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Fan fiction by goldenlady123 posted over a year ago
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After school*****

after school I went straight home. then there was a knock on my door . it was my bully Craig

nique : what do you want
prodigy : can we at least talk
nique : I have nothing to you about
prod : just give me a minute that's all am asking for
nique : you bully me everyday and out of nowhere you want to talk to.... gco
I was cut off by prodigy's soft lips on mine. then there were butterflies in my stomach.
nique : what was that for
prod : I love you okay, I just didn't know how to tell you
nique : but why bully me
prod :I really don't know what got into me
i was about to walk away but he grabbed my hand gently
nique : what*jagged my hands out of his*
prod : am sorry unique .give me some time to show you how sorry I am
nique : I don't know how. ...gco
prod : just give me some time
after that we kissed and before everybody knew we were the best couple in the world
Review by shayshayball posted over a year ago
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well i what to meet mb for real life but how will happyed to meet then real but my fav is rayray because he cute and smart and funny and be a happy day to meet rayray i will be happy to meet him but they are happy and funny but love sing and make ever boby happy and love to dance an my move that no one no about and that one i will be happy and loveing to meet rayray .os than we go to the movies an make cookie an be beat friend an but one day we will be good friend but one day we be boyfriend and girlfrind well no how i like love him
Fan fiction by MindlessSwagged posted over a year ago
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Ayoo' I'm back on hurr I missed y'all fanpop fam love yall hope y'all enjoy tried picking up tips from TeamOMGgirlz but yeah lemme start writing.

It was like the most boring lamest deadest nights of my life I'm just sitting here single alone and watching movies....

Me:ugh like wtf I'm bored as hell maybe I should have a sleep over with my big kid ass

OK lemme get this straight I'm 21
Shanae or Nae is 22
Giana or Gi is 21
And Mercedes or Cedes is 23

Me:-calls Mercedes-
Cedes:Hello what's good
Me:ghetto fabulous ass come over here I'm having a sleep over
Cedes:ohh turn tf up
Me:just get yo ass over here
Cedes:k byee
Me:Bye-Calls Nae-
Nae:Yes I'm omw Cedes already told me bye
Me:lmaoo bye-calls Gi-
GI:I'm pulling up now
Me:Damnnnn iight Bebe's
Gi:-walking in like she a boss-ayee the life of the party here
Me:girl please you life of killing yoself
Fan fiction by mrspriceton143 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 1:
Tiffany: I'll see you guys later bye.
(When Tiffany turns around to leave, she bumps into a Princeton)
Princeton: My bad I didn't
(He was interrupted)
Tiffany: It's cool
Prince: Here let me help you up.
(Prince grabs Tiffany 's hand and helps her up)
Prince: Hi I'm Princeton but you can call me Prince.
Tiffany: Hi Prince I'm Tiffany but you can call me T.
(Prince stares into Tiffany's eyes)
Tiffany: What ?
Prince: Nothing
Tiffany: O
Prince: So I was just going to go get a smoothie wanna come with since your all alone
Tiffany: Ummm
( T. Looks at her watch )
Tiffany: Yea sure I just have to be home by 10:00 tonight.

Prince: So what flavor do you want ?
T: pink panther
Prince: 1 pink panther and 1 blue tiger
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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Recap:YN:Yeah,ha ha.

Yn:Well,I'm gonna check on Ray Ray 'cause my ass is falling asleep by just sitting here.
Roc:I can massage it for you,shawty.
Yn:*laughs*Calm down,Roczilla.You ain't getting all this.
Roc:*stares at her ass while she walks up the stairs*
Prince:*hits Roc* Chill!You ain't getting that,and neither are me or Prod.
Prod:I don't want her.I mean,I do,but I'm gonna back off 'cause she's with Ray.
Prince:Yeah,what he said.
Roc:Shut the hell up,Afro Puff.You're the one that was a flirt!
Prince:You're the one that was a freak!
Roc:At least I don't act all gay!
Prince:Hey,I'm just playing around.But you?You wanna "just play around" in the bed with her!
Roc:Well you're just jealous that I got the body for that,unlike you!
Prince:How the hell you know if I do or don't?
Roc:A week before we met her we was at the damn ass pool and you were skinny,but no damn fucking abs,nigga!
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted over a year ago
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OMG I am SOOOO sorry I haven't been on in forever!I missed y'all SO much :'( *hugs y'all through screen* How've y'all been?And by the way,I've been reading y'all's comments,so don't think I'm ignoring you 'cause I would NEVER. @irreplaceable It was a fake Ray Ray and I don't even remember.And to the others,I didn't SAY Ray Ray or Prod or any of them were actually my BOYFRIENDS and I didn't SAY that they were ONLY mine.So chill.And they ain't y'all's either.They're God's.So please,stop with the accusing comments.And no fights are allowed,so quit.Ok,now on with the story.I wanna thank y'all again for saying y'all love it.And for the people who follow me.Love y'all :) <3

Opinion by rayraynicki posted over a year ago
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{Jacob's POV}- The next day
I wondered and wondered some more. People were looking at me strange and i didn't know what to say or do so I kept walking. I smelt delicious smells and it made me hungry because I haven't eaten. I would go inside a place but people shoo'd me away. So I kept trying and trying. Eventually i gave up when nobody wanted to feed me. I was sad that I had made no friends and i had grumbling belly. I saw this building acrossed the street and wanted to try it. It looked kid friendly and I'm a kid so i took my precautions and crossed the street. They're were some big cars in the parking lot as i looked around for an entrance to the place.
The wind blew and it made me colder. I was mentally activated my bubble for warmth as i heard laughter. Children's laughter. Maybe they were kids like me. So i walked towards the sound of laughter and saw this barrier that i could see through. They're were kids running around and having fun. I was excited and wanted to play with them until they all stopped what they were doing and saw me. Instead of seeing all smiles I saw frowns and opened mouths. Then i heard laughing and saw those same kids pointing at me. I...
Fan fiction by rayraynicki posted over a year ago
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{Jacob's POV}
Long ago...as long as I could remember, my earliest memory of myself was that I was alone. I was in fetus position inside of a bubble traveling through the galaxy. Not knowing where I came from or where I was going. I was asleep inside that bubble until a bright light forced me to wake up. It was silence all around me and I moved around from within that bubble as I was headed to this beautiful round place below. That bright light was the sun. I'm sort of glad that It woke me because I would have missed the big beautiful round place that me and my bubble was heading to. My eyes were lit up. It was a sight to see.
Maybe I will make some friends here I told myself as the bubble and I were heading towards the beautiful round world. The pressure from the sky of clouds was making it difficult for me to breathe as crotched into my previous position and hoped for a better landing.
{5 minutes later}
I kept my eyes closed and remained in fetus position until i knew it was safe. It was quiet until heard weird sounds surrounding me. (crickets chirping) I opened my eyes and relaxed. I sat up inside my bubble and looked around. It was dark with some...
Fan fiction by irreplaceable posted over a year ago
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donte pov
aj is gone....... she was the one person i was closest to she is my only sister and she's missing. oh and did i tell yall we told bre our secret... now we made her one of us and she's twist's soulmate. she's a luna and she's helping us find aj.... well helping me everybody else is too down in the dumps and they stay sulking. so now it's just me and bre.

aj pov
so i was downstairs when trevor came downstairs
t: good news aj you get to go to school from now on
me: really
t: yes now get dressed and then come upstairs get in the car and we'll discuss some rules
me: okay
i'm so excited that i get to go to school i know for sure that there's a catch but i ain't trippin......for now.... anyway i got dressed in this link
i'm a tomboy so i don't do that make up blinged out jewlrey crap your lucky enough that i dressed this girly... anywho i went upstairs where those d*ckwads were waiting for me.
Opinion by Jay_Da_God posted over a year ago
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5 girls named:Lisa,Miyah,Gwen,Leah&Mia

I'm new to fanpop but my sister told me about articles and I love writing so I did this and this is a song I wrote
Is yours
Verse 1 Boy u know I love u but u think I'm cheating on u but I know what u think about everyday but this girl came and said that she was pregnant and it was yours but she said that he love u (Refrain) I said boy u can't trust me but I can trust u not no more cause that whore is yours x2
Verse 2: boy that whore think we friends but that bitch think that shit all rite but that bitch came to my brother said hello bae he said bitch move I'm leaving for what u did so leave me alone cause u think I'm dumb(Refrain x 5) I hope u like my song and that u want to be in my story and choose your girl if the one u want taken choose another and bye...
Fan fiction by Adidas_Shwagg posted over a year ago
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Friday morning at school
Intercom-basketball game after school at 7:00 pm.
Michael:can't wait.
Me: I know,so how was the project.
Michael: horrible,Cierra was no help at all,but thanks for the drawing.
Me:np,I'm always there for a friend.
Travonta: me and Michael chillin tomorrow, wanna join
Me: yeah, just text me.
At the basketball Game
Prince: I didn't know she was a cheerleader
Boys: stop lying
Ray: u no u always checkin her instagram,Facebook, and Twitter
Prince: so,I'm just curious about what she up to
Roc: they play every sport except for football.
Prince: Rae'Travia's the only girl football player
Prod: stalk much
Prince: I don't stalk,I do my research.
Boys: laughing
At home after the game
Layna: (txtin' prod)
La: ( txtin' Ray)
Lizzy: ( txtin' Roc)
Me:( playing temple run 2)
La: the boys coming over tomorrow
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Disclaimer: some rated r scenes

Last Time
B: -followed me- baby tell me what happened.
Me: not everybody turns out who's you expect them to be.
B: umm.
Me: he is dumb .. and I ain't got time for that.
B: -sighed- well he's coming back over tomorrow you think you can handle it.
Me: yeah I can
Me: - turned on the tv-


// Bre POV //

Man I gotta stay inside this house .. and there's no food in here! How does this man eat?

