everybody knows and us fans know that they had a close bond as brother and sister

michael and janet were like twins they did everything together from watching movies to feeding the animals and going for a swim in the pool


they would make a seclude together they would eat breakfast together after the would eat breakfast the would feed the animals after the would feed the animals they would go watch a movie in the screening room and they would go out for a drive and just have a talk about anything


they would watch the sunset together they would also play a game together michael would ask janet if joesph were dead would she feel sorry for him and she would tell michael no michael would say he's dead he's laying in a coffin would you feel sorry she would say nope and that's how they felt about joseph one time when janet was little she accedently called joseph daddy on accedent joseph got upset wiht her and said its joseph to you joseph never let his kids call him dad michael said that joe always thought he was this young stud and that he was too cool to be called dad

michael would always call janet dunk for a nickname short for donkey michael always was there for his little sister and she was always there for her big brother that's how close there sister brother relationship was sometimes latoya would get jealous of there tight closness she wouldnt do half the stuff they did together she didnt like animals and she didnt like the smell of them she was totally opisite of janet she liked shopping alot and janet just liked to enjoy the day and work a little and relax with family

and that's how close michael and janet were and how opsiste him and latoya was