The picture Holly took of Michael with his awards
Another two years go by, and their relationship has lasted! They have very little arguments, talk all the time about songs and music, and they love being together (that is when they can see each other.) With Holly's mother she has never suspected nothing! Holly always tells her mom that she is going over to Samantha's house, but she is really going over to Michael's. Since Holly has just turned sixteen she will soon get her learners permint, which means soon she won't even need someone to take her to see Michael. Also during this time Michael has bought his parents home and is tearing it down to rebuild it, so he moved into his own apartment alone.

On day Samantha drops Holly over at Michael's place. Holly goes on in (because Michael made her her own key.) "Michael i'm here" she announces. Michael walks out of the kitchen, "there you are!" He gives her a kiss. "So how you doing?" Michael asks. "Michael you just talked to me this morning!" "I know. But since your leaving a day after tomorrow for your tour I don't want to miss anything." "That's sweet." "You know i'm gonna miss you right." Holly laughs, "I know and so will I." "Oh hey come here I want to show you something." "What?" Holly asks. He grabs her hand and leads her to his bedroom, "Just come here." He takes her over to his desk, "Look that's the awards I won." "Oh my gosh Michael that is great! All five of them! Well i'm not suprised 'Off the Wall' was such a terriffic album. Oh I am so proud of you!" She hugs and kisses him. "Thanks 'Hall'!" (his nickname somethimes for her.) "Hey I want to take a picture of you and your awards." "Why?" "Because this is so exciting, that's why!" She pulls out her camera from her bag. Michael sits on the floor with his awards. Holly starts messing with her camera. Michael starts to laugh, "You still don't know how to work that thing!?" "Well i've only had it for about four years. Okay here we go." She points the camera at Michael, "Michael do you have to mug the camera!?" "That is just what I do." "Well can you atleast give me something of a smile?" He gives a very little one. "Oh yes that's much better" Holly says sarcasticly. "Oh for God sakes just take the picture!" "Oh alright geeze!" She takes it. "Now are you happy?" Michael asks. "Yes I am."

They put the awards away. "Oh I was gonna give you this before the mini photoshoot." "Ha, Ha! Give me what?" "Just close your eyes." Michael goes over to his dresser draw and pulls out a black box. Michael comes back over, "Are they closed?" "Yes there closed." Michael opens the box and puts it in front of her, "Okay open." She gasps "Oh MIchael there stunning!" "I knew you would love it!" "But I can't accept this." "Why not?" "Because this is to expensive for you to give me." Michael takes her over the the dresser and put the necklace on her. "Nonsence, its never to much money for you. Here you put in the earrings." She puts them in, "Michael this was so sweet of you!" Michael looks at her in the mirror, "You looks so beautiful." Suddenly he starts to kiss her neck. He wispers, "I want you to wear this now." He keeps kissing her, and he lays her on the bed. "Michael wait...we can't do this." "Why not?" "Because Michael i'm sixteen, what if I got preganet?" "Don't worry I made sure that wouldn't happen." "But..." "Holly I love you and I want to make love to you." "But Michael i'm not ready. But when I am ready, I promise you i'll be worth the wait." Michael sighs, "Alright if your not ready, I won't make you. But when you are ready just wear this necklace and i'll know." "Thank you for understanding" she kisses him. "So you wanna watch a movie?" "Yea!" "Okay lets go find one."

They go out to the living. "Hey you wanna watch 'Jaws' ?" Michael asks. "If you want to, i've never seen it actually." "What you never told me that?" "Yes I did, remember you wore the shirt one day and I said 'cool shirt'. and you said 'Thanks its one of my favorite movies.' and I said 'I've never watched it.' "Sorry but i'm drawing a blank" Michael says puzzed. "Oh just start the movie!" As they start it the telephone rings. "I'll get it" Michael says. It turns out that it was Michael's father Joseph calling to tell him that the 'Jacksons Triumph tour' would be starting in a month. Michael told Holly a while ago that there would be a tour, they just didn't know when. He gets off the phone he sits back down on the couch. "So Joseph called huh, what did he want?" "Uh he called to tell me that the tour would be starting in a month." "Oh that soon." "Yea." "For how long?" "Three months." "Well I know that's not very long, but it seems like a long time to me" Holly says trying to hold back tears. "Well how do you think I feel your gonna be gone for seven months!" "I know. And the thing about it is we won't see each other at all for that whole time, because a lot of my dates are overseas and mom will be with me the entire time!"

They don't say anthing for a few moments. Holly starts to sob, "I wish I didn't have to go." Michael gently wips her tears away, "I know, but your just like me once you get up on that stage your happy and everything melts away. And look we will call each other a lot, so don't worry your pretty little head about this anymore okay?" Holly sniffs, "Okay." "Good now lets watch the movie." When the movie ends Holly is scared to death. She gently slaps Michael in the arm, "Thanks a lot for not telling me it was a horror film!" Michael starts to laugh, " 'Hall' its a shark and its called 'Jaws' what did you think it was, a romance?" "No, but now I will never go back in the water again!" Michael can't stop laughing. "That's okay go ahead and laugh!"

All of a sudden a car horn honks, which means Samantha is ready to take her back home. "Well I guess I better go. Thanks again for the beautiful jewerly." "Your welcome." MIchael walks her to the front door. "I love you MIchael." "I love you more Holly." They begin to passionately kiss. "I'll miss you" Holly says. Michael can see her eyes starting to tear up. "Please don't cry 'Hall'." "I'm just afraid your gonna meet some fan girl and then your gonna forget all about me." "Never in a million years would I do that! I love so much!" "I love you too." The car honks again. "I gotta go." They kiss one last time. They won't see each other again for another seven months.

Does Michael keep his promsie? Stay tuned to find out.
The necklace and earrings Michael gave Holly to wear on their "first time"