[Warning: this chapter might make you cry.]
The Following Day
I woke up in the recovery room in the hospital. I looked around and I saw balloons and cards right next to my bed. I reached over and grabbed one of the cards and silently read it to myself. Soon, my nurse came in.
"Hey Rebecca, you alright this morning?" She asked.
I looked over at her and nodded a bit. "Yeah. I'm still in a bit of pain and I have a slight headache, but I'm good. Who dropped these off?" I asked, pointing to the cards and balloons.
"Oh, right. Your parents and brothers came and dropped them off while you were still asleep. They seemed to be in a bit of a rush."
'Just like my family to be in a rush...' I thought.
"Well, I'll leave you so you can have some privacy. I'll let in your next visitor once he shows up."
I nodded and she left. I continued looking through the cards and when I got to Ricky's card, I read it out loud to myself.
Look, I'm sorry for acting the way I did. Since I could clearly see you and Michael are a couple, I have no reason to be this way toward him. Tell him, when you see him again, that I'm sorry for acting like that and for not trusting him at first. Hope you get better soon.
I had a tear fall down my cheek when I finished reading it. I went to wipe it, but I felt someone wipe it away for me. I looked and saw Michael, smiling at me.
"Oh my gosh...Michael!"
I put the card down and hugged him and he hugged back with one arm, his other arm hiding something behind his back. He released the hug and gave me a kiss.
"How are you feeling, Rebecca?" He asked.
"I'm getting better, thank goodness."
"That's good. I brought you something."
"What did you bring me?"
He smiled and took out a bouquet of red and yellow roses. My eyes went wide and my jaw dropped a bit. He handed me the roses and I took them in my hands and looked through them.
"Oh my gosh...you got me roses?" I looked at him. "You are the sweetest boyfriend ever."
He giggled. "Freshly picked from the flower garden I had growing in the front of the house. Just for you."
I smiled and put the roses by my bed. "Come here, Michael. You deserve a hug and a kiss."
Michael leaned down and I hugged and kissed him. He hugged and kissed me back. He stayed by my side for about 2 hours and soon left, knowing that Ricky now accepted him dating me. The nurse came in, after he had left, and told me that it was time to sleep. So, I let a song play in my head and I fell asleep.
3 Days Later
I was getting out of the hospital today. I was thinking I'd go crazy if I had stayed here any longer. Alex knocked on the door and came into the room.
"Ready to go, Beck?" He asked.
I nodded and he helped me up since I was still a bit dizzy. I got my balloons, cards and the bouquet of roses and checked out. Alex saw the roses and smirked.
"Let me guess...Michael gave you those roses?"
I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, he did. He's the sweetest boyfriend I ever had." I said.
"He's the only boyfriend you ever had." Alex joked.
(Me: Actually, that's true. I never actually had a boyfriend before. Literally.) I punched his shoulder and chuckled. "Whatever, Alex."
We then exited the hospital and got into the car and headed home. We talked about the rehearsals and such. He told me that they postponed the rehearsals because of me being in the hospital. I, personally, thought they could've done it, but pretend I was there. On the other hand, it was sweet of them to do that. When we got home, Alex stopped the car and we got out. He helped me with my things and we headed inside. I was surprised to have a "welcome back from the hospital" party and we all partied until midnight, me being extremely careful because of my stitches.
3 Weeks Later
I just got home from an early release from work. I was lucky enough to have Megan bring me home on her break. I had offered to give her some of my tips, but she kindly declined. I thanked her and she drove off back to work. I wasn't feeling alright last week or the week before. I went to the couch and laid down.
I sighed. "What's wrong with me?" I asked myself.
My mom was in the kitchen and knew what was going on...kinda. She didn't know what Michael and I did, which is sorta good. She knew I asked myself that question last week and the week before, right before I went to bed. She came out of the kitchen and went over to me.
"Come on. Let's go." She said.
I looked at her, a bit confused. "Where to, mom?"
"The hospital. Since you're complaining and have been complaining since 2 weeks ago about this same problem, you need a check-up. First...tell me what's happened."
She wasn't a nurse, but she knew what to ask because she was asked the same thing. I told her that I've had headaches, a bit of morning sickness and fevers. She got me to the car and we headed to the hospital.
At The Hospital
My mom and I got to the front desk and the nurse looked up.
"May I help you?" She asked.
My mom elbowed me and I sighed. "Could I get a check-up?" I asked.
"Sure. Come with me."
She stood up and walked to a room with me and my mom following. Once we got into the room, I sat on the bed and she asked me a bunch of questions, even the same question my mom asked earlier. I had given her the same response I gave my own mother.
