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Opinion by ky02121 posted over a year ago
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Dawson Creek Days
It's been 10 years and Jen Lindley has come a long way. I was a Dawson's Creek watcher for the first three seasons. At the time all the buzz was centered around Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson. Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek has fallen off the earth it seems, not that I'm complaining.

Throughout the years I've watch Michelle Williams grow as an actress. In the 2002 film "Me Without You" I really started to take notice. She was great in the role and managed a perfect british accent. The film chronicles three decades of an intense friendship between two women. Sex, drugs, jealousy,you name it.

More roles followed and in 2005 she hit the jackpot. Starring in Ang Lee's critically acclaimed "Brokeback Mountain". The film gave her a Oscar nod and a baby girl Matilda Rose, fathered by co-star Heath Ledger.

Sadly we all know how that turned out but Michelle hasn't missed a beat. She has six films on her slate right now. Five are in post-production: