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Bad Era Fantasy: True love is never broken part 16

Fan fiction by foreveraMJJFan posted over a year ago
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Alicia was shocked when a small nixon video camera fell out into her hand. Alicia set down the figurine and began to study the camera, which was cut on. Alicia hit the review button and began to look through the footage. The first video showed Michael and Diane sleeping together. The second was of Beth on michaels bed that she had covered with the green screen.(you should be able to guess what she was doing) And the last was of her and Michael talking about what to do for Diane on the anniversary of their first date. "Hey michael come up here I found something!" Alicia called out. Michael was upstairs in no time. "I found this inside of the figurine." Alicia said handing the camera to Michael. Michael began to look through the footage on the camera, he was disgusted at what he discovered. "That little......","Go ahead let it out Michael."," That little whore!" Michael exclaimed. "Hey I'm going to look at your computer because I just have a feeling she used it for her little plan." Alicia said as she walked out of the room and headed downstairs to the living room where the computer was. Michael sat in his room in disbelief over what's happened. Michael didn't know how long had been sitting in his room when he heard Alicia call him downstairs. Michael quickly got downstairs. " Check this out." Alicia said as she showed michael the video Beth had made. Michael was just absoultly disgusted with what he saw. "And this is how she did it." Alicia replied as she showed Michael how she did it part by part.

About 2 days later...
Diane was released from the hospital. Since Michael was at work and Diane still believed Michael cheated on her Alicia picked her up. When they arrived back to neverland Alicia told Diane she had something to show her. "Make it quick I want to start packing before he gets here." Diane said flatly. Alicia pulled up final cut pro and showed Diane how Beth did what she did, she even showed Diane the camera and told her where she found it. Feeling really bad Diane went upstairs to her and michaels bedroom where she collasped on the bed and began to cry...........................................

Part 17 is next!!!!!!!!!!!
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MJpixy said:
Oh,well,things are gonna be better soon,thank God and Alicia!
posted over a year ago.