In Attendance With Michael At A Party
"Michael, must really love you that much if asked you to spend the night with him", Consuela replied, "why else would he ask you stay"? "You maybe right", Maris replied, "the evening is just beginning if you know what I mean". "Yes, I know exactly what you mean"' Consuela replied, "he seems like a good man who wants to send the rest of his life with you". As they continued their telephone conversation, Maris spoke very highly of Michael and what he's accomplished over the years as successful businessman and world-renowned entertainer. "I got to go now, I see you tomorrow", Maris replied, "enjoy the rest of the evening", Consuela also replied and she hung the phone.

Maris had the house all to herself since Michael went out to pick up dinner and dessert, so she took advantage of his hospitality and just the enjoyed being the lady of manor for one night. For the duration of her stay, she was free to do whatever she wanted just as Michael stated earlier that day. Maris went into the kitchen towards the cabinet and picked our some of the best china alongside two glasses for the 2-liter bottle of Coke, which was to be served with dinner. While getting the glasses and the plates; in addition, to the fancy silverware, went to the upstairs linen closet, and picked out a nice blanket to put on the floor in the living room.

Once she got everything needed to serve dinner, Maris picked up her shoes, jewelry and Louis Vuitton hand off the floor, and took it upstairs and out the items in Michael's room on the floor alongside her clothes; in addition to her silk nylons on the floor. Since Michael was more laid back compared to her, Maris thought he maybe right about her being too uptight and not being to have fun, nor enjoy herself, so she decided to do something about it. There was she was in that big house all alone with everything she wanted and needed at her disposal. Thanks to Michael for the he took a person interest in her as a friend, colleague and lover. All that was going to change for her, and Michael was going to be the one to guide her along. Having given access to the whole house for the evening, she went into the den where Michael's state-of-the art stereo system was located, and looked his extensive musical collection of C.D.s.

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Walking Along The Beach With Maris
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