Me: where's the food?
M: I put it away cause I know you were to be hungry.
Me: can you make me some hot wingz
M: sure.
Me: thanks -hugged him-

// Leah POV //

So August left something and b went to a friends and now I'm stuck w/ August . -__- what the hell
Fan fiction by irreplaceable posted over a year ago
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hey yall! i'm baaaaaaack!!!! and let me just say i missed yall the reason i haven't been on is because my internet would not work for s__t so it's been a painful month without internet but here's a story for yall soooooooooooo TURN UP!!!!!!!!

aj pov
so i woke up in the middle of the night cuz.. you know a niggas gotta pee and i was thirsty.
me:*walks downstairs*
so i went downstairs and and used the bathroom then i went to the kitchen and turned on the lights..... i'm afraid of the dark....... don't judge me. i got some water then i switched off the light and bolted up the staris.... ha! you thought i was finna let them monsters get me.. anywho i went to diggy's room and got into the bed with him and we snuggled and slept while everybody in the house seemed to be gettin it in...... them little nasties


me: *stretched and got out of diggy's bed*
diggy: morning aj
me: morning big bro
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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@MindlessSwagged POV

Hi. I'm Bre that's my name don't wear it out. I'm from ATL babybee get it right.! I stay turnt up. But don't get me wrong I'll beat yo ass if I have to. So don't get on my bad side. Oh shit is that a limo?? My ride is here see y'all later.


Heyyyyyyy! *laughs* my name is Jalisia don't get it twisted. I'm 21 , I love to partay!! *laughs* partying is in my blood. My personality? Pshhhhh I'm nice goofy but trust me I'll fight you. K.O. you.. y'all my ride is here! Turn up !!!!

Hey bitches!!!! *cracks up* y'all I love me some alcohol . So don't judge me. I'm Aliyah. I'm 20 .. I love to party . Y'all learn about me in this season I'm out!

Hey. I'm Nazii not a Nazi ! I'm 21 years old. From Dayton Ohio.
I gotta loud mouth I know, I love to drink and party but do me two favors don't f-cking run up on me, you'll get socked in yo face. And don't put your stank ass digging in yo booty fingers in my face nor on my face please don't . Aye I see a boat bye guys!!
Opinion by JaiLee posted over a year ago
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The people in my last story are in this one

Kia:(walks in her gf's room) baby
Joseline:Kia let's fuck
Kia:umm y
Joseline:(walks up to her) (unbutton her pants)(then unbuttons her shirt) (then she lays on the bed) come on
Kia:anal it is.. Kosher Marvin quan camrin and more boys
Joseline:it's 4 boys and 2of us
Kia:put the condoms on
Then they all do it

Kia:(slurping up some cum) bae
Joseline:(giving head to quan)
Than he and Joseline switch then she rides him

Joseline:ahh yea that dick is fucking hard

Sorry I'm a big freak
Opinion by JaiLee posted over a year ago
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It's jailynn wit a new fp and Joseline not really gay

Kia: (in her studio) bitch you ain't shit cause you think you slick
Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch
Kia:(tells her recorder to stop) sup babe
Joseline:(kisses her) babe I need dick
Kia:umm a threesome

Then Leah comes in

Leah:who is this
Kia:my gf
Leah:oh here is the copy of the key to the dorm
Joseline:um bitch you are
Leah&Kia: we ain't dating
Leah:and bitch get your life cause Stevie J still calling

Ok sorry it's short and the people not I. The story are I. The next one
Fan fiction by Adidas_Shwagg posted over a year ago
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The boys just arrived.Everybody said their Hello's.
Prince-where's Rae'Travia?
Lizzy-that'as basically where she lives
Prince-k thanks
When Prince walked into the game room,I was rapping to Thinking with my d**k..
Prince-hey Rae'Travia
Me-oh,hey.I already drew the planet.
Prince: but we haven't decided on a one yet.
Me:ik,I drew them all.
Prince:~looking at the walls~ u drew all of this.
Me:yeah,look instead of doing the project, let's play MW3
Prince:r u sure.
Me: do my best work at the last minute.
Downstairs with everyone else
Lizzy: what planet u wanna do Roc
Roc: Mars
Lizzy:cool planet
Layna: okay we all no that's not what ur thinking
LA: I gotta no
Lizzy:let's go see.
Ray:go see what
Lizzy:u no damn well they ain't doing that planet project
They walked upstairs to look in the game room
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Disclaimer: This episode has very vulgar language (meaning a lot of cussing) if you don't like cussing. You might as well exit out now.

Jessica POV

Calvin: uh baby
Me: what
Calvin: it broke.
Me: -laughed- that's real funny Calvin
Calvin: I'm serious the condom broke.
Me: -sat up- what you mean it broke?
Calvin: well somewhere in the process it broke and now is still in there.
Me: umm okay so you did pull out before it broke right?
Calvin: uhh -scratched the back of his neck-
Me: so what does this mean ?
Calvin: you might get pregnant...
Me: -smiled- okay then but next time go easy .
Calvin: anything for my precious queen -kisses me-
Me: -kisses back-

Leah POV

Me: I don't know what to do B. I'm stressed out
B: baby you need to relax .. we're going to a party tonite
Me: yes I know but I don't know what to wear.
Fan fiction by SwaggerQueen posted over a year ago
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Hey I'm back to writing sorry I've left u guys for so long I've been busy with school work and all that shid.i might skip ahead because it's getting boring now Nd I wanna skip on to more interesting bits!!!!

Jacob POV
Me:-punches chres in the face-
Chres:argh wtf's wrong with u
Me:YOU!!!!your always bei-
Chres:-slaps me across the face-
Me:-clenched teeth-you bitch-starts fighting-
Ray:aye aye guys stop fighting over stupid shid aint nobody got time for dat ,save your anger for Jordan!
Craig:aye look there he is he's coming out let's go!
Boys:-get out of the car and circle around Jordan-
Jordan:urm do I know you
Craig:yh well not properly,but you will after this-punches him in the stomach-
Jordan:-falls to the ground holding his tummy-
Ray:-kicks him hard in the legs x6-

Jordans POV

Argh I'm in so much pain already and they've hardly done anything but I'm just not in mood,but don't worry I will get them back for this just you wait and see!!!!!
Fan fiction by Adidas_Shwagg posted over a year ago
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At school in first hour science
Mrs.M-okay students,we have a few new students joining us.
Girls-~screaming~Mindless Behavior!!
Travonta-wuts so special about them?
Michael-dats wussup -daps me
Me-daps back-
They introduced themselves, and the one with the fro sat next to me.great!not really
Mrs.M-pay attention girls.I'm pairing everyone up for the project.
Michael'as POV
I want Rae'Travia to be my partner.Every boy in school likes her.she's really smart,and got a body like DAMN.
Travonta's POV
Rae'Travia should definitely be my partner. Jacob is learning fast,already tryna flirt with her.smart kid.
End of POV
As she was pairing ppl I got stuck with Princeton. everybody else got the partner they wanted.
Princeton'as POV
I'm glad she's my partner. she fine,curves that kill,pretty hazel eyes.I could tell she didn't want to be my partner. but look at.I'm sexy,and get what I want.
Fan fiction by Adidas_Shwagg posted over a year ago
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Rae'Travia (me)
About the characters
Lizzy-loves roc,crazy,funny athletic, tomboy
LaChazmen(LA)loves ray, girly girl,funny ,athletic
Layna-loves prod,girly girl,crazy,quiet, athletic
Rae'Travia-loves sports, tomboy, funny, crazy,quiet yet outgoing, athletic, loves to rap

Mindless Behavior just transferred to Northwest High school.All in 10 grade.All them thirsty chicks,and then some are all over them. Rae'Travia sees them as normal teenagers trying to get an education.Prince has a little crush on her.She thinks he's an OK boy.She'll prolly change her mind.
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Okay hey guys if you can't tell by the title this is the Season Finale of Trapped. Umm so it being the season finale this episode might be extremely long. So if you don't like reading extra long stuff. This isn't for you. I said I might not do Trapped again but if you guys really really want a season 3 then let me know by leaving your opinion in the comment section. I want to thank all you guys from supporting me from day one I really really appreciate it guys !. So with all that being said let's get into the season finale !!!!!!. Turn Up. !!!!!.

Jessica POV

We reached a place in the woods where it was silent and and a river running down the bank. I'm absolutely terrified I don't know what's going to happen to me . I thought about running away but he's got a knife on him and I don't want to get anywhere near it.

So Craig starts dragging me deeper into the woods to where there is barely any sunlight. All I can think of his plopping to the ground . I didn't mean to but I did causing Craig to stumble back some.
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Chris new recruit
Jessica POV
I woke up and I was in my room with Chris ..

Chris: come on we're going to the park
Me: -got up and got in the car-

// In the Car //

Chris: why didn't you clean the bathroom like I told you
Me: because I didn't get around to it
Chris: -looked at me- when we get to this park you better not embarrass me
Me: okay!
Chris: -grabbed my arm tightly pulling me towards him-
Who are you getting loud with little girl I'll beat yo ass!
Me: let me go!
Chris: -pushes me back in my seat-
Look at you .. you look like a damn whore
Me: -didn't respond-

// Park //

Me: -sitting on the bench-
Chris: are you f-cking dumb?
Me: I didn't even do anything!
Chris: -grabbed my wrists tightly shaking me around-
Who t'f you think you talking to?
Me: I'm sorry !
Chris: No you're not sorry you're f-cking stupid -slams me back into the bench-
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Craig: -walking towards me with the loaded gun-
Every day I had to deal with you and your bs.. you don't know how I felt because I never told you

Me: excuse me but your the one who cheated on me
Craig: -clenched jaw- you had sex with that nigga
Me: funny you call him a nigga but guess what he's better in bed then you'll ever be you're just jealous!
Craig: of?
Me: everything you just want want want but never give because your a selfish ass p-ssy!
Craig: it's funny how you're talking a lot of shit but I'm the one with the gun.. your life all depends on my action
Me: if you were really angry over some retarded ass shit you would've been shot me!
Craig: so you think I won't do it
Me: No!
Craig: see the thing you don't know about me is I kill everyday it thrills me I need to kill or else I will go insane
Me: you already did
Craig: hmmm okay maybe you're right ...
Me: I am you ain't bout it!!
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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I woke up confused and dazed I didn't know what was going on and my throat ached when I tried to talk

Margot: Layke honey.. we got pictures and we'd like you to pick them out okay
Me: -nods head-
Margot: -pulled out about 20 pictures-

She handed me the first set. So I slowly looked at each picture until I stopped and found the one that looks familiar.

