choose?,she will ask herself.And Diane is dangerous,but as long as she doesn't found out about Madeline,you 2 will be in safe.Besides,her father and yours came here and told you that you should choose Diane,and they threatened you with what is goind to happen if you choose Madeline!There's nothing that you can do for Madeline if Diane founds out about her!"."Why?Why I can't do anything?What is Diane going to do to Madeline?!What she can do?!",Michael iritated asked."Listen,someone told me that Diane found out about that man you hired."."And how it comes that she didn't found out about Madeline yet?"."Maybe she did.And maybe she's waiting for you to dump her so she can tell to everybody that you did it because you were cheating on her.That's why she arranged to excape of that guy,so you can't dump her for a good reason!"."Oh my God!And now what?",Michael asked desperetly."Now,you must choose Diane,because no one must know about Madeline.You must save your reputation!You must save madeline's reputation too!".When Michael heard the last sentence,he realized what a dangerous game he was playing."Ok...I'll...I'll choose...Diane",Michael said and started crying a bit,but he stopped after the first 3 tears."Now,we must go and find Madeline.She's out there all alone,it's night and I'm shure she doesn't speaks the language."."Oh,my God!Let's go!",Michael said then he ran away and they both started looking for Madeline.Michael foun her in the park,exactly the way we left her when we came back to MJ's room.Michael helped her to get up and took her to a bench,then sat down next to her.That bench was big enough for 5 people,but for the 2 of them,it was too small.A pressing silence was torturing them.Michael said:"Madeline what you heard was...I was trying to say that...".He could not even find a way to explain her thae situation."You don't have to explain me anything,I got it.",Madeline suddenly said."You just can't decide who you love.Actually,from what I've heard,you don't love any of us.You just need someone,as you said.So,I'll make it easier for you:you can get me out of the equation.I'll go home,don't worry.Tommorow you won't see me anymore,so you won't have any problems.You can go to Diane anytime she needs.",she said.While she was speaking,you couldn't see any emotion on her face.She was like a robot.Michael did not knew what to say.He was shocked.In the same time he wanted so badly to touch her,at least to hold her hand,but in the same time he knew he shouldn't,and that hurt him deeply."Madeline,I want you to understand that I...I don't love her,I love you!".When she heard the last 3 words,her heart started beating so fast and she didn't knew how to hide her emotions from him.Michael took her hand and told her:"I choose you!I don't care what everybody says,I choose you!".Madeline did not knew what to do.Her mind was telling her to leave now,before it's not to late!But her heart was telling her to stay!So she told him:"I give you one more chance!".Whe he heard that he could not believe it!When he looked at her,he saw that she was so nervous,so he hugged her and then they kissed.Madeline asked Michael how he and Diane met and why are they together if he doesn't loves her.And Michael expalined her everything."So,it was all because of your parents?",she asked him after that."Yes.And I liked her at first,but then when I found out what kind of person she was,I started to stay with her because it was my duty or something like that I guess,but in that time I thought I love her,it's crazy!Isn't it?"."Yes,it is!I could never do something like that!When I love someone,I really do!".Michael looked down and Madeline realized what she unintentionally did."No,please don't take it as an insult!I didn't meaned to say...",but Michael stopped her:"No,it's ok.And besides,if it would be an insult,you'd have all the right,it's true:I don't know what I want,I'm irresponsible.And I made you suffer because of that.I'm sorry,Madeline",he said while kissing her right hand."Please forgive me!...",he said almost crying.Madeline felt sorry for him and took his head between her arms and her neck.And Michael started to cry.So they stayed like that for a long time,forgetting about everything around them.
