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Miley and Hannah's banner contest..2 nd round opened  Piyal 10 524 over a year ago
The Biggest Miley Cyrus Contest Ever!!!!!! Only one fan(winner) will win 70 props !!!!! Fans will pick the winner !!!!  Dirty_Angel 31 2510 over a year ago
miley cyrus 4 round competition  mileyrocks18 5 712 over a year ago
☼☼◙◙◙► THE Biggest (props) CONTEST >>>CONTEST CLOSED(Due To Some Reason) Sorry 4 Ur Inconvenience ◄◙◙◙☼☼  dhaval_rocks 75 7224 over a year ago
MileyFanForEver Of The Month  mileysmartcyrus 14 796 over a year ago
counting of miley cyrus fans  naily_14 27 3418 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus 20 in 20 icon challenge!  bubbles4u22 20 482 over a year ago
OFFICIAL Miley FOTM Nominations [closed]  TVD_rocks 67 11531 over a year ago
miley cyrus  23novhm 4 1263 over a year ago
miley cyrus outfit contest (special)(round 5 open)  naily_14 55 7064 over a year ago
MiLeY cYrUs CoNtEsT!  littleangel0520 26 1227 over a year ago
♥♥♥♪♫ мιℓєу ¢уяυѕ/нαηηαн мσηтαηα ρι¢тυяєѕ ¢σηтєѕт! *яσυη∂ 2 : σρєηє∂* (мιℓєу ωιтн ѕєℓєηα gσмєz) ♫♪♥♥♥  me_belieber 32 2766 over a year ago
Favorite Lyric Contest - *Round 7 OPEN*  SelenaCantSing 43 3214 over a year ago
___ *Miley Cyrus's Pictures Contest*___ *Round 5*  littleangel0520 71 4742 over a year ago
New Miley Cyrus fan site  SoCelebrities 0 550 over a year ago
☼****Miley Cyrus Contest! Round 6 Open!****☼  horseluver1616 60 3983 over a year ago
FanMade Single Covers Contest - *Round 14 OPEN*  SelenaCantSing 1 588 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Fanmade Single Covers Contest *ROUND 1 OPEN*  situ123 22 1895 over a year ago
name u'r top 10 fanpop friends!  mileycruze 7 852 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Icon Contest - *Round 4 Closed*  greatfanofdemi 52 4142 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus best pic ever contest  hanafanaforever 18 2819 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus 10in10 icon challenge - *RE-OPENED*  situ123 226 11353 over a year ago
~~~~post a photo of miles ~~~~~  mileycruze 6 535 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Picture Contest♥  vidvida 26 3131 over a year ago
Music Videos Screencaps Contest - *CLOSED*  greatfanofdemi 138 7705 over a year ago
I am Miley's biggest fan, if you think you are, well prove it.  MileyBigestFan 21 1191 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus tops 'worst cover song' poll  lindalinh 0 197 over a year ago
**---** Miley Cyrus Pictures Contest! *Round 3* **---**  littleangel0520 46 3222 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus best dress and looks!! *Round 2 open*  mileyroxx 21 4878 over a year ago
FanMade Single Covers Contest - *Round 1 Open*  energizerbella 6 805 over a year ago
Post a photshoot pics of miley or hannah and get 10 props  23novhm 16 1280 over a year ago
Blonde Or Brunette?  maritina12345 0 581 over a year ago
MILEY'S NEW HOUSE  maritina12345 0 468 over a year ago
miley is better with nick or liam?  maribou 3 662 over a year ago
Miley icon contest!!!! (Round 1)  bubbles4u22 25 1766 over a year ago
vote LOVE for miley!  msdwnd 0 302 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Contest......!!!!!  harshitagupta 19 1424 over a year ago
ok im going to host a Mileys #1 Fan contest!!! this contest is only for obssed Miley fans  mileyforever 2 701 over a year ago
**Icon & Banner Suggestions**  x-Sophie-Jade-x 55 3080 over a year ago
Post a pic where you think Miley looks prettiest, best 1 wins 25 props!  mrsalexrybak 7 2190 over a year ago
how to watch Miley Cyrus online?  rojaerstakes 0 392 over a year ago
Tween Sensation, Ayla Stackhouse Debut Single “Somebody Who Loves Me” Proves Her Undeniable Talent!  clubgrl 0 816 over a year ago
miley cyrus picture contest  rahulshingte 50 5468 over a year ago
miey cyrus in random contest * ROUND 5 OPEN *  jenny_23 63 7521 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Fan-Made single covers contest Round 12 (CLOSED!)  bubbles4u22 102 10318 over a year ago