Me: -looked at the picture- t-that's him -hoarse-
Margot: are you sure.?
Me: -shook head yes-

She handed me another set of pictures. Eventually I picked out everyone involved in the investigation. As Margot left Elliot walked inside.

Me: he s-s-said I-if I tell you anything else he's going to kill me.. you can't accuse them they'll know it was me.
Elliot: don't worry you're safe here.

// Later That Night //

Margot POV

I received a call from a police officer on patrol and he told us we need to come quickly.
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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Layke POV
Me: -limped/ ran down the hallway-
?? 3: -chuckles and stabs me in the upper thigh-
Me: -screamed in pain and kicked him off me then starts limping-
?? 4: -walked behind me and stabbed me in the lower back right above the butt-
Me: -screamed-
?? 4: -thrusts the knife deeper and deeper into my back-
Me: -fell on the floor-
?? 4: -ripped the knife out-
Me: -unconscious-

?? 3: -grabbed my arms and drags me into Jason room-

Leah POV
Me: -woke up-
C: so glad you're up
Me: get me outta here -trying to get loose from the chains-
C: -walked towards me slowly smirking-
Me: -trying to break loose-
C: -grabbed my waist- baby it's no use its over
Me: where is she?
C: in the morgue
Me: ....
C: I'm just playing .. you know I feel like we should play a game -bit lip-
Me: I don't know what you're thinking but it better not-
Opinion by JailynnLuv posted over a year ago
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Ok so Princeton comes to Tyrone house the

Princeton:Tyrone how bout this we all go to court to see who get custody
Tyrone:over the kids?
Jaya:*yells* Tyrone u dumb as fuck
The boys Lower her almost into the shark tank

Princeton:Tyrone is it a deal

Then they go to court

Judge:Mr an Mrs Perez keep the kids

At home

Everybody knows about it then they go to collage

Jaya:EB takes turns telling if they or in

Jaya:I got into Jackson state in Mississippi
Princeton:I got into Tyler jr collage in Texas
EB: yea
Leah:I got into Howard University in washington dc
Ray:I got into Alabama a&m
Jaya:girls we gone be Greek
Leah:I wanna be a delta
Jaya:I wanna be an sg rho
LaShana:I wanna be a zeta
Angel:I wanna be an aka
Opinion by JailynnLuv posted over a year ago
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Hey I have a new story called luv train

1. I will still be writing luv
2.first five girl to say "I WANT TO BE IN IT!" will be in it
3.boys are mindless behavior and lil twist
4.i will create the name of u girls
6.If u in the story luv u can't be in it it's only fair sorry
7.Be happy for the boi u wit
8.rated r stuff will be in it
9.there will be ups and downs
10.cursing will happen
11.name of girls are Kia,Nisha,nyasha,nia and Gwendolyn
12.no mean comment about the story
14. Sometime it will make u tingle a lil

For story writer :Jailynn
Opinion by JailynnLuv posted over a year ago
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Roc walks into angels to
Angel:The fuck u want
Roc:babe I'm sorry
Angel:get the hell out
Roc:really I'm sorry
Then jaya yells
Lil twist:wassup
Princeton:whispers jaya can I talk to u for a minute
Princeton:I luv u
Then the bad part
Tyrone:EB down now *cocks gun*
Jaya:oh $hit *crying softly*
Princeton:babe shhhh
Tyrone: Leah where is Jaya!
Leah: umm in her room
Tyrone:I'll be back
Lil twist: chyna don't cry
Tyrone: jaya cum out cum out
Jaya:babe stay here I'm cumming back
She walks to Tyrone
Tyrone:*smacks her butt*
Jaya:plz stop I asked the doctor about the babies they ain't yours bitch
Tyrone:where is that lil nigga
Chyna:leave her alone
Tyrone: boys do what u have too
Fan fiction by TeamOMGGirlz posted over a year ago
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C: -starts choking me-
Me: -punched him in the stomach-
C: -slammed me against the refrigerator-
Me: -punched him in the face-
C: -banged my head against the refrigerator really hard-
Me: -passed out-

C: -huffed-

Layke POV
Me: -talking to Trevor-
T: I gotta go
Me: okay wanna go see a movie later
T: aww I can't I'm really busy ..
Me: oh I understand
T: don't be upset
Me: I'm not I promise

Trevor POV
Me: bye -hung up-
R/C: -kissing his neck-
T: come on let's go out
R/C: who were you talking to
T: my cousin
R/C: oh okay -smiled-

Layke POV
So I went to the mall and I met with my friend Shianne and she told me that she had something to tell me

Me: -sat down on the bench-
What is it
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Princeton:EB come here I have something to say
Princeton:Jaya Mariah Camille Washington will u be Mrs.Perez*pulls out ring*
Jaya:yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Princeton:*picks her up*
Leah: Who is the maid of honor
Jaya:god dammit I forgot about that part
All girls:mmmmmmmhh
Jaya:uh Leah we have been friends since we came out of our moms thing
Leah:bow chika wow wow wow wow
Day of the wedding
Priest:Do you Jaya Washington take Jacoub Perez has your lovely rich
Jaya:the fuck I do
Then bad part happens
Tyrone:Hey babe
Jaya:what the fuck u want I Said I don't want you anymore I gave u 18 chances
Princeton:who the fuck are u
Tyrone:the who got jaya pregnant
Jaya:princeton what happend was (gco)
Princeton:no what happened was u lied to me
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Warning: Some Rated R scenes

Leah POV
Me: -talking to the operator-
(OP: = Operator)

Me: hello
OP: yes Leah tell me what's going on
Me: h-he killed her ..
OP: he killed who
Me: this girl she's cold and bleeding
Op: is there a way you can kick out the headlight?
Me: No..
C: -slammed the door-
Me: No no no! He's coming
C: -opened the trunk- who are you- gimme the phone!!

Operator POV
Me: -put her on mute-
L: -screaming- get away from me!!
C: gimme me the phone!!!
L: stop! Stoppp!!! I'm sorry!!
C: -took the phone-

Me: -unmuted them-
Chris we know who you are .. we know where you are don't hurt that little girl
C: the damage has been done
L: -screamed-

Leah POV
C: -carrying me-
Me: -screaming-
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The day jaya has the triplets

Princeton:1.2.3 push
Princeton:Look at Leo
Dr:Jaya push one more time for Marco
Dr:123 push
Princeton:Marco is here
Jaya:omg look at those two
Dr:now for Jacob jr
Princeton:123 push
Dr:he is here
Jaya:Leo Jashun perez,Marco Dasun perez,and Jacoub emmauel Perez jr
Princeton&Jaya:welcome home
Walter:hey look at Leo,Jacoub and Marco
Keisha:Princeton be a Good dad
Princeton:I will
Kenneth:let me hold Leo
Jaya:nigga don't squish him
Kenneth:shid I'm not
Walter:let me hold marco
Jaya:same to you
Keisha:let me (gco)
The day Leah has her babies
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J: I see we're going to
Me: Leah -gulped- my name is Leah
J: -released his grip- nice to meet you..... Leah
Me: -fast walked to the bathroom-

I looked at my wrists they were red and stung badly .. what did he do to me.. I wanted to know..

Me: -walked back towards him-
What did you do to my wrists
J: -grabbed my wrist and twisted it slamming me against the wall-
That's what I did
Me: get off me -pushes him off me-
J: -grabbed the back of my arm-
Don't put your hands on me
Me: okay let me go!
J: -released grip-
Me: what's your problem -
J: -tied my hands behind my back and started stripping my pants and etc.-
Me: No!!
J: -pinned me to the wall- don't get smart with me
Me: okay it won't happen again
J: -put my clothes back on and told me to go to Chris room-

Me: -walked into his room-
C: -chuckles- come here
Me: -walked slowly towards him-
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Hey it has been a long time so if you want to be in a story comment
Leah-Swagger queen

Rayray:Hey baby
Rayray:what your problem
Leah:shut up

Princeton:Jaya cum here
Princeton:can we have a baby

Angel:where are the condoms
Angel:for jaya and prince
Roc:in the closet


Jaya: Let's go see the best man holiday

After the movie in princetons room
Princeton:where did these come from
Princeton: the condoms
Jaya:How the hell I know
Princeton:I was jus asking a question

Roc in angel room
Roc:let's get freaky
Angel:ok where the condoms
Roc:we don't need the
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Hey guys before I start the story I just want to warn you there are some rated r scenes in this episode. So don't say I didn't warn you also this episode is extremely long and I'm so sorry for it being so long. I promise you I won't make the next episode so long as this one. But thanks for the support and enjoy!! :))

Leah POV
Me: -woke up with Jason arm around me-
Me: -looked under the cover-

Well I have on an oversized jersey and Jason has on some basketball shorts

Me: -trying to get up-
J: where t'f you think you're going?
Me: I just ne
J: -pinning me down- you don't need anything ... so get up and go take a shower
Me: I'm sore .. so I can't really move
J: -grabbed my leg and dragged me off the bed and into the bathroom-
Me: don't have to be rough
J: -grabbed my face- shut t'f up! -yells-
Me: -pouted and told him to close the door-
J: -cracked the door-
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Yn:So...Ray Ray.
Yn:*laughs*Hey Prod.
???:I'm here too!
Yn:Hey Prince.
Prince:Hey boo.
Ray:Boo?Prince back off!
Yn:*laughs*Chill Ray.He's just like that.He doesn't mean it like THAT.He's just a flirt.
Prince:Yeah.I'm a flirt!
Ray:Better not be flirting with my girl.*gets in his face*Or you'll regret it.
Prince:Whatever.So,YN.Tell,him to get outta my face.
Yn:Ray,get out of his face.You don't need his afro falling off.
Prince:*gives you a look*
Yn:What?*smiles innocently*
Ray:Don't look at her like that.
Ray:*goes to his room*
Yn:Sorry about Ray,Prince.
Prince:It's okay.
Roc:Sooooo........what do we do now?
Prod:The heck?You just had tacos with Ray.
Yn:Three actually....but I'm still hungry!
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Lmfao I go from a funny and stupid song to a romantic and sad song
Nobody's POV
Ray:Yeah YN?
YN:If you ever see Star again,what will you do?
Ray:Yell at her,cuss her out.,flip her off,and let you beat her ass.
YN:*smiles a little*
Ray:You're shy.
YN:*blushes*No I'm not.
Ray:Aw you blushed.Why are you so shy?
YN:I'm not shy.
Ray:Then why are you blushing?
Yn:*blushes more*
Ray:Aw YN.It's okay to be shy *lifts your chin up*Now,why are you shy?
Ray:*looks into your eyes*
Yn:*looks away*
Ray:Chillax girl.I don't bite.
Ray:*laughs*what's wrong?
Yn:It's just that....I don't know.Since we kinda made up and all.....
Ray:You miss this don't you?
Ray:Yn,I know you're lying.*puts hand on your cheek*
Ray:What's wrong?Why'd you flinch?
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So y'all get to the house,and when y'all walk in,Ray and Roc are both throwing stuff at each other,and NOT in the playful way.
LOL Swaggerqueen and Irreplaceable y'all gonna share Ray?Okay lol.And Irreplaceable,I know you asked for Ray,but just trust me.

