Ok so it was 6:00pm at night. I was at home watching television and eating some popcorn. I was watching Michael at his interview. He was smiling and waving to the fans. Michael was saying I love you and God bless you to the fans. A big fan shouts out “ MICHAEL!! I LOVE YOU” and Michael said back to the fan I love you more and throws a kiss to her Smiling. The fan smiles and says OMG!!! HE THREW A KISS TO ME she said in a surprising happy voice. She was so happy she fainted. Than I started saying wow isn’t he amazing? My cat walked up to the television screen and tried to lick the screen and say hi to Michael. I know lucky he is so amazing more that amazing.
So the interviewer sat down in the chair with a list of questions.
The Interview_
Hello ladies and gentlemen.My name is Tony Martin and today I will be interviewing the King of pop, Michael Jackson.
I look at my television.Wait why does that guy sound so familiar.OMG he most of been the one who called me on my phone,but still I don’t get it how did he even get my cellphone number? That still actually bothers me.God I hope Michael will be okay.Ok so Dom sneddon was dressed up that way nobody can recognize him. Some of the fans thought the same thing about that man.
Tony-So Michael how are you doing today.
Michael-Oh I’m very fine today sur and it’s very great to be here as he smiles.
Tony- So Michael I would like to ask you how are you feeling about your fans being here today and How do you feel about your fans being around you?
Michael- Oh Tony I love My fans.They are just wonderful people who have always been there for me.They are what made everything possible for me and the Jackson 5.I feel very blessed to have them.I want my fans to know including Lauren to know that I love them so much and they make me so happy.I love performing for my fans and it feels good to know that they like my work and they enjoy what I do.My fans mean everything to me and I want to thank them for their love and their support it means a lot to me.
Tony-Wow that’s very great that you like your fans.They must be very special to you (Michael goes Mhm and he starts smiling) But how does it make you feel when they pull on you or get really rough near you?
Michael-Well I don’t mind that at all.I Know they mean well I don’t mind if they want to hug me,Want an autograph or a picture. Just as long as they don’t hurt me.I don’t mind he says as he begins to giggle.
Tony-That is really amazing speaking of fans you mentioned one a girls name and I am assuming it is one of your friends.What is her name?
(is he talking about me I asked myself in my mind) O.O
Michael-Oh you mean my friend lauren.
Tony-Yes Lauren I am curious is she one of your biggest fans?
Michael-Yes she is and let me tell you she is one of the most sweetest most kind loving person I ever met.
Tony-So how did you two meet and become friends?
Michael-well it wasn’t too long ago.We met in the park and I saw her with her bike.I lost one of my gloves.I saw her and she turned around and gave the glove to me .She smiled at me than I smiled back at her.She offered me to go get icecream with her and we sat together and ate it.We got to know a lot about eachother which she made me feel just amazing in my heart I felt like I found someone who I can talk to.We became very good friends and I don’t think this friendship will ever end.
Tony-What did you find out about her? What is she really passionate about?
Michael-Well I found out that she is very passionate about animals like I am and she’s very passionate about singing oneday.
Tony-Well have you ever thought about doing a song with her?
Michael-Well actually I did and I asked her if she wanted to do a duet with me.
Tony-Well what did she say?
Michael-She said yes she was really excited. We are doing a song called I Just can’t stop loving you. She can’t wait we are singing it on Friday in the Recording studio.
I start smiling at Michael. I love you Michael! God bless you.
*Michael licks his lips while Tony speaks*
Tony- Michael I am very concerned. Aren’t you afraid she might get in your way and ruin your career?
Michael-What No way of course not she would never do such thing to me ever.
Tony-And how do you know that Michael? You did say you just met her. She could take advantage of you and hurt you.
Michael-Because when I first met her,she had a sparkle I her big blue eyes.I saw her heart.I know an angel when I see one. She injured her leg cleaning the house all alone as fast as she could just so she can make her proud while their away.Shes very shy like I am. She accepts me for who I truly am. She cares about me.I Love all my fans because they show me their love, We are a big family and we treat each other like family for always even when its my time.
Tony-I see you really have a very big heart for your fans.
Michael- Yes they mean everything to me and I want to continue my work and heal the world by helping people in need and Children around the world.We need to stop the prejudice, the racism and all of the hating and realize we all need to start healing the world because the world is sick .It has a bad flu and we have to heal it.Because if we don’t start caring about the earth.The work will never get done.These things bother me like a football team being torn down.There are wars every single day.I Just wish for world peace and for every single child to be happy. We are the world we have to change it and make it a better place.
A fan shouts out-WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL
Michael-*Laughs* and says I love you more.
I begin to smile and laugh with him
A bunch of fans start cheering
Tony-Well Michael this has been a great interview with you.
Michael-Oh Thank you so much Tony it was very great to be here.
Michael says-I LOVE U to the fans *interview ends*
I Began Cheering YAAAAY.Gosh I can’t wait to tell Michael how proud I am of him :D.
*Tony Martin calls my phone Call comes up as unknown*
Hello This is Tony Martin. Oh hello I responded. Listen sweetie do me a favor. Umm sure what is it I answered? I don’t want you hanging out with Michael.Why Not I asked?
Because Michael is very busy and he has better things to do.In Case you didn’t know those things Michael said about you were all lies.He doesn’t care about you. You must be very stupid Lauren.
Excuse me I asked him?
Tony- If you ever tell Michael what I just told you. I will make sure your gone once and for all then I will make your friends life hell and I will ruin Michaels life just so I get the Big money and Fame.This is Tom Sneddon the star instead of Michael Jackson.
No No No there will never be another Michael Jackson ever.I won’t let you do this Tom.Your a very cruel evil man.I should of known this was you were behind this. LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE AND TELL THIS TO THE OTHER DUMASSES WHO ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MICHAEL. So SCREW OFF Tom you know Michael is the best.You want to take him down? Some friend you should be ashamed of yourself.I don’t believe your filthy mean dirty Lies and theres nothing you can do about it. I Never have a problem with Michael at all he has great fans who will always love him no matter what. We know your tricks.He has been an amazing awesome friend to me.
Tom Sneddon-Aww Yeah do you even think it’s true Do Ya.I better go go you’re a waste of dam time. I have Lives to ruin *Slams phone*
*Gasp* OMG I can’t let him get away with this Michael doesn’t deserve the way Tom Used Him * Breaks into tears* Its just NOT Fair! I wish I knew what to do but I need to tell Michael
To be Continued
Question- What do you think I should tell Michael About wat Tom Sneddon did and how he harassed me and threaten me on the phone. Give me your opinion about this article and stay tune for part 7 Smile for Michael. I Love you guys god bless you all peace <3