Kids Choice Awards  MileySmileyA 0 700 over a year ago
VOTE for MILEY *last chance*  smilenator 1 348 over a year ago
Favorite Remakes and Remixes  ellaellaella 0 401 over a year ago
If u r a Miley Cyrus fan become a fan of me  mileyrocks141 0 438 over a year ago
miley pic contest!!!!!!!  wasifaqsa 10 1142 over a year ago
MILEY CYRUS CONTEST  alizeh 6 833 over a year ago
Vote for Miley Cyrus in the music hitlists  MileySmileyA 1 425 over a year ago
Which song of Miley is your favourite?  ShinoyAP 8 990 over a year ago
Biggest question that we all wanted to know...  Sheetal1256 1 653 over a year ago
miley is better or demi?  maribou 6 518 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus' "Bowie" shirt she wore in concert For Sale!  fanzium 0 3349 over a year ago
Miley's smile...  dimsumdolly 0 405 over a year ago
For those who love Miley Cyrus like me :D  xxxBieberFanxxx 1 497 over a year ago
newest and hotest club in town! REPLY NOW!  lovepop 0 344 over a year ago
Which dress do you like most?  Idunn 3 606 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus - Can't Be Tamed - Tracklist  Idunn 0 584 over a year ago
Miley FAN CONTEST!!!!  mileyfan17836 1 825 over a year ago
Miley picture contest!!  twilightlover73 1 715 over a year ago
selena is much better than miley and alot more cutter  236209 17 873 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Photo Competion xx ♥ (5 Props For Winner) (3 props for second) and (2 points for 3rd :D)  ellietwilight12 26 1543 over a year ago
LISTEN TO THIS VOICE! :)  MalliePe 0 389 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Got Her Third Tattoo!  Greekgirlishere 1 3052 over a year ago
can somebody give me a link of downloed liberty walk by miley cyrus?i need it  tokio_lover 0 348 over a year ago
r u a Miley fan????  mileyfan17836 9 977 over a year ago
I don't care if miley has changed the type of her cloths... its her body she can wear any thing she wants...duh!!!  melchex 5 634 over a year ago
hater or not.. if u think deep and look up close u will find out that miley is the real teen queen  mememileyfan 2 796 over a year ago
Miley Cyrus Cant Be Tamed Karaoke Contest!!  kmyer 0 463 over a year ago
miley rocks!  bieber14334 1 883 over a year ago
Miley is Miley!!!  MalliePe 0 658 over a year ago
Worst artist in the elegant  cutegirls 0 4175 over a year ago
???  rmihulka 0 1046 over a year ago
miley is the best  maribou 3 488 over a year ago
miley is better with nick.  maribou 3 679 over a year ago
If you could pick a icon for this spot what piccy would you use?? xx  ellietwilight12 3 881 over a year ago
Miley biggest fan contest  ranstell2703 2 1498 over a year ago
type up a random miley thing here  anna_mileycyrus 13 1675 over a year ago
hey guys its me  untamed167 5 739 over a year ago
do u like miley  mileyfan17836 8 831 over a year ago
Say What!?  mpepin04 3 2754 over a year ago
ZAC EFRON AND MILEY DATING?!  zacattack4400 1 504 over a year ago
STOP ALL OF THAT CRAP ABOUT MILEY CYRUS- IT IS WRONG  valerie225 16 2160 over a year ago
Sing Miley Cyrus Songs in this online game!!  pkyc 0 842 over a year ago
is tht really my idol miley  aishuandmiley 6 2542 over a year ago
hi miley  babygirl3717 2 914 over a year ago
hi miley  Princess_Dashia 3 812 over a year ago
Participants Needed for Performance in NYC  lineperformance 0 569 over a year ago
Why do you like Miley??  chubby_girly 16 1873 over a year ago
Become a fan of the club Party in the USA Miley Cyrus!  keninv 11 974 over a year ago
MILEY SET TO PERFORM AT 2010 MMVA  HUGEFAN2010 0 643 over a year ago
no compere between miley and selena  mememileyfan 5 917 over a year ago
justin bieber and miley cyrus puke on obama !!!  billybieber 5 918 over a year ago
If I was Miley Cyrus I would  LisaForde 0 559 over a year ago
I think Miley should date Chase Coy!  NovaLee98 1 560 over a year ago
HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY TO MILEY CYRUS  cassie100 2 1091 over a year ago
Who love Miley Cyrus or Hannah Montana???  Sotiria 6 1055 over a year ago