YN:Uh Roc?
Roc:*throws lamp at Ray*
Ray:*ducks*FUCK!*throws basketball at Roc's head*
Roc:Shit!*ducks*Is that the best you can do,nigga?
Ray:No.But guess what?At least I didn't try to RAPE YN!WTF was wrong with you?!
Roc:*throws pillows at Ray*
Ray:*sarcastic*Oh ow.That hurt*rolls eyes*
Roc:Well at least I didn't break her heart like a DICKHEAD!
Ray:*runs at Roc and whispers*At least I don't fuck girls 24/7!I bet most of 'em do sex with ya ugly ass 'cause they want the ABS!
Roc:At least I have normal looking abs then you're ugly ass BONY EVERYTHING!Yo fingers,yo abs,yo legs,everything!
Ray:Well my dick ain't bony like yours,ROC WITH A BONER EVERY TIME HE SEES A GIRL!And at LEAST my name ain't spelled funky!Roc?Spelled wrong!Ray?Not!
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Hi my name is Kayla people call me Bree since its short for Breezy anyways im looking for three super mindless fans to be apart of this story with me also.if you would like to be apart of this accomplishment please inbox your names and who you would like to be with there are 3 spots remaining ray, prince,and prod thank you guys for all the support on this story

kayla or bree

stay mindless forever love roc ray prod and prince all day

i mean it like foreal i aint got nun else to do but do this lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...
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Mb:Look at them sexy girls
Princeton: hey there sexy wats your name
Princeton: sexy name
Rayray:hey there hottie
Lori:OMG 143
Mb:You want to date
Girls:Hell yea
At fancy place
Mb: we will pay
Girls :ok
Mb:come to our house
Cut cut muthafuckin cut
Comment if you want to be in a story
No age or name matters ill make them up
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i'm gonna do these scenes one scene per chapter so just know that you WILL get your scene

aj pov
these nasty azz freaks lol
me: before yall get it in the pack and i are going into the woods and we're gonna hunt do you want us to get yall some meat
them: *not paying attention* yea sure whatever

///lexi and prince///
prince and lexi were having a heated makeout session
"papi" lexi moaned as prince was sucking on her nipples. he went lower planting small kisses on body till he reached her clit. he slowly pulled off her panties and started eating her out. he stopped then put in two fingers and pumped slowly. "faster" lexi moaned. princeton then wen super fast using vamp seed then he stopped.. " you ready for me to enter" he asked.
"yes papi" lexi moaned. prince got up and positioned his 16 in. in place and went in slow and steady. "faster?" he asked. "please" lexi begged. he started thrusting in and out at vamp speed. lexi eyes rolled to the back of her head as she held in place by prince's arms on her shoulder while her legs were shaking uncontrollably. "say my name" prince shouted. "p p prince" lexi could...
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we all got ready we was looking fly all my girls and my sister looking bad
we all went downstairs and went into the kitchen i made everyone a sandwich and poured them some juice
then my mom comes downstairs
" ok i dont want any drinking " my mom said
and this includes you kenedy "
" ok mom " dang do you trust me kenedy said getting up and grabbing her phone
we all got in kenedy's picture "arriana watch them " my mom said the she went upstairs then the door bell rang
the boys walked in
" hey yall " they all said
" yall look nice " princeton said grinning
" thanks" we all said

hit the scene and we turn up yea the boys
choosing cuz they love us you know i
be putting on a show let go letgo when i break
it down they dont want no more
kendeys phone rang

she hung up about 5 min later
" the parties starting " kenedy said
we all walked out of the door
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----------prods pov---------------
after we al got in the car i sat next to zinda i
scoot ocer a little more and i put zinda in my lap and held her hand
"why u getting all touchy all of the sudden" zinda said
"im sorry would you like me to stop " i said
" no" she said
we finally pulled up to the mall and i saw someone standing outside she walked closer to the car
" hey baby " she said we all got out the car
" hey" zindia said hugging Arriana
" well lets go in " princeton said rubbing his hands together
we all went into the mall and everyone split up Arrianna wa with prince roc with kenedy ray with erica and im with zindia

zinda and i sat at the food court eating mcdonalds
" what you looking at i dont want your phone number" zindia snapped rolling her eyes

" who you talking to " i said following her gaze
" her that chicks been mugging me since we got here"
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---- after the meet and greet--------

i got into kenedy's car then my phone rang

the way you pull up in you jeep
bumping all your beats shades on
with yo jays just to give me
something to eat you the
man up in these streets but when it
comes to my heart it dont mean a thang
hop up in my ride its hot as hell outside

i picked up my phone to see prods number i answered it
" can we come over " his voice ran threw the phone

"um sure " i said back to him

" ok we will be there " he said

about 30 min later kenedy and i pulled up to our house we walked in and sat on the couch then the door bell rang kenedy got up to get it the boys walked through the door and prod walked in

"this is roc ray and princeton" prod said pointing to each boy
i got up and hugged each boy
" hi im zinda but you can just call zinde if you want" i said
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there i was only 5 people away from my so called bestfriend my sister was just talking about how much she loves mb before i knew it i was standing infront of my so called friend and kenedy was just laughing "who can i make this out to by the ay you beautiful" a voice said interupting my thoughts it was craig so now hes hitting on me i thought " oh so you dont know who i am" i snapped
" no am i soupossed to " he said with a confused look in his eyes
" its zindia and thank you very much" i said sarcasticly
--------------craigs pov------------
zindia that was my bestfriend since diaper days i alwsys thought she was mad at me for leaving her all alone so i never talked to her zindia was walking away i got up and ran after he
"zinde " i said finally catching up to her
" dont call me that you lost that option a long time ago craig or should i say prodigy " she said stopping and folding her arms and tapping her foot
" look zindia im sorry for not remeberingyou not calling you but i always thought you were mad at me for leaving you : i said walking closer to her
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i woke up early saturday morning to my sister screaming
"zindia get your but up and get dressed'
she screamed at the top of her lungs
"im comming dont rush me " i said standing at the top of the stairs
i went back in my room went through my closet and found something to wear i really dont want to go to the meet and greet but kenndy is making me i just dont know what im going to say to him he left me broke my heart and i havent talked to him in 5 years im not saying i dont want him to follow his dreams but come on 5 years really i decided to stop thinking bout it and get in the shower i got out the shower then put my lotion on i decided to were a blue crop top my purple and pink shorts a killer barbie neckalce and blue converse when i got dressed i went downstairs
"do i really have to go to this" i said walking into the kitchen grabbing a doughnut
"yes " kenedy said now hurry up
"whatever" i said
i walked out of the kitchen grabbed my sunglasses put them on top of my curly hair and went outside
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i used to have a friend his name was craig now hes all big and in mindless behavior he forgot about me and hasent called me or skype for five years now and the worse part is my sister kenedy is a big fan of them and shes dragging me to a meet and greet so i guess i have to face him but im pretty sure i wont fell the way i fell about him anymore -------zindia maybe he will rember me maybe he wont i always liked him we have been friends since diaper days and i feel that i dont know him anymore he gave me a neckalce before he left with my name in it thats the only thing i have to rember him by i know im acting like hes dead but nevermind that craigs my so called bestfriend but one day i hope he could be more
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at the house
Ray Rays P.O.V.
mia: hey babe what cha doing
me: nothing
mia climbed on my lap and started kissing me and I rubed her thighs then she reached down and took off my shirt then I took off hers we kissed a little more then I unhooked her bra she unziped my pants and pulled down my boxers I kissed her neck she took off her short shorts I stuck my little friend inside her and went in and out slowly she groned and I went a little faster
meanwhile at the store
Kate's P.O.V.
me: hey babe go get some oj
Prince: but that's all the way across the store
me: just go please
Prince: fine
ok that should keep him busy I know that sounds mean but I needed him to leave so I could get a pregnancy test yeah I said it so deal with it
with roc royal at the house
rocs P.O.V.
I could here mia moaning and it was getting me horny
me: hey cat wanna you know
cat: no not now to busy
me: your just on your laptop
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Khleo POV

Man Leah has been really cranky and throwing up a lot .. I would ask her if she's pregnant but them mood swings is all over the place .. So we went to the doctor

Leah POV
Me: -nervous- I told you I'm fine
K: No you're not
Me: -walked into the doctor office-

Doc: umm.. Leah you're pregnant
K: -looked surprised/confused-
Doc: congrats -walks away-
Me: thanks -walked to the car-

// In the Car//

K: so how long have you knew
Me: I took a pregnancy test and that was about two weeks ago when Chris was here
K: you had sex with him?
Me: No
K: then who's baby is it?
Me: I don't want to talk about this .. just drop me off at his house
K: why .. to tell him it's his
Me: No -got out the door-

K: -sitting in the car-

Me: -rung doorbell-
C: -answered door-
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Last time

Chres:hey can I ask u summin
Me:you just did now bye...lol just kidding yh sure
Chres:will u be my girlfriend???
Me:*gasps in shock*urm...urgh*mouth gets dry*

Me:*still in shock*
Chres:aye Ari...did u hear what I just said
Chres:yes to what???
Me:yes I will be ur girlfriend d-
Chres:*kisses me passionately*
Me:*kisses back*
Chres:*licks bottom of my lip asking for entrance*
Me:*lets him in and begins to make out*
Chres:*pulls away*sorry I've just wanted to do that for so long but damnn that was good!!!

