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Figure - Michael Myers is Dead

Michael Myers vs Ghostface | Scream Halloween Horror Fan Film

FAN FILM | Michael Myers vs Ghostface | Scream Halloween horror fan film Three unsuspecting teens are faced with ultimate terror as two iconic killers, Michael Myers and Ghostface, clash in a battle to the death.

Michael Myers Movie News

The shape himself Michael Myers and the state of Halloween. Plus movie news. For funny reviews and news check out our channel here:

Michael Myers Tribute

The song is called If You Want Blood (You've Got It) by AC/DC! AC/DC rocks!

Michael Myers Tribute

Freddy Krueger , Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers MONTAGE

Halloween Theme Song

Jamie Lloyd and Michael Myers - What Have You Done

Jamie Lloyd and Michael Myers fanvideo.
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Jamie and Michael Meet (Jamie's Nightmare)

Jamie's Nightmare
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Michael Myers & Jamie Lloyd - Hemorrhage (in my hands)

Great video‚ô•
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