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The fans pick: BOTH! u can chat wuth ur girlies and laugh with ur guys!
The fans pick: YES! you might have to cover up a pimple.....
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The fans pick: Love both-and I'm a girl
The fans pick: Real Friends.
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Earthling123 said …
I am so nervous; the 6th grade final exams starts Thursday! That's in two days! Studying, studying, studying!!! Posted over a year ago
Chocolate87 commented…
How did you do? Hope you aced it! over a year ago
Earthling123 commented…
Got a 96%. Whoo! Second highest score in the grade. Brandon just had to beat me by ONE point. Ugh. over a year ago
mindlessbree143 said …
it was my first year in middle school, but i was homeschooled for all of 6th grade. i am nervous to go into 7th grade and not know what goes on in middle school. i want to know what to expect, and i NEED some tips or heads-ups on what to be prepared for. PLZ help.
Posted over a year ago
Draculaura10 commented…
I KNO SUM TIPPPPPSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 over a year ago
mindlessbree143 commented…
lol ok over a year ago
Draculaura10 commented…
If u run into ppl tht r mean, ignore it if u cnt think of good comebacks. over a year ago
Earthling123 commented…
Hi, I'm in 6th grade too! I do have some tips. Hmmm... Well, during 7th and 8th grade there will be some bullies. Avoid them as much as possible. Also, there will be final exams -- I don't think there's anything else... Oh yeah, there's probably going to be a school dance. Get a nice dress. And also there will be lots of makeup. Beware of girls who are obsessed with a band called One Direction. You've probably heard of them. Good luck next year! over a year ago
Vivian56 said …
im in sixth grade. my god brother, Damon, is really popular and in eigth grade. i was talking to my best friend Laura that i thought a guy from drama was cute. she took it that i was in love with him. Damo over heard and told him i liked him. at the dance, he got us together and we said a really awkward hi. i left. a few minutes later Damon's saying he asked me out. i say yes. then i tell him i think we should get to know each other first. he agreed. we havent talked since. Posted over a year ago
iluvyajustin commented…
that is bad...:( you can chat me if you want really great about giving dating advice! :D over a year ago
Buggie31 commented…
oh i have a question then: how do you know if your bf likes another girl? over a year ago