So Chres and Zaria go go karting go out to eat and just enjoy themselves!!!

Jacob and Lexi

Lexi POV

Yaay today is my date with prince and he taking me to zee beach I haven't been there in such a long time!!!
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Prince:I'm sorry Ray was a jerk.
Yn:It's okay.I guess I fell for the wrong boy.
Prince:So,who do you think is the right boy?
Yn:Well,Ray is a no.A hell no.Roc is...well,I'm gonna give him a chance,but probably no.Prod is so sweet,humble,and caring.But you,you're caring,funny,and silly!Either you or Prod but please,don't fight over me.
YN:Can we go somewhere?
YN:Some where where Ray isn't.
MB:So...you wanna go to a club?
Yn:This early in the morning?
MB:Well,how about we stay home until then?
At the club at night
Yn:*sits at a table and sighs*
(Ray and Roc are at home)
Prod:*sees you sitting alone*
Prince:*sits with you*Hey
Prod:*sighs and leans against a door*
Prince:*scoots closer*Yn,look.I know this is hard for you with ray and Roc and stuff,but I really like you.Be my girl?
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T: wait what?
Me: unlock the door
T: Leah
Me: -starts tearing up- T this is your friend what if he finds out I had sex with you
T: -sighed- ion know but I don't want to stop this -grabbed my hand-
Me: t I can't do this anymore...
T: -hopped into the back seat-
Me: -sat in the back seat-
T: what we got is something better than ever we can't stop this
Me: you don't understand it! I c-
T: -kisses me passionately-
Me: -kisses back-
T: -starts kissing my neck-
Me: No stop .. I'm sorry I can't do this -pushes him off and ran into the house-

K: your back .. so my friend Chris is over and I'm going to go get something to eat -kisses cheek- I'll be back
Me: okay -gulped-


C: -walked downstairs-
Me: look I don't want any trouble-
C: too late -pinned me against the wall-
Me: get off me !
C: -bit lip- why you so damn sexy -licking lips-
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J: -cracked knuckles- so you went to the cops -walking towards me-
Me: yeah I did a-and so you know just talked
J: yeah and now I'm wanted
Me: I didn't know that
J: you know what -threw a glass at me-
Me: -arm got cut and so now I'm bleeding- what t'f is
J: -grabbed my face and slammed me against the counter-
Me: -trying to push him off me-
J: -looking me up and down- why did you go tonite
Me: nunn of your business -pushes him off- now get out!!
J: this ain't over

// The Next Day//
Me: -got a text message-
??: hey .. can you meet me at the park
Me: I'm sorry who's this?
??: J
Me: oh sure be there in a few

// Park //

Me: -sat at the bench he was sitting at-
Is something wrong
J: oh no umm just something on my mind
Me: okay
J: so what happened last night with T' s girl .. umm yeah T he's really really upset ..
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Yo. Okay I really wanna get these dates over and done with and get onto the good stuff so sorry if they seem a bit rushed!!!

Roc and Zari

Chres POV

I'm ready to go...but Z aint man I wish she could hurry up we gin lose our slot.

Me:Zaria Janelle brown(made up)could you please hurry up,damn-shouting up da stairs-
Zari:damn wait I'm coming gheez!!!
Me:well could u at least bring all ur stuff down and get ready down here
Jacob:will u 2 plz stop shouting!
Zari:okay...okay I'm done see- link
Me:damn girl!!!...you clean up good
Zari:*ratchet voice*damn right I do I never look bad coz I'm a bad bitch-flips hair and does a ratchet pose-
Me:Okay...Okay...I see how it is-laughs-
Zari:-laughs-oh i crack myself up and thnx
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aj pov
i can't believe i'm telling them this

ray: are you gonna tell us already?
cece: ray apparently it's hard for them to tell us *turns to me* go ahead aj take all the time you need
me: i um we um we're........
diggy: you want me to tell them
trey: maybe twist or myles should
me:no i got this
roc: we're waiting
lexi:why don't you just tell us tomorrow
me: i'm okay with that
myles: no aj tell them now *stern like he's my dad*
me: nigga you ain't my daddy
trey: aj listen to myles
me: *growls*
prod: did you just growl?!
me: can i just tell yall already?!
eb: sure
me: so yall promise not to be mad
lexi: omg yesssss
me:touchy..... anywhoo um we are um not human
prince: hahahaha yall is so funny hahahaha
twist: prince we're serious
roc: oh yea prove it
me: ready guys
me: ok........ donte come here
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Me: -woke up-
K: you okay
Me: umm yeah -it was just a dream-
K: -kisses my neck- tell me what's going on
Me: nothing is going on
K: -grabbed my waist and pulled me towards the end of the bed-
Me: okay fine... somebody won't stop harassing me..
K: -looked at me- well who do you think it is
Me: I don't know I just want it to stop!
K: -hugged me-
Me: it's two people
K: wow ...
Me: I know what I'll do
K: what
Me: -whispered the plan-
K: okay bye bae -kisses my cheek-
Me: bye
K: -leaves-

1 hour later

Me: -making some noodles-
??: -grabbed my torso and covered my mouth-
Me: -screamed and threw the hot water on him-
??: -dropped me -
Me: -ran upstairs and locked the bathroom door-
??: -punctured the door with his knife-
Me: -looking for a place to hide-
??: -starts cutting around the door knob-
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Sorry I haven't been on lately y'all :/
Princeton:So.....what now?
Ray:I dunno.You think of something,afro.
Prince:*gives Ray a look*No,you think of something,two braids!
Ray:*wrinkles nose*Shut the fu-
Yn:GUYS!No fighting,okay?Ray,apologize.
Ray+Princeton:Sorry*rolls eyes*
YN:I'm so bored....
Roc:How about we go get some ice cream,then play laser tag?
Yn:Sure!We'll go to Lazer to play that.Or should we go to Team Beam?
MB:Lazer is more fun
At the ice cream parlor
YN:I'd like chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles,gummy bears,whip cream,and cerries on top
Prod:Chocolate ice cream with chunks of Reese's
Princeton:Cookies n Cream
Ray:Chocolate with chunks of Hershey's on top
Roc:Chocolate with chunks of Snickers
Cashier:Here you go.That would be 3 dollars each so.....15 bucks.
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Me: -walking home by myself-
A black car with black windows pulls up slowly behind me
J: hey want a ride
Me: I don't take rides from strangers -snapped back-
J: come on its way to hot for you to be walking
Me: -ignored him-

A Few blocks later

I was to tired to be walking so I agreed to let Jacob give me a ride

Me: -sat in the passenger seat putting my seat belt on-
Don't think just because you're giving me a ride means anything because it doesn't
J: -starred at me through his dark shades-
Me: what!!
J: nothing -starts driving-
Me: okay so you make a r-
J: right at the stop sign yes I know
Me: how do you know where I live?
J: because I stalk you duh -he said nonchalantly-
Me: -thinking to myself-
J: -pulled up in my driveway-
Me: -reached for the handle to open the door-
J: -locked the door-
Me: what are you doing unlock the door
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??: well if it isn't Layke
Me: how do you know me

Nobody POV

L: -screamed loudly in terror-

Birds erupted from the trees

Me: -woke up and tied up my mouth is duck taped and I'm hanging upside down
??: I see you're up... -chuckled- good now we can have some fun
Me: -muffled noises- -shaking my head no-
??: oh you don't remember me... too bad
Me: -squirming around-
??: okay how bout we take this duck tape off -ripped it off-
Me: -breathing heavily- who are you... get me down from here!!
??: only you're " secret boyfriend " enemy .. you see he took something very important to me so I took something-
Me: -phone buzzed-
??: huh funny right -slapped me- give it here
Me: -cheek starts stinging- it's in my pocket
??: -took it and put it in his front pocket-
Me: can I please get down from here
??: I don't see why not -let me down-
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Me: I.. don't know -scratching my head-
J: come on .. it'll be quick -yells over the loud club music-
Me: fine why not
J: -looked at the bartender-
B: -fixed our drinks-
J: here you go
Me: thanks -took a sip of my drink-

What I didn't see
B: -handed Jacob the drinks-
J: -slipped a pill in the drink-
Here you go

Crazy. Delusional... those words haunt me everyday .. every damn day I sit in this jail .. I'm tired of this prison .. so I'm breaking out.. and reach my target

Alexandra Lopez ...