"Well, there is one possibility, but we'll need to give you an ultrasound to be sure. So, hold on while I get the ultrasound and get it ready."
Then she walked out of the room. My mom looked at me, curiosity going through her and I could tell. I shrugged my shoulders, not really knowing what was going on. In fact, I was a bit scared to find out what was wrong with me. The nurse came back in with the ultrasound machine and the jelly.
"Okay, Rebecca. Could you lift your shirt?"
I nervously lifted my shirt and laid back and she put the jelly on my stomach and started scanning. Whatever came up on the screen...scared my mom...well, or at least made her gasp, being shocked.
"Rebecca...you may wanna take a look at this." The nurse suggested, being shocked herself.
I sat up and looked at the picture on the ultrasound machine. My eyes went wide and I gasped. I...was pregnant.
'Oh gosh...how am I gonna tell Michael?' I thought.
The nurse looked at my mom and saw that she was disappointed. "Well, I'll let you two talk things out." Then she walked out.
My mom looked at me with the 'I'm disappointed in you' look. I sighed, hoping she wasn't gonna throw me out on the street. (Me: Or as we all know this as being kicked out of the house.)
"How did this happen? How did you get pregnant, Rebecca?" She asked.
At first, I couldn't tell her...but I was afraid she'd find out another way. So, I told her everything that happened. From the 1st kiss...to making love at Michael's house. My mom couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"Oh my gosh..."
"I'm sorry, mom, but I am 18. I can make my own decisions. This was really unexpected. I swear, Michael and I didn't expect this to happen. I'm really, really sorry." I said.
"Does he know?"
"No he doesn't. I wasn't aware until now that I was pregnant."
"When do you plan on telling him?"
"I'm not sure...I don't even think I should."
She sighed. "Okay. It's your choice."
We then got out of the hospital and left. My mom was still disappointed in me, I could tell. I was just afraid of how Michael would react if I tell him I'm pregnant.
1 Week Later
I arrived at rehearsals and Michael was excited to see me. How could I tell? He ran up to me and hugged and kissed me like he hasn't seen me in years. I giggled and Kelly, Sean and Brandon ran up to me as well. They hugged me and I hugged them back.
"How are you, Rebecca? It's been quite a while." Kelly asked.
"I'm fine, thanks for asking, Kelly. Yeah, it has been a while, huh?" I said with a small smile, giggling a little.
"Let's go on into rehearsing! We film this next month!" Frank called out.
It was exciting to get back into rehearsing. To be truthfully honest, I missed rehearsing and I missed all the hectic-ness that went around the set. If I ever needed a laugh, I would think back on the times where Michael got on everyone's cases for making him laugh during the rehearsals. But...it's what happened afterwards that I'd have to tell Michael what I've kept hidden from him the past few weeks.
After Rehearsals
I just got home and I had gotten a sharp pain in the back of my neck. I grabbed my neck and my stomach and fell on my knees. My mom stopped the car right when she got home, saw me and got me into the car. The pain in my neck caused something to happen in my stomach, but I didn't know what happened. My mom quickly got me to the hospital and to the ER. The doctors removed the stitches and replaced them and they did another ultrasound scan to be sure I was still pregnant...and if the baby was alright.
After An Hour
I was back in my old recovery room, just now starting to wake up. My mom, my nurse and the doctor seemed a bit down about something. I opened my eyes and sat up and looked over at them.
"What's going on?" I asked, a bit worried.
No one said anything. I got even more worried. Something was wrong.
"Rebecca...I'm afraid we have some bad news..." The doctor said.
He came over to me and whispered what happened in my ear. What he told me...made me cry. I cried so much from the bad news. Now I definitely had to tell Michael.
Later That Day
I met up with Michael at the park. He and I played on the swings, a little one-on-one tag, just about everything that kids would do. Until what the doctor said to me came back into my mind. It made me cry again and I put my hand over my stomach, closing my eyes, letting the tears fall. Michael saw and heard me crying and came over to me, putting his hand on my back.
"Are you alright, Rebecca?" He asked, worried.
I shook my head. "No, I'm not alright. I've hid something from you, Michael." I said, wiping my tears away and drying my eyes.
"What is it?"
I sighed. "Michael...I'm pregnant."
His eyes went wide. "Are you serious?"
"Well...I was..."
I looked down and a tear fell down my cheek again. "I'm sorry, Michael...we lost the baby. I suffered a miscarriage. Stupid stitches..."
"Oh my God..."
It left him in shock. He couldn't believe an injury, like the one I have, that had to have stitches replaced, could cause me to have a miscarriage. He held me close, assuring me that it would be alright and that we'd try again later...once the stitches are out and the wound is fully healed...which could take a while. Give or take a couple weeks...or maybe a month.