Michael Jackson You know you're an obsessed Michael Jackson fan when...

kittenlove123 posted on Nov 08, 2010 at 04:59AM
Complete the phrase!
Preferably something you do or have done :))

You know you're a Michael jackson fan when...
You wear white tape on your fingers to school and say you cut your fingers when asked about it

Yes I do that. Every day.
Your turn :D

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over a year ago mjstinkerbell said…
You know you're an obsessed Michael Jackson fan when you mistakenly write 'Michael Jackson', instead of your name on a class assignment.
over a year ago emmashields said…
when you think of him everytime while doing anything 24/7.
over a year ago PatchaMJFFL said…
big smile
You know you're an obsessed Michael Jackson fan when...
when you have to see his face before going to bed, otherwise you would not be able to fall asleep
over a year ago 14Michelle said…
You know you're an obsessed Michael Jackson fan when...You see squares on the sidewalk and you immediately start to dance just like Michael in Billie Jean :)
over a year ago Nikkyjackson said…
You know you're obsessed with Michael Jackson when..
-You dress up like him at school no matter how others look at you
-when ever some one said some word in his songs or a perfect moment to sing his songs or poem....you do it
-when people ask you what's his favorite this, and why did he do this...etc. and you answer it truthfully and they would look at you like O_O..
-When you randomly sing his song out of no where.
You know you're obsessed with Michael Jackson when..<br />
-You dress up like him at school no matter
over a year ago cherl12345 said…
when come up with 24-hour cable network devoted to Michael only.
over a year ago Lydia_Decourcy said…
When you try and make MJ apart of everything you do even when it has nothing to do with Michael ie in lessons at school lol XD

I admit I am obsessed because I do and am going to do everything writen here lol :p
over a year ago kengie4mj said…
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When you go to sleep at night you have a dream that the next morning you're gonna wake in Neverland with Michael.
over a year ago thomascromwell said…
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when you were white plasters on you fingers and were one glove and a trilbe on a non unifom day at school.
over a year ago MJFan7 said…
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When you can't wait till the end of the month and you can see the new MJ pic on your calendar. When you join every fanclub you possibly can. When you have load of pics on your pc. When you dress like MJ. when u stumble on hai8er, ignore them they all have their own little fake agendas, don't even engage with them, pass on 2 other MJ fans. When you want to meet every other MJ fan out there. When you try to dance like MJ but fail miserably. When you wish you lived through Bad Era (I did). When you take a pic of MJ with you everywhere you go. When you know you would love to have gone to every single MJ concert! haha
over a year ago justibiebsfan said…
When I say I love him so much!!!
over a year ago desertr said…
when your mother asks you to help her around the house, you walk away slowly then stop and look back and whisper "...I'm bad..." and moonwalk all the way to your room

over a year ago mjshawty247 said…
1)when u get caught kissing his poster. by yur parents
2)when u call yur boyfriend michael (he wasn't happy when I called him that)
3)play michael songs 24/7
over a year ago chokladen94 said…
when you walk on the street in your MJ t-shirt with a proud smile on your face even if people are giving you weird looks. when you're playing the sims and you make a sim that looks just like Michael so you marry him. when you're taking time to defend MJ and his family on twitter and other websites. when you love him so much it hurts and you cry because you can never be with him to hold him and kiss him. when you want him so bad you're making plans how to kill yourself because you cant imagine to feel this pain your whole life. when you want to die so you can meet him in heaven. i cant take this anymore! :(
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over a year ago mj231 said…
You know your an obbsessed MJ fan when...Everytime threaten someone you either say 'I'mma go BAD,BEAT IT,AND THRILLER ON YO ASS'
over a year ago Vespera said…
When you always write HIStory like this! When you cry and feel sorry for him just because he looks a little sad on a photo or video! (POOR BABY!!!) When you just LOVE to wear red shirts! When you name your pet after Michael. Don't answer when people are talking to you because you're lost in a MJ daydream! When you hide secret MJ stuff at home, because you're scared the others will think it's weird. It annoys you when someone prefers another artist (are they stupid, don't they know Michael is the best???!!!). When you love him so much that it hurts!

When you always write HIStory like this! When you cry and feel sorry for him just because he looks a
over a year ago Christiana-fan said…
big smile
you know your a obsessed michael jackson fan when people call you annoying and tell you to get lost because you talk about him all the time
that always happen to me (LOL)
over a year ago smoothcriminal7 said…
Prince breaks his silence! He speaks out against the Jackson family: http://bit.ly/P2OhYm
over a year ago mjfan147 said…
You know your a obsessed Michael Jackson fan when.... You name your dog after Michael
1 month ago DyaStarLove said…
Ok, I may be too late for this, but I am going to write about it anyway.
When you listen to his music 24/24, even if you you can't. You just have that song in your mind. <3
When you are thinking of him 24/24.
When people are talking to you and you don't answer 'cause you didn't even hear them. You were lost in your toughts about Mike.
When you MUST see his angel face before you fall asleep.
When your siblings call you ''Michaelina'' or something like that.
When you kissed AT LEAST one time the computer screen while looking at a picture of him.
When you hate the term "W*cko J*cko".
Whenever you hear the name "Jordan" or ''Gavin'' you scream automatically "ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT, FOR GOD'S SAKE!".
If people want to get your atention, they just have to say his name. True story my friend.
When you were caught by a friend kissing a picture of him...
When you watch his home videos all night...
When your friends get annoyed 'cause the only thing you are able to talk about is Michael.
When you hear his name randomly on a show your heart skips a beat. (Oh, that happened to me and I was like "Awww, I love him way too much!".
On my notebook for history class I wrote ''Diana ************* HIStory notebook''. <3