the four sexiest boys in the world
Mindless Behavior is loved by mostly everyone but there are still a few haters out there.Just a couple are true2myself and princetongirl21. All I have to say to the haters is that Mindless Behavior will always be on top and there is no reason on Earth why anyone should hate them. Who could hate Prodigy(Craig Johnson),a awesome, focused, heck of a good singer who has the girls fainting for him?! And Roc Royal(Trey Young), a kind, down to Earth, outgoing person?! And Ray Ray(Randy Rayson),a loveable,silly,hilarious bad boy who still manages to be cute?! And last but not least my hubby Princeton(Jacob Perez), the most nice, craziest, silliest, peaceful boy you will ever find?! Mindless Behavior is the best band since Jackson Five! So for all you haters out there, find something else to hate on because we mindless chicks are too mindless to care what you think about them.
Mb swaggun all dai!