LHA epi 1 plz comment---guys sorry it took me so long to do this it deleted the first time so yea nd this ma second story hope ya like it enjoy-----
Girls:*dancing to dance (A$$) by big Sean*(part of their routine link)
(dance practice outfits:
Angel:link are they half naked? Lol) after they all put their clothes back on
Taylor:damn I'm tired *puts headphones around neck*
Diamond:yall wanna go to the mall
Angel:already know i do
Ronya:yea we know you do gel
Alana:whateva yall lets change back
---taylor sees the bruise on alanas neck
(really a hicky -if ya dont know dont need ta know but it look like a bruise so here ya go: link)
Taylor:omg alana who did that?!
alana:nothing my dad just...i didnt get home on time okay
Taylor:alana you gotta do something i mean one day hes gonna seriously hurt you
alana:look just dont worry about it i got it k
Taylor:*sighs* sure
-----at the mall---
Kamela:OMG look yall *grabs them and runs to the table* we can tryout to be a dance group we can be famous OMFG
Diamond:Calm ya bra guh its like 1 & 1,00000 that we would win
Ronya:well lets still tryout
Angel:yea im with ya on that lady bug
too be cont....
-----SO!!! did ya like it ik its kinda boring right now but hope itll get more intresting to ya! like the links?? YA BETA WORKED HARD ON DAT!! lol comment tell me if ya likey luv ya boos *Muuah*!!