Miles "Tails" Prower do you have a cruch on tails and do you think he's sexy:P if you do its not weird:p

Pick one:
yess i do
yess i do
i&# 39; m not gay!
i'm not gay!
yess he is sexy
yess he is sexy
no is so ugly
no is so ugly
He is just cute, I don&# 39; t have a
He is just cute,I don't have a
Added by poddo
if i was a girl fox i would have a crush on him!!!
Added by chloep
i dont really like him like that
i dont really like him like that
Added by sonicamystar
I&# 39; m a boy
I'm a boy
Added by raker55
I love him and I think he's sexy
o no not mad evolution again
Added by silvaze9
Would If I Was A Girl
Added by SonicAndTails
I love him, but he&# 39; s not sexy.
I love him, but he's not sexy.
I do have a crush but he's cute not sexy
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 milesprower11 posted over a year ago
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