Jacob better know as Princeton was a normal 21 year old .. WAS until he followed Alexandra on Instagram .. he became so obsessed he liked every picture.. only thing is he isn't normal .. he kills rapes tortures people... and his next target Alexandra Lopez

Hey guys it's TeamOMGGirlz and I wanted to inform you I'm going to be making a new story ..as you can tell lol ... So it won't be a casting call for this story .. sorry (soupy :( - Trapped well I'm probably going to be going up to about episode 25 ... so...
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Layke POV
Me: what do you want?
Chres: can we talk please
Me: now you want to talk.. now you finally come through huh? It doesn't work like that.!
Chres: Layke I'm-
M: -came in the cell and started tying Layke's hands together-

Me: what are you doing?
M: let's go -grabbed my arm tightly and directed me out my cell-

We arrived in the garage and Micheal pushed me in his trunk

M: -chuckles- you tried to escape and now you get punished -slammed the trunk shut-

// A Few Hours Later- //

M: -opened the trunk and pulled me out-
Take a good look around....
Me: -looked at all the trees around us-
M: there's no where to run... no one can hear you scream
Me: W-what do you want from me?
M: start digging -threw me a shovel-

- hours later-

Me: you can torture me all you want but that won't stop me from being myself...
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leah pov
damn the boys got us suspended and me cece and lana didnt do any thing

me: i can't believe you got us suspended
prince: but they hurt aj look at the bruise on her face
aj: it's nothing really i've been through worse
me: and you aj i expected more from you your a girl
cece: she's right
trey: actually just because aj a girl don't mean nothing
devin: yea when we were little we had stole some food and these teens came and tried to steal it but aj beat they ass
aj: hahaha i remember that... that was hilarious
ray: really?
aj: what?
roc: nevermind
me: anyway aj you need to stop being such a boy
trey+devin: haha like thats gonna happen
eb: -glares-
aj: what do you mean stop being such a boy leah
me: i mean girls don't get into fights, they aren't violent and they are not boys
aj: i know i'm not a boy
lana: yes aj you are a girl
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6:00 am
aj: *groans* why tf you yelling ma niggas
ray: i'm tryna get my beauty sleep
aj: SIKE!!!
ray: so dats wat we on...... ok i gotchu
aj: n---a please.... you wanna go?
ray: come on aj boot up
aj: lets go *pinned him to the floor*
eb: o_0
ray: ight ight let me up
aj: *got off him*
cece: yall get dressed so we can go to school
ebexcece: yes ma'am

erreybody gets dressed and go to school

this is my first day of school and i'm sooooo scared i asked trey and devin what we was gonna do with donte they told me to drop him off at daycare so i did

trey: we hur
devin: leggo
cece: so i guess it's off to our classes since we got our schedules yesterday
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Hey my lovely Mandem I'm back!!!!

//⌛️skipping ahead to date time 12:55pm//

Craig POV

Me:I can't wait to take Bre on this date this is gonna be my chance to make her my girlfriend coz if I mess things up I'm screwed.
We got five minutes left till our date....urgh damn why do girls take so long...
Bre:I'm finished!!!(link)
Me:wow!!! Ur swag is dope
Bre:*blushes*thnx u look good to
Me:thnx anyways leggo-they leave and go to the car-

//in the car//
Bre:coming up coming down ,riding clean fix your head in my crown.
Bad b**ch,H town
Keep it trill y'all know y'all cant f*ck around
I don't pop molly i rock tom ford!!
Me:damn you can rap any other hidden talents ur hiding from me
Bre:well I can sing...oh look ill sing now this is my fave song*from time comes on the radio*
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Layke POV
Why am I so sore!!
Me: -sitting on my bed-
M: you have a visitor
Me: -looked at him-
Let him in
M: -pushes Isaac inside and leaves-
Me: Isaac!! -hugged him-
I: hey Layke -hugged me back-
Me: ow owww! -pushes him off-
I: what did I do
Me: nothing I'm sore..
I: what did you do
Me: I don't remember..
M: okay time's up -took Isaac outside-

// Outside //
M: don't come back.. ever.. or else I'll have to deal with you -eyes turn red-
I: fine ..


Me: -looked at Guard 1 and gave him a stank look-
Guard 1: -walked to my cell and stepped inside-
Me: is there a reason you're invading my personal space
Guard 1: -grabbed my sore arms-
Me: let me go!! Oww! You're hurting me!
Guard 1: -tighten grip-
Me: -kicked him off me- stupid bitch -mumbled-
Guard 1 : -punched me in my side and left-
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Layke POV

I laid there soaking in my own blood... I just got jumped by Michael and Christian... I can't believe Isaac did this to me...

I: -came into the room and hugged me-
Me: -pushes him off-
Get t'f off me Isaac!
I: what.. did I do something wrong..?
Me: -tears running down my face- you betrayed me.. I thought you actually cared!
I: what are you talking about.. Layke -grabbed my hand- I would never betray you
Me: -snatched hand away- but you did! You told Micheal where I was!
I: Layke no I didn't!!
Me: then who-
I: -punched the wall-
Me: -sniffled-
I: I should of known.. Blake .. he betrayed me.. son
Me: it all makes sense now...
I: -looked at me and hugged me tightly-
Me: -cleaned myself up-
I: I'll be right back.. -leaves-
Me: okay. .. -back turned away from the door-
C: -walked in quietly-
Me: -sighed looking at the wall-
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Layke POV
M: -bursts through the room-
Me: what do you want?
M: you already know
M: -chuckled- awee someone didn't take their vitamin d... -smirks-
Me: No... No.. No!!
M: -grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him-
Me: -pushing him off-
M: who t'f you pulling away from.. who's going to stop me? You think that little Isaac gon stop me? -grabbed my wrists and pushes me on the bed-
Me: Get off me!
M: nobody is going to stop me..
Me: I don't want you! Nobody does!
M: -grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back-
I will break your f-cking arm .. -tighten grip-
Me: let go!
M: -pulled my pants down-
Me: -screaming at him-
M: -grabbed my face and pushed my head on the bed-
You don't seem to get that.. i own you.. I can do whatever I want to you!! -pinned me to the bed with one arm-
Me: -muffled screams-
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Recap:*Y'all walk away holding hands*

Yn:What's wrong?
Ray;It's just,*mumbles something you can't hear*
Yn:What did you say?Sorry but I can't hear you!
Ray:UGH!*pulls you into a kiss*
Yn:*widens your eyes and kisses back while closing them slowly*
Ray:*pulls away to see who it is*
Yn:*widens eyes and screams*
I look at YN and I expect for her to tell e who he is.Instead,her eyes fill with tears QUICK.She gets behind me and he runs up to her and I block his way to her.
Me:Um,what do you think you're doing?
???:*about to punch me*
Me:OH HELL NAW NIGGA!*grabs his hand (not touching anything else but his hand*and flips him over JUST WITH HIS HAND*BEAT IT!
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Recap:MB:So what was so important?
and you didn't answer

Yn:Well,the reason is because I need to discuss something with y'all
Prod:For real?!
Roc:Oh my fucking-UGH!
MB:You COULD have just told us without making us get dressed!
Prod:*sighs*What'd you wanna say?
Yn:I wanna say*GCO*
Ray:Hold up!Before you say anything,I would like to ask you something
Prince:No I do!
Ray:Shut up afro puff!*they start pushing each other and slapping each other's hands*
Roc+Prod:Um,actually,WE have something to ask you*look at each other*NO!
Ray+Prince:*stop hitting for a second*HELL NO!*they all start slapping each other and pushing each other like 4 year old boys*
Yn:Huh???GUYS!Leave each other alone!
YN:Look,I kissed Ray Ray on the first day.
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In the Morning
No One's point of view

Yn:*rubs eyes and sees Prince sleeping on the rug n your room*What the-Prince.Wake up!
Prince:Huh?YN!You woke me up*yawns*let me sleep,baby.
Yn:*widens eyes*Baby?
Yn:Prince.You called me baby.
Prince:*widens eyes*Uh,can you forget that that happened?
Yn:*laughs*No.Now,get dressed.
Prince:*rubs eyes*Okay.
Yn;*walks into Prod's room and walks over to his bed*
Prod:*rolls over in his sleep*
Yn;*says softly*Prodigy,wake up.
Prod:*opens eyes and smiles*Morning
Yn;*smiles*Good morning.Now,we have a busy day so get dressed.
Yn:*walks in Roc's room and sees he's already awake and he's staring at his phone*Waiting for a call?
Roc:*looks up at her and smiles*No.I'm waiting for Angry Birds to load.
Yn:*laughs*Okay,well,whenever you're done,get dressed.We have a busy day.
Yn:*walks in Ray's room*MORNING SLEEPY HEAD!
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Me: T why would you ask something like that?
T: just answer my question
Me: T .. okay it's a love triangle .. I broke up with you because this guy was being so good to me and-
T: so how long has this been going on? -licked lips-
Me: umm.. I honestly don't know..
T: -grabbed my hand and looked at the ring-
Who gave you this? -took it off-
Me: my friend .. gimme the ring!

Layke POV.

M: meet my other recruit
??: -walked inside-
Me: -bit lip staring at him-
M: -clapped hands in front of my face- his name is Isaac .. now he's not into any of my business he is the nurse or doctor
Me: so .. okay..
M: -guys come on
H&J: -are directed out the room-

I: I'm going to need you to sit on that table over there -points to table-
Me: -does as told-
I: okay so you have a bullet in your leg?
Me: yeah and it hurts like hell!
I: -chuckles-
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recap AJ and them went to the alley and this little boy runs out screaming mommy and the guys are wtf AJ got a kid......... good?? good

me: hey dontè
d: mommy who are toes guy wif you
me: i'll tell you later but where are trey and devin?
d: i'll get tem foe you mwommy
me: thanks baby
guys: AJ YOU HAVE A KID?!?!?
me: i'll explain later but can we please find trey and devin
roc: and they areeee......??
me: they're like my brothers they took me in when i first got here.
ray: so three 6 year olds managed to survive on the streets for 10 years
me: yup pretty much
prod: damn AJ you hella tough
*trey and devin walk out staring down the guys*
me: trey devvy i missed you sooo much *bear hugging them*
t: Andria Janay where tf have you been
me: damn t no need for my whole government name
devin: well who are those guys * says while picking up dontè*
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AJ pov
i woke up and they freaken threw a bucket of freezing cold water on me like wtf

me: wtf was that for
leah: sorry but you didn't wake up
me: sorry ain't gon change the fact that i'm freaking freezing!!! can i plz have a towel
lana: sorry.... sure *gets me a towel*
me: thanks
prod: sooooo who was on the phone


Andria f***ing Janay get your azz in here
i'm only 6 and mommy toldme to go upstairs and hide because her and daddy had some buisness to handle i had went downstairs because i heard crashing noises

me: *sneaking downstairs*

there was a strange man in our house

???: *pulled out a gun and shot my parents*
me:*silently sobbing*
???: Andria i know your in here
all of a sudden i was yanked down the stairs and the strange man started to beat me

???: now bitch i own you and you are going to do what i tell you too understood?
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To all the fans of love at first sight I have started writing the next episode but I haven't finished it yet buy the problem is I cant until end of this week and next week because I'm going on a residential trip with my school for three days and we're not allowed to take our phones with us,nooooooo I can't live without my phone,anyways back to the point,so yh urm,yh where was I urm...so plz dont think I've stopped writing or finished the story it's just a little break until I come back on Friday.

