Ebony Eyes
While stroking her cheek, Maris took her hand and rubbed his face her right thumb, and gently stroked his face in a warm caressing manner. She moved a little closer to him and kissed him passionately on the lips with both hands touching his face. "I love you, Michael", Maris replied, "I honestly and truly do". "Really", he replied, "it looks like my plan to seduce you is finally working". Maris just looked at him and kissed him again as he kissed her right back. "Are you my baby", he asked, "of course I am", Maris replied.

"See, I told you I was going to make my lady", he also replied, " and I did, didn't I". "No, you weren't j kidding, and you put your cards up on the table in regards to wanting a relationship me", Maris replied,"and you had good intentions, but I've never been with a man who could make to a woman the way you made love to me the you did, Michael, it totally blew mind. When you love someone, you love them with all your and soul with such firey passion and desire. Knowing the idea that you want and desire me makes me feel kind of special". Taken aback my her words of sentiment, Michael pulled her close to with the food on the blanket and kissed her once more, and she out her arms around him having forgot about the key lime, made love once more right in middle of the living room floor. "Honey," Maris, replied, "should we at least have dessert before we go all the way for the umpteenth time", she asked, "I'm sorry, I just got caught up in the moment", Michael also replied. They postponed their tryst in order to have some of the delicious key lime, which Michael picked up, from Martoni's.

Michael gave Maris plenty of praises and compliments; in regards, to looking after things at he house while he was out getting the food and drinks."Thanks, Michael", Maris replied, "I really appreciate that". "Oh, You're welcome, sweetie", and he kissed her hand. In Michael's eyes, Maris was a one in a million dollar treasure he had ever found, and she was like a diamond in the rough. It looks like the two lovers finally made a love connection, and it like their two souls had joined as one. The time they've spent together so quite enjoyable, and Maris could see why he wanted her to spend the night with him. This the first time any man has made her feel like a woman I mean in a way woman wants to be loved and treated as stated in Aretha Franklin's 1967 hit song, Michael made Maris feel like a natural woman. There lots of sexual chemistry between Michael and Maris; as well, as a common ground. Michael wanted since the first he her at Quantrell's party weeks, and he wanted right there and then, and it was Quantrell who introduced them in the first place.

Since on her way to becoming a successful high-paid fashion model, Michael was going to do everything he could to market; in addition, to promoting her as manager/svengali and president of his own production company. He's worked with some of the best in the modeling, entertainment and fashion industry. In order to help Maris maintain her sexy curvaceous Size 14 svelte figure, Michael was to put her on an excercise regimen by way of dance areobics, cardio strength training and 1 hour workouts in his home gym while acting as a personal trainer alongside, Donna Richardson, as his assistant. He was to hire a team of hairstylists, makeup artists, beauty consultants, fashion experts and public relations consultants to handle scheduling and traveling end of her career.
Michael And Maris Boarding His Private Jet On Their Way To Jamaica Sandals Resort
Visiting Maris At Her House
Sexy Baby
Barry Manilow, A Guest At Michael's Engagement Party
The House Michael Bought As A Wedding Present For Maris
Mariah Carey Another Guest At The Engagement Party
In The Recording Studio With Quincy Jones
Inside The Couple's New Home
President Obama Heading Back To Washington After Visiting The Newlyweds At Their New Home
Michael's Cat As A Kitten
World-Renowned Entertainer
Angel Face
The Master Bedroom At Michael's Palm Beach Estate
Michael's Cat, Ebony
Maris' Modeling Assignment As The First Plus-Size Model For Victoria's Secret Lingerie Line
Good Friend, Aretha Franklin
The New Kitten Michael Gave Maris
The Many Faces Of Michael Jackson
1974 RCA #-LP Sam Cooke Classic Recording Maris Bought For Michael On Ebay
Stevie Wonder, Another Guest Who Attended Michael's Engagement Party
Obama Waving Good-bye To The Newlyweds
Maris Accompanying Michael On One Of His Trips
The Bathtub At The Couple's New Home
Beautiful Man Of Mine
The Custom-Made Purse Given To Maris
Michael And Maris Arriving In Paris, France
The Dining Room At The Couple's New Home
Inside The New Home
Visiting Maris At Her House
Inside the Home
The Crystal Pitcher Where The Water Was Served
The Spokeswoman For Victoria's Secret First Ever Plus-Size Lingerie Line
The Bedroom At Maris' House
Maris Getting Acquainted With Her Future In-Laws
The Bathtub Where The Lovers Bathed Together During Their Trip To Paris, Fance
Michael And Maris On Their Honeymoon In Disneyworld
This Neighborhood Where Michael Lives
The Study At The Couple's New Home
The Newlyweds Seeing The Musical. Motown, On Broadway In New York City
Looking Over The Photos From Maris' Photoshoots
Indoor Patio At Their New Home
The Couple's Private Romantic Getaway In London
Janet Visiting With Michael And Maris In France
Michael And Maris' New Home Before They Moved in
Maris' Sexy Boyfriend
Kennetth "Babyface" Edmonds, Michael's Best Man At The Wedding
Patti Labelle, Who was in Attendance At Michael's Wedding
The Master Bathroom At Their New Home
Michael Talking With His Fans
Hot and Sexy
The Pendant Michael Gave Maris
Shower In The Master Bathroom Where The Two Lovers Showered Together