Michael Jackson had a wondeful carrer with his brothers in the Jackson Five and a show stopping career as a solo artist,but he never forgot his lost childhood and spent his free time turning his home into a children fantacy land.
He named his home Neverland after the movie Peter Pan the little boy who never wanted to grow up.
Michael Jackson was called "Wierd and strange" because of the way he lived his life but when he was out of the spotlight he just wanted to do the childhood things he missed out on.
He just wanted to play.
Growing up with an abusive father he was forced to grow up way too soon.
Michael was also tortured by the media and obsessive fans.
Alligations were made about how he lived and things that he did.
From the oxygen chamber he supposedly slept in too much.
Much worse rumors circulated songs like "Leave me alone" and Scream (with his sister Janet Jackson) were directed at the people who constantly pried into his private life. He couldn't leave and just go to town or to a store,he was always constnatly stalked by the media.as were his three children.
He was forced to keep his children in seclusion to protect them.
He tried so hard to keep thier lives private that he was called a recluse and eventually became one.
Public life was not easy for him.
His children and his marrage to Lisa Marie and his divorce were Hot News,As were later his legal problems.
The world seemed to focus on what they thought was wrong with him,Instead of what they thought was right.