Just thought maybe u would want to know.

P.s.thnx everyone for all the really nice comments i really appreciate it and it makes me feel good about myself that people are reading and enjoying my stories because since I started high school I was so bad at writing stories.!!!!

Soz if there's any spelling mistakes.

✌️keep spreading the peace,stay trendy👗,stay spiffy💯and keep moonwalking🚶!!!!!!!
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Bgc8 so many lie hate fights.

Gia in cafession room: Dani and gabi think there gonna run
this house please

Mimi in the c room: I feel a storm is coming
Dani and gabi the they anit gonna win you'll see bitches

Erica in the c room: me and the girls are trashing
The sponge Bobs twins shit

Elease: I been wanting to jump these bitchese since day one

Erica: they here somebody get gia.

Elease: gia

While the girls are hiding up stairs the victor twins come in.

Gabi: are shit is on the floor

Dani: already

They get inside

Gabi: dani they took are macaroni and cheese

Dani in c room: I grab the trash in the bathroom with dirty pads clombs of hair.

Dani: since you put our trash on the floor ill just put a lil in your bed room hu

And she throws it at gia all the girls jumped dani then Gabi came she got jumped to .fight over
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My stuff got lost so piss

Lunch time

Mandy pov

I'll have a salad with French dressing.

Lunch over

E/b pov

Ray: what happened

Me: well sometime I can handle my anger and sometime and some time-

Ray: and some time you can't

Me: right

Me walking

Asha pov

While we was walking Mandy came and attack me. Ray try to break it down but Mandy was pulling my hair I kept pushing her to she hit the wall then I started punching her I was kinda doing the when Mel (did I spell that right) BGC she push me in the pool teacher and principal came students was watching we was still fighting and we built a bigger crowd finally we broke up the fight I was wet and coughing we was at the principal office

Principal T: *yelling* what happened. You know you supposed for 2 weeks you to .
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Got in trouble for calling someone a slut yh yh yh.

Class: *mouth still open a whispering as I walked out*

////// Principal office ////////

Principal: what bring you here Asha?

Me: umm uhh I got I..in trouble

Principal: u in trouble haha u funny

She laugh and I fake laugh

Principal: omg you serious

Me: yes mam

Principal: well tell me what happened

Bla bla bla ill come back with that.

*class room*

Ray pov
What just happened I never knew Asha had it in her.

Roc: Ray yo girl is a bad ass. Dont tell Jayliya

Me: sure secret safe with me

Roc: .... .. mmmhhhmm

Substitute: shh class do this problem

* And of course mandy didn't listen but never get in trouble*
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Okay so in the last episode,y'all were driving to the hospital
(Nobody's POV)
Doctor:Well,everything seems to be okay with his leg,he just bruised it a little
YN:Okay,Prince.Calm down,sweetie*pulls him into a hug and plays with his afro*
Prince:*puppy eyes*but it hurt and he said*GCO*
Yn:Shhhhh I know
Prod:*gets jealous*
Ray:Psshh you're treating him like a baby!
Yn:Well, Prince is the youngest
Roc:No,I am.
Yn:Well,mentally he is
Ray:So he's retarded?
Prod:Guys,just leave them alone.
Yn:Thank you,Prodigy.
Prod:*smiles*You're welco*GCO*
Prince:Mom,I'm fine.I just hurt it,didn't break.
PM:Oh,okay.Well,I hope you feel better,sweetie.*sees you*Well,you must be YN.
Yn:Yes ma'am.I am.How do you know?
PM:Princeton talks about you all the time.
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Umm I'm going to use random people in this.

Ahsha mom:(me): get up!

Me: ugh.im up woah- fall off bed*

Me: ow - morning routine-

Mom: *whispers* the he** is she doing* ahsha!

Me: coming coming gosh


Me: morning

Mom: morning hun. Get ready im driving you to school

////Ahsha pov/////

Me: about that...um I have a ride

Mom: and who that

Me: umm friend


Me: yh and its not cool when you say it.

* Beep beep*

Me: hes here

Mom: ok call me when you get back from school


//Ray pov//
Shes here woah she sexy*bite lip sexy duh*
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Last Time

L: I need to tell you something..
Me: yeah -laughs with excitement while a smile on my face-
L: I have hepatitis b..
Me: -smile fades- what?
Me: Layke what .. what do you mean?
L: I have hepatitis b ..
Me: What! How in the hell?
L: Ma sit .. sit down so I can tell you
Me: -sat on the couch-
L: I was kidnapped as you know .. and he told me that if I follow his rules I wouldn't get hurt .. I told him I wanted to go home .. he just laughed and so I screamed at him and I told him that he's a serial killer.. and he laughed again and I kicked him in the stomach and he started choking me ... I- I passed out .. and he he tied me to the bed.. and cut.. he cut off my underwear.. and he .. he raped me -starts crying- -sniffles- and I woke up all sore .. I was scared I didn't know what to do and he just kept abusing and sexual abusing me..
Me: we need to go to the police station
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Me: ummm......I'm with Ray Ray
Ray Ray: yeah she's with me
Princeton: I know I know I just can't get over you
Ray Ray: oh yeah
Me: ray calm down*I grab his arm but he pulls away*
Ray Ray: no, you wanna fight let's go*both make fists but I jump in the middle of them*
Me: stop just stop Princeton I'm with Ray Ray but I can introduce you to my friend
Princeton: fine
*I hop in the bed with Ray Ray and snuggle up real close*the next day*
Me: Princeton let's go
Ray Ray: I'm coming with you just incase you get any ideas
Me: whatever we have to go she said to meet her in 15 minutes
*in the car*
Me: ok we're here
*we walk into my friend's house*
Me: Princeton this is my friend Leah
Princeton: sup
Leah: um hi Princeton*she said nerveously*
Me: hey Leah
Leah: hey ashly whose this
Me: this is Ray Ray my boyfriend
Leah: oooooo
*a few hours later*
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SIKE!!!! I gotcha didn't i just wanted to tell u a few things quickly before I start. The next chapter!!!

1.sorry i haven't been writing i know some people are waiting on me
2.enough tho sometimes i leave massive taps innkeeper stories I'm still writing i just write when I have time coz with all the homework and syudying I can't write
3.im gonna start writing tonight and probs carry on today!!!

Anways heree are the rest of da house:

Hope u like ur houses lol,I'm really weird and running out of tings to say😂

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(on the M.B. tour bus in ray ray's room leaning in for a kiss when door bursts open)
Roc: hey five minutes till...... oh sorry I'll go
Me: yeah
Ray Ray: how bout that kiss
(door opens again)
Babydoll: heeey ray ray
Ray Ray: hey babydoll*he said like he didn't care*
Me: what choo want bitch
Babydoll: ooooo bitch I think I'm gonna cry
Me: just get out of here
Babydoll: fine
Ray Ray: hey babe the show is starting got to go
Me: shit
(after the concert)
Ray Ray: Now that kiss
Me: yes please
(door opens)
Me: what now
Princeton: Ashly I love you

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Okay so I wanna give a shout out to all of you,but that would be to much,so I'm just going to say shout out to all of you!!! :) Recap:???:...
Oh and @rocsboothing the only peeple you kissed was Ray Ray and Roc and you haven't kissed Prodigy,y'all were just leaning in
And thank you to everyone that has written something sweet :) :) :) :) :) :)
Me:*about to kiss prod*
???:OMG!Hey Prodigy!
Prod:*pulls away*Huh?Oh.Hey Bahja
Bahja:*says like a bitch* I would ex-pect you to be more surprised than that,Prodigy!
Prod:*rolls eyes*Well I was about to kiss someone when you just pop up!
Bahja:*flips hair*Oops!(Not calling Beauty a bitch tho 'cause she's my idol)
Me:*rolls eyes*Prodigy?Who's this?
Prod:YN,this is Bahja.
Me:*says through teeth*Hi
Bahja:*rolls eyes*Yeah hi so Prodigy*puts hand on his chest*I miss you
Prod:*takes off her hand*How can you miss me if we never dated,Bahja?
Bahja:What?*giggles*Prod,we did date!
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Me: -banging on Micheal doe-
M: what the hell- oh hey where you been haven't seen you in so-
Me: -smacked him right across the face-
Bitch put yo hands on-
M: -threw me against the door-
Bitch you put your hands on me one more motherf-king time!
Me: squad up then !
M: -punches me in the titty-
Me: shit damn fck that hurt like hell..
M: yeah bitch yeah bitch call me Steve O I'm a wild boy
Me: Michael you betta -shit -walked up in his house- Who in here
Me: -heard muffled screams-
T'f - I walked towards the sounds-
Me: Michael ! Hell naw you gon let Lakye go! -trying to untie her-
M: -slammed the door shut and locked it-
What you say?
Me: let Lakye go before I beat yo ass
M: stfu before I punch you in yo other titty
Me: Michael if you put your hands on me.. don't you do it
M: okay then so what you're going to do is
Me: No what you're going to do is let Lakye go and we are going to walk out of here ..
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ray pov
so we're speeding to the house we're almost there and i'm not wasting anytime
roc: we're here!!!!
prince: hurry everybody out
me: girls go inside and prepare her a place and get everything ready while me and the guys bring her in and HURRY
eb: ok
*the girls go inside and get everything ready while the guys bring ??? in

lexi pov
the girls and i were inside the house getting everthing ready..... we only have so much time until this girl dies
me: * yelling orders*
guys:*come in*
prod: where do we put her?
leah: put her on the bed * pointing to the bed*
guys: k *they put her on the bed*
lana: okay guys we got this from here ya'll can rest
guys: kay *they go in the kitchen*
lana: lexi your gonna have to take off her clothes so we can find the source of the blood
me: okay *starts taking of her completly blood soaked clothes*
what we saw made all of us gasp
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??? pov
i'm running... where i'm running i don't really no..... i have to stop running i'm bleeding from multiple places, i'm cold, hungry and i'm probably about to die from all my bleeding.... on the plus side i've found a dumpster and a blanket inside it to bandage my wounds i'm all alone with no one to love me


