Holly took this picture of Michael at the studio
After a very long lonely seven months Holly returned back to Michael. As soon as he saw her he knew she matured more into a woman, and he liked it. They spent the next week together watching movies, ordering take-out, and making out (nothing else happened in that area.)

A year and a-half passes now. As this time goes by Michael and Holly's fame keeps growing much to her mother's delight, and much to her father's dismay. One day they decide they both want to make another album. So they both team up with Quincy again which would turn out for both of them the biggest selling albums of all time!

When they start working on their albums Holly finally after all this time gets her drivers license! So now she can drive herself to see Michael whenever now. They both decided to wait till Holly turns eighteen to show their relationship to everyone. Holly still wants to wait before becoming intimate with Michael. During their recording sessions they share a studio, because they both liked to hear each others opinions. Quincy knew there was something going on between the two of them just by the way they would look at each other. Especially during this particular day.

Michael becomes so fixcated on Holly that he can't even concentrate on recording anything. Quincy says through the booth, "Hey smelly how about you record 'Lady in my Life' ." Michael thinks to himself "Oh great, of all the songs you want me to sing today you want me to sing 'Lady in my Life'!" During the recording Michael just can't concentrate on the song, especially with Holly sitting right in front of him. "Is everything alright MIchael?" Quincy asks. "Uh no, lets just take that again from the top." So they start in again. As Michael is singing the song he is looking right at Holly. She blushes the whole time knowing what he wants. After Michael finishs it Quincy says through the booth, "Hey Mike that was great! I loved it! One take is all we need for this song." When Michael comes out of the booth Holly is to shy to look him in the eye.

After four more hours at the studio Quincy starts to yawn. "Oh guys i'm getting beat! I think i'm to old for this stuff." Quincy says. Michael laughs, "Well grandpa why don't you go on home." "I think i'll do that." He gets up to leave. "Are you two leaving?" "No I want to stay here for a little while longer" Holly says. "Alright well goodnight you two." Holly hears Michael mummble under his breath, "I know I will." Both of them say "goodnight." Holly is sitting at the control booth remixing a song. Michael looks over at her suductively. He walks over to her and starts kissing her neck. "That feels nice!" Holly says. Michael wispers in her ear, "You wanna go back to my place?" Holly giggles nervously, "As inticing as the offer is I really want to work a little longer." "Ok then i'll work some more too." Michael sits down and starts going through some lyric sheets.

Meanwhile Holly's mind starts racing, "Should I go with him, or should I stay here some more? Well I can go back to his place its no big deal. But I know what he has in mind. But am I ready for that? Oh God I don't know what to do! Michael." Michael looks up at her "Yes." "Uh I don't know really how to tell you this but..." She dosn't know how to tell him. "Listen you know I love you, but I know what you want tonight and i'm just not ready." "But why, its not like we've known each other for a few months we have know each other for five years!" "I know but I don't understand why it has to be now! That's a big step you know. And I know I must be crazy for not wanting to but, for some reason everytime you talk about you know... making love I just get nervous." "Are you scared of me? Because if it's that you know I won't hurt you." "I know" Holly answers. Michael sighs, "Holly I love you and I don't want to loose you. But I am not gonna hold hands with you for the rest of my life." Michael knows Holly took that the wrong way. "That's not a threat Holly, its just a fact." Holly turns her head the other way and says, "But why do you want to make love to me?" Michael turns her head and puts his hand on her cheek, "Because I love you and I want to make you feel like you've never felt before." "But don't you see Michael you do that already without getting physical. You know you were so shy when I met you now your so forward." Michael holds her hand in his, " 'Holl' your right I was shy, but never with you. In fact you and my mother are about the only two people I am not shy with. Now come on I don't want to fight about it." He gives her a long kiss.

After a few more months of working Michael decided to name his album "Thriller", and Holly named hers "New Attitude." The relase dates were to be November 30, and Holly's would be November 31. They both can not wait to see how it will be recieved by the public. Soon after a few weeks of its release the poll was in, One million copies worldwide per week for "Thriller, and nine hundred-fifty thousand copies worldwide per week for "New Attitude."

This is the day Quincy tells Michael and Holly the good news. Holly is at Michael's apartment looking through rolls-royce catalogs, because Michael wants to get a new one. He comes out of the kitchen with some lemonade in his hand. "Here you go 'Holl'." "Oh thanks. Hey what about this one?" "Uh, no!" "Why not!?" "Because I don't like the color." "Well Michael I think the car comes in more than one color." "I want mine in dark blue." "Alright i'll keep looking." "Say don't you want a new car?" "Yea but I keep saving my pennies." "Oh come on you have millions of dollars and you won't spend some of it for a new car?" "I know I just choose not to spend it. Besides when I do decide to get a new car I already now what i'm getting." "And what is that?" "A white 'Jaguar' in white." The door bell rings. Michael gets up to answer it, "I can see you driving that." Its Quincy at the door. "Quincy what are you doing here?" Michael asks puzzled. "Well i'm the bear of good news today, Oh hey Holly." "Hey." "Well whats the news?" Michael asks. Quincy hands Michael 'Billboard' magazine, "Here you two read this on page 32." They look at it and it shows how much their albums sold and how everybody just love them. They both scream and Michael picks Holly up. They hug Quincy. "Isn't that great news!" Quincy asks. "Oh my God I can't believe it!" Holly screams. "Well its now time to break out the champane!" Quincy says. "I will go get it." Holly says. "Here i'll help you" Michael tells her. As they go in the kitchen, Michael kisses her "Well I guess you can get you car now Miss Holly Williams." They smile and kiss each other.

Will the price of fame and fortune break them up? Stay tuned to find out....
The beloved Thriller album