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Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus
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The fans pick: Both
Meet Miley Cyrus
The fans pick: Brunette
The fans pick: Her long hair
Her long hair
Her goddess body (hey, I'm a guy! What do you expect?)
The fans pick: Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball
We can't Stop
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zikkiforever said …
As smilers we all have music in us, right? Well express that in Fanpop Got Talent 2014. Show your amaze song writing skills, sing a little Miley number, do a dance to one of her songs or even draw a Miley fan art. Heck it doesn't have to be anything to do with Miley. Just show Fanpop what you can do. It might be your big break. For more info look here- Posted 1 day ago
hanna76443 said …
i hate miley cyrus she is the worst human being on earth my 4 year old sister copies her and shes horriable why do you guys like her Posted 11 days ago
Piyal commented…
If u don't like her,then it's ur prob..keep ur prob to urself...we love her cz we know her very well 11 days ago
zikkiforever commented…
She's not the worst. Trust me there is worst. She makes mistakes, but people drove her to it. People think she is still Hannah, she grew up. She is no Hannah Montanna that is just a character! people need to know the really Miley. She needed a change to get people to realise she is Miley not Hannah. Don't come here if you gonna hate. Haters gonna hate. 1 day ago
SummerThunder said …
I'm really worried about Miley since recently she lost her dog, Floyd... I really hope she feels better soon. I saw many photos over the Internet where she was carrying her new dog (Moonie) and she wasn't very happy there. On some photos she was even crying... But she has her smilers who will support her forever!
#StayStrongMiley Posted 16 days ago
Piyal commented…
Yea..sis...I was upset maybe she's ok now... 11 days ago