The next day,Michael woke up at 7a.m.,because of the sunrises.He wanted to get up,but something was holding him down.It was Madeline's hand.Michael decided to stay with her.They were both dressed with the same clothes as yesterday.She was so beautiful with her black and curly hair and her deep dark eyes!They were standing hugged,she was with her back at him and his hand was around her waist,covered by her hand.He couldn't wait untill she would woke up,so he found a way to wake her up.He started to play with her hair,passing his fingers through the black curls.Then he fondled her face.Over the deep eyes which charmes him,the small nose and the little charming mouth.He could not abstain from kissing it,so he did it and because of that Madeline woke up."Good morning...",Michael whispered in her ear and then kissed her cheek."Good morning...",she sleepy whispered.They kissed and then got up and Madeline went into the bathroom first.After they ate for breakfast,Michael joked:"You know,I shouldn't take you a room next time,you won't use it anyway!"."I'm sorry,next time I'll definetly use it."."You're right,you should,so I don't have to take one for me!".They were in the park in which Michael found her last night.Both laughed and Michael said:"I have to go to check something about the concert.I really don't want,but..." "It's for your fans!",Madeline interrupted him smiling.Michael was starring at her,so Madeline asked:"What?"."You're so perfect!",he said proud and then kissed her.After 15 minutes,Michael left to check if everything was ok about the concert,and Madeline returned to her room.
Once MJ arrived to the restaurant,he didn't see his lawyer,he saw Diane.Once he saw her,he knew that this was her plan."Hello,sweetheart!",she said.Michael sat down and said:"Look,Diane,we need to talk about our relationship."."What a coincidence,me too!".Michael had a feeling that this was going to be a very bad idea."Look,sweetheart,I know that...".Diane was interrupted by the noise of a truck.It was so loud,that they couldn't hear eachother,so Diane wrote him to go to her room.After many appeals,he accepted.Once they entered,they sat down on the bed's border and Diane said:"I think we should proceed to the next step in our relationship."."What do you mean?",that's all Michael could say before Diane kissed him and pushed him on the bed with her body.Michael put his arms on her waist to push her back,because her arms were around his neck and when he wanted to push her,the door opened and Madeline showed up.When she saw them,she stared at them for about 1 second,then cried and ran away.Michael finally managed to push Diane back and screamed:"Madeline!!!".He was so nervous that he did what he sweared he'll never do and hit a woman.He slapped Diane on her face and she fell down,that strong was the impact."Why you did it??!!Why??!!!!",he screamed.Diane got up and said:"Because that's how it sould be!!No peasant can be better than I am and have what I want!!And now,I want you,so you better forget her,'cuz she'll never have you!!Never!!",she screamed too.
Michael wanted to ran after Madeline,but Diane's father showed up in front of the door:"Have you forgot everything I said??!!",he screamed.When Michael was about to answer,his father came:"Son,it's over.",he said."No it's not!!Let me go!!I don't love Diane,I love Madeline!!Let me go!!",said MJ while trying to get out.Michael's father got out and Michael remained locked in the room with Diane and her father.
Madeline was crying in her room while she was making her luggage when somebody knocked at the door.It was the man from the reception with another note from her,the second.She received a note this afternoon with the text:"Michael doesn't wants you,he doesn't needs you anymore.Come to the room 105 to see why,me and him will be waiting for you.".The sender was unknown.Now,she opened this one too and it was saying:"I know how you must feel,but you can't stay.Here's a ticket and some money,go home!".It seemed to be from the same person,and she was really happy about that,on one side.On the other side,she was broken in millions of pieces!
In the room we left Michael,his father came back."Let me go!",Michael demanded."Sorry son,but now she's in a plain flying home and you will be on stage in 15 minutes!Go and get ready!",his father said.Although Michael wanted to go to Madeline,he knew that his father will not let him and that Madeline was in a plain already,so he decided to do what his father wants,for the moment.He did all he had to before the show and before it started,Michael wondered if he can do it,Bun when it all started and Michael heard the crowd,he knew that he can do it,all that energy...And while thinking at his fans and forgetting about Madeline,he saw a plain flying over the stadium and he somehow knew who was in it and in that moment "She's out of my life" started,and Michael fell on his knees crying and,without to realize that he has a microphone attached and everyone could hear him,he whispered:"Madeline!...Oh,God!...Madeline!..."