rays pov
me and my boys decided to hit the mall so we did

roc: ay guys do yall see those fine looking girls over there *pointing to a group of girls*
ray: yea lets go hit em up
prince and prod: leggo
*they walk up to them*

mb: hey shawties
girls: *giggling and blushing* hey
ray: we just gon cut straight to the chase yall fine as hell and we want yall to be our number one girls
mb: yup
girls: okay
prod: what would yall say about coming on tour with us so we can get to no yall better
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Okay so I showed y'all your outfit,and now I have to show y'all Prod's outfit.And thank y'all again for the sweet comments :)
Me:*comes in his room*You ready?
Prod:I thought I was supposed to meet you at the kitchen?
Me:Oh right*about to leave*
Prod:Well,I'm ready so how about we just not go to the kitchen?
In the bedroom
Me:Okay.What'd I do?
Ray:*bites lip*You're too sexy to live here
Me:*widens eyes*W-what?I'm t-t-too sexy?
Ray:Yeah.Me and the boys be fightin' over you.
Me:*blushes*Oh.Well,I have to go with Prod I promised him.
Ray:But couldn't you just break that promise?
Me:I'm sorry.No.
Ray:C'mon shawtey!
Prod:*walks in*C'mon YN,you promised.
Me:*looks at Ray and then walks downstairs*
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@irreplaceable aka me
name: andria janay a.k.a. aj
personality: crazy, ghetto, i'm basically a girl thug, always looking for fights and SUPER tomboyish and tuff and i'm 16 and from LA

name:leandrah a.k.a. leah
age: 17
from: LA
personality: shy until she nose u then she loud and crazy :) she'll beat ur azz..... if necessary but other than that she sweet, kind and tough

name: alexis a.k.a. lexi
from: hawaii
personality: fun, very goofy, shy at times, but still loving and kind she has a heart of gold

name: cameryon a.k.a. cece
from: LA
age: 18
personality: fun, outgoing, somewhat crazy (but everybody is to some point) she will kick azz if necessary and she aint afraid to say what she thinking

name: alana a.k.a. lana
personality: fun sweet kind sorta ghetto and crazy and she will kick azz
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Before I continue the story,I just wanna shout out to EVERYONE that has commented 'cause the comments are so sweet saying that y'all love my stories,so much drama,just,THANK YOU! <3 :) :D Y'all are so sweet! Thnx :) :) :)Just,everything
y'all comment,I mean,just, :) :) :) :) :) thank you,guys. :)

In The Morning
Yn:*wakes up and yawns*
Ray:*walks in room*Morning shawtey*smiles*
Ray:*scratches stomach*
Yn:Ray?How come it's so quiet?
Ray:Roc is gone,Prod is eating,and Prince is still asleep.I'm gonna do the warm water thing on him*laughs*
Yn:*laughs*Can I come watch you?
Yn:*gets outta bed*
Ray:*runs to you*
Yn:whoa*back away*what?
Ray:*pulls you close,strokes your cheek and whispers*Sorry Roc did that to you.Don't worry,I got him back.You didn't deserve that,you know.*hugs you tight*
Yn:*smiles and hugs back tighter*thnx Ray,but what did you do?
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In the middle of the night
(Leah POV )

-starts shivering uncontrollably-
Me: C-Christian ..
// Has Flashback //
Me: -opened closet-
??: hey baby
Me: what.. how- get the hell out of this house

Me: -started crying-

??: Bitch listen to me you're going to sit here and be t'f quiet I have a knife and I ain't afraid to use it ..

Me: -starts crying harder-

So I woke up to the sound of crying .. so I threw a tank top on and went downstairs

Leah POV
C: Leah what's wrong
Me: -shivering holding the blanket-
I'm sorry I'm sorry it's all my fault -whimpering/crying-
C: No no it's not your fault don't say that
Me: if I just would of went-
Phone buzzed
??: baby you're a good girl and you know it.... good in bed
Me: -grabbed my phone and started yelling at it-
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(A/N:I'm gonna do the dates still on the same day but just starting from begging of each of their days.)


//7:30 am//

Me:-springs up from underneath my blankets smiling real hard-I'm going on a date with prodigy...eeeeeeeeeekk!!!!

I did my hygiene and just put on my nike sweats and went downstairs.

Me:-looking through the fridges and cupboards for something to make for breakfast-aaww damn there's nothing to eat,guess I gotta go to the grocery store.-wrote a note and left it on the fridge and leaves-

(A/N:they're all quite wealthy but not extremely rich and live in big houses)

So I'm walking and some random dude just bumps into me...urgh

Me:oi watch where your going idiot
??:r u talking to me
Me:yeah you obviously who else bumped into me!!!
??:well sorry ma- pulls me closes to him and our faces are like an inch away from each other-want me to make it up to you
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Its a nice sunny day in L.A. and you and your friend decide to go for a walk. her name is Rachel and you are YN: stands for "your name."

YN: Omg, its so hot out her today!
Rachel: Yeah, that's not the only thing that's hot!!! LOOK! (points to the basketball court were MB is playing b-ball)
YN: Oh my GOD..I gotta say hi to them.
Rachel: No! they don't us
YN: Who cares...im out (you run to the court and MB turns their attention to you)
Ray: aye who's that
Roc: I have no idea
YN: Hi, my name is ___________. and this is my friend Rachel.
Prince: hi..so what brings you here
Rachel: we were just walking and spotted you.
YN; Yea we are really big fans of ya'll.
Prod: Wow we'll that's good but we were just on our way out
Prince:(looks at prod with a evil look) No..actually we weren't! Ya;ll wanna hang out or sum
YN; I would love to!
Ray: yea and your friend to
Rachel: (blushes)
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Okay so Roc just kissed you,you were surprised,but you kissed back

Roc:*pulls away*YN,you...just...damn*kisses you again*
Yn:*wants to pull back but his lips are too big and soft*
Roc:*takes off your top*
Yn;*pulls away*what the heck Roc?
Roc:*kisses your neck*I need your love YN
Yn:Roc,I don't wanna lose my virginity yet!
Roc:oh well
Roc:shut up YN!*punches you,slaps you,strips*
Yn:ROC!*starts crying*
MB:*runs in the room*ROC ROYAL!
Yn:*scoots away from Roc*
Roc:bitch*pulls you toward him*
Ray:*kicks roc in the stomach*
Prod:cmon YN*helps you up and holds you*
Prince:Prod,take YN to the bathroom and clean her up.Ray,you gonna stay here with me to watch Roc
Prod:cmon YN*holds your hand* its okay
Yn:*holds on to Prodigy and keeps crying*
Prod:c'mon its okay*helps you walk*
In the bathroom
Prod:I swear YN,I know Roc and he would never hurt a girl!Especially a girl he likes!
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The Next Day

Lakye POV

I woke up all sore and I couldn't really talk so I was going to make some tea ..
Me: -walked downstairs-

As I walked downstairs it was pretty quiet everybody else were still sleeping.. So I got the tea ready and I was pouring the hot water in my cup .. when a pair of hands turned me around

M: looking good this morning
Me: ... -turned back around-
M: when I compliment you .. you -
Me: -threw the hot water in his face-
M: aghhhh! You f-cking bitch!!
Me: -ran past him-
M: grabbed a wet towel and put it on his face

So I was running until he came

?? 9:
Me: -stopped dead in my tracks-
?? 9: -chuckles-
Me: -backing up-
You.. you stay away from me
?? 9: -threw his hands up in surrender-

M: -grabbed my wrists tightly twisting-
M: you f-cking asshole!
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You are at the dance studio today with Princeton watching him practice for the tour. Every time you come with him you always get amazed at how incredible he dances. He can easily move his feet to every beat of the music. You on the other hand was not such a great dancer. I mean you had skills but nothing compared to Princeton. He would always ask you to get up and dance with him but you always turned him down because you knew you couldn't level up to his dance skills so you felt you would be embarrassed. Now matter how many time Prince pouted his lips out you never agreed to dance for him.

Princeton takes a break from the dancing and goes to the back.

Prince: hey babe I'm gonna go to the back and take a break I won't be long alright

you: ok

When Prince left he leaves the music on. You can't help but to start tapping your feet to the beat of the music. The song is tempting you to dance. You look at the mirror and see yourself. You look around. no one's here but you so you decide to get up and dance. You're having so much fun and you're very pleased at how much you have improved. You start popping and dropping and don't even...
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Today was such a dull day. It was storming really bad today. Every time you look outside lightening strikes scaring you to death. And then a loud boom of thunder would shake you. It seemed like every hour that passed it got darker outside. And of course you're highly afraid of the dark. What makes it even worse is that Roc wanted you to watch Dracula, the scariest movie of all. Luckily you had Roc there to keep you safe. you were curled deep into Roc's arm. Roc got up to fix him something to drink. Weird this is though he went outside. And you could have sworn you heard a cat scream. but you figured a dog was just chasing a cat When he came back you asked him for some of what he was drinking and he said you don't drink this type. You asked what it was and he said don't worry about it. You sneaked a look at what Roc was drinking. It was a dark thick red looking juice that looked a lot like.....................blood. Okay wait, maybe you're just seeing things wrong. You looked over at Roc and his face seemed to look a little pale a little white definitely not what Roc usually looks like. But on a second thought yall were sitting right in front of the tv so maybe the reflection of...
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(Prodigy walks into Tay's room without asking)

Tay: Prod!!!!! what are doing here

Prod: your mom let me in

Tay: you could have called

Prod: you don't come control me I come when I want too whether I have your permission or not

Tay: whatever

Prod: so what you doing today

Tay: umm I don't know

Prod: well it's not like you have anything excited planned

Tay: and how would you know that

Prod: because I just know you I'm your best friend I know everything

Tay: not everything

Prod: so you want to go hang out

Tay: sure I guess

Prod: perfect we're going to the movies

Tay: and what are we going to see

Prod: The conjuring

Tay: ohhh I hate scary movies

Prod: I know that's why were going to see one so maybe this time I can record you screaming