Michael Jackson Second favorite

AFellowHooligan posted on Jun 25, 2012 at 11:59PM
We all know that no one in the world will ever relace Michael because well no one will ever be like him. What i just wanna know out of curiosity who is your second favorita person in the world. A singer, doesnt even have to be some one famous just tell me why you like that person since when have you started being a fan of him or her. What he or she does and maybe a pi tire of them.

Mine is Bruno Mars i like him for one main reason he's got everything that no other singer has well besides Michael. He can actually sing. I know some may get offend when I say that but when I first heard his voice on "Nothin' On You" I was hooked on him. Since 2010 I've been a big fan I've Gone to three of his concerts and meet him three times at a meet and greet. That's all I have to say so get boking and please answer this. Thank you :)

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