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Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted 27 days ago
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Recap:YN:Yeah,ha ha.

Yn:Well,I'm gonna check on Ray Ray 'cause my ass is falling asleep by just sitting here.
Roc:I can massage it for you,shawty.
Yn:*laughs*Calm down,Roczilla.You ain't getting all this.
Roc:*stares at her ass while she walks up the stairs*
Prince:*hits Roc* Chill!You ain't getting that,and neither are me or Prod.
Prod:I don't want her.I mean,I do,but I'm gonna back off 'cause she's with Ray.
Prince:Yeah,what he said.
Roc:Shut the hell up,Afro Puff.You're the one that was a flirt!
Prince:You're the one that was a freak!
Roc:At least I don't act all gay!
Prince:Hey,I'm just playing around.But you?You wanna "just play around" in the bed with her!
Roc:Well you're just jealous that I got the body for that,unlike you!
Prince:How the hell you know if I do or don't?
Roc:A week before we met her we was at the damn ass pool and you were skinny,but no damn fucking abs,nigga!
Fan fiction by Skittlez143fan posted 27 days ago
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OMG I am SOOOO sorry I haven't been on in forever!I missed y'all SO much :'( *hugs y'all through screen* How've y'all been?And by the way,I've been reading y'all's comments,so don't think I'm ignoring you 'cause I would NEVER. @irreplaceable It was a fake Ray Ray and I don't even remember.And to the others,I didn't SAY Ray Ray or Prod or any of them were actually my BOYFRIENDS and I didn't SAY that they were ONLY mine.So chill.And they ain't y'all's either.They're God's.So please,stop with the accusing comments.And no fights are allowed,so quit.Ok,now on with the story.I wanna thank y'all again for saying y'all love it.And for the people who follow me.Love y'all :) <3

Opinion by rayraynicki posted 1 month ago
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{Jacob's POV}- The next day
I wondered and wondered some more. People were looking at me strange and i didn't know what to say or do so I kept walking. I smelt delicious smells and it made me hungry because I haven't eaten. I would go inside a place but people shoo'd me away. So I kept trying and trying. Eventually i gave up when nobody wanted to feed me. I was sad that I had made no friends and i had grumbling belly. I saw this building acrossed the street and wanted to try it. It looked kid friendly and I'm a kid so i took my precautions and crossed the street. They're were some big cars in the parking lot as i looked around for an entrance to the place.
The wind blew and it made me colder. I was mentally activated my bubble for warmth as i heard laughter. Children's laughter. Maybe they were kids like me. So i walked towards the sound of laughter and saw this barrier that i could see through. They're were kids running around and having fun. I was excited and wanted to play with them until they all stopped what they were doing and saw me. Instead of seeing all smiles I saw frowns and opened mouths. Then i heard laughing and saw those same kids pointing at me. I...