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Ray Ray from Mindless Behavior
wow thia dor evrryone
 myselfi love
me myself and i all day long
nicki minaj
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The fans pick: Roc Royal
Roc Royal
Ray Ray
The fans pick: Roc Royal
Roc Royal
Ray Ray
The fans pick: roc royal
roc royal
The fans pick: PRINCETON
The fans pick: Prodigy
Roc Royal
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FvckShante said …
I'm really disappointed in MB. They haven't released anything. They've had drama back to back. They haven't put on any shows or anything. When Creg left I knew the drama would increase...and it has. His career isn't going no where. And the way things are looking MB's is dying out. Sorry not sorry. We've been waiting for months for this new music. I would like to know where it's at. When they finally decide to release anything half of TM gonna be done with high school. Posted 4 days ago
FvckShante commented…
I'm about to step on some toes so don't get so hurt: Prod, yeah yeah I know it's sad he's gone. Whoooooppppttttyyyyyy doooooooo. But he's a flop. I thought leaving the group would be good for him. It'll give him a chance to grow as an artist and be big. There's no doubt about that....but eh heh. He hasn't released anything since February. That's a good eight months. He could've put out some and there. Do some shows. But nooooooooo!!!!!! What did he do? He stopped. To all my Prod lovers he's a BIG FLOP!!! If you wanna be in the game. You gotta stay on and in the game. If you can't keep up, well you'll flip burgers or become a pastor like the retired artist do 4 days ago
FvckShante commented…
Roc...wanna be thuggish ahhhh. I used to like him. On my life that was Bae. He has changed....beating people. Tweeting like a five year old on crack. Messing with tho-skankish females. See Roc had this thristy and sprung gf named Desiree. Long story short...people say she banged his friends while they were in Jamaica(MB) and now she has a baby called "Royal Blue August" now that's funny cuz the baby looks nothing like Roc or her. He looks like Roc friend Duce or what not. Everyone said that wasn't even Roc baby, even her own aunt. But just to make TM mad she would name him that. Plus give him Roc last name. They said Roc just claim Royal as his because Duce doesn't want to man up. But then she gets on Twitter and talks about how she has a sorry baby daddy. But she's just messy. 4 days ago
FvckShante commented…
Now Prince, I'm not sorry to say this but I think he has some sugar in his tank. Idgaf what you say or think. I'm not bothered by him painting his nails but I just think he's gay. Sorry and Ray....he's just weird af. Like crazy weird. Only one that hasn't messed up is EJ. EJ is so cute and such a skinny baby. EJ is cool to me. But I blame some of the managers that have too much time on their hands. They could've let EJ go to some shows, before he finished Lion King but you know it's whatever. 4 days ago
6477214261 said …
roc royal hi i'm not mad at you but you have changed you fighting for 10$ and you having a child at 17 not cool and you should have more sense but i till love you as a fan and lot's of people loved you but not many don't because you are doing this and this is from a kid i love you 10000000000000000000000000000 heart's as a fan and the other but not the new person because I don't know him Posted 5 days ago
FvckShante commented…
I agree with you but they honestly don't know who the dad is. They're saying it's his best friend's baby. But he's claiming it to be his son. 4 days ago
CardiacIowa676 said …
Prodigy left? when? Posted 9 days ago
FvckShante commented…
Last year 4 days ago