im about to give you an in def veiw of each dream that i have. i do not no why i have the dreams that i have but they seem so real that i just can not wait to tell you about them in full details. all of the dreams that i have just so happen to be about me being michael jacksons child. dreams that i have being from my brith to toddlerhood to childhood and so on. before i start telling you about my long dreams let me fill you in on a few things. in my dreams i was born as michael jacksons 1st child to debbie rowe and michael jackson. my name in the dreams is alanna michael jackson , lets start.

the seting is march 15 1994 the day that i was born. in a dark hospital room lit by just one lamp i was born. michael yells here she comes debbie. with one more hard push i was welcomed in to the world. i was rushed to the nicu. not even letting my father cut the cord , he looked worried with tears coming from his eyes.they did tests on me a number of times before letting my dad see me. before he was let in to see me the docters told him that i had cp. he was told that i may not ever be abel walk but that i will live a normal life. as he walked into my hopital room he sat next to my incubater.he stroked my head and i smiled with my newbron lips. he acted like a father from the start. while at the hospital he would ask if he could feed me or change me , the nurse was pertty much out of a job when my dad was there and he was always there.

march 19 i was let out of the hospital, i remember that day like it was yesterday. daddy was so happy packing up my stuff. debbie had left the hospital days ago. something tells me she will not play a big role in my life. daddy put me in a carseat, he gave hugs and aotographes and lots of thanks. once we left those doors it was crazy. helocoptiers and news repoters everywhere.daddy tryed to keep me from the flashs. when we got to the limo daddy opened the door someone said michael how do like being a father, daddy repiled i love it. fanaily we were in the limo, daddy was trying to clam me down because i was crying. it was a 20 minite drive to my new home neverland ranch. when we started down the long driveway i looked at the animals like lions bears and stuff like that, it was so cool. once we got inside daddy kissed me on the forehed and put me in my baby swing, the house was just so clan i fell asleep.

over the next 22 mouths a lot has happen i will start here. i was the most stubburn baby ever.

jan 1 1996 i woke up a yeled daddy im up, he ran up the starirs. he lifted me up and out of my crib and gave me a kiss, then he changed me. the 1st thing i wanted to do was watch toy stoy for the 100th time. daddy said lets watch bugs life instesd of toy stoy.i was on his lap at the time, i hit him on the face. he said very strin voice no you do not hit daddy, you sit in time our for 2 minites. about 2 seconds in to my time out i said im sorry daddy. he looked at me and said o.k but you still need to sit there. after my time out daddy nelt down to my level. he said do you no why i put you in time out alanna i said beause i hit you he said that is right. im sorry daddy its ok do not do it anymore because it gives me boo boos . i hsd never seen my daddy lay down the law till now.

jan 5 1996 i was still on my toy story kick, i am telling you that i must have broke the strings on 20 woody dolls. even though we had maids to clean my room daddy wanted to try and have me do it. the maids fot with daddy, they said that i was to yong to clean my own room. daddy was out to prove them wrong. when i got up from my nap daddy took me out of my crib and said why dont we clean your room for a little while. i said no daddy no. he said just for a little bit. i said no da da in the sweetest voice possible, and with maybe a bit of a wine. ill help you he said with a smile on his face. he scooped me up in his arms and said what do you think. i said ok daddy i rapped my arms around daddy and rested my head on his sholder. i whispered i love you daddy, he whispered back i love you more. daddy carried me to the huge kitchen where one of the maids was. he said to her geuss what me and alanna are going to do. she looked at him puzzled. daddy said with a gelm in his eyes and a smile on his face were going to clean alannas bedroom. the maids mouth dropped as daddy walked into my room with me in his arms. when we got into my roon daddy said wow look at this mess. there were tons of toy story dolls everywhere, i must have every character from toy story. when we were cleaning daddy would pick out a character and ask me who is that. i would say buzz, woddy and rex. i did more playing than cleaning but hey i was not even 2 yet. it took an hour but we or should i say daddy were done.

jan 29 1996 it was dinner time and daddy told the chef to make me macaroni and chesse. when our dinner was broght out to us i dug right in. daddy asked is it good, i did not answer him because i was chocking, daddy said are you ok. when he realized that i was chocking he junped from his seat and ran over to me. opened my mouth and pulled the food out. he took me out of my highchair and rapped me in his arms. daddy said are you alright. i shook my head yes and started to cry. daddy said oh thank god. then he said shhhhhh it is ok shhhh. he stared singing to me. fell fast asleep in his arms. daddy brouth me to my room and layed me down. he slept in the rocking chair next to crib.