So Skittlez met Riley and now they are talking...

Riley: so *coming closer* now that u know a bit bout me, how bout we do sumthin else
Skittlez: no thank u *stands up*
Riley: *pull her down* hey hey, were u think u goin?
Skittlez: let me go Riley! U hurting me!
Riley: oh come on babe. Dnt be like that
Skittlez: wat!? Boy i dnt even like ur b!tch a$$ ,faggot a$$ self like that
Riley: girl u dnt wanna be on my bad side u-(gco)
???: hey Skitt, I've been looking 4 ya
Skittlez: hey Jake *stands up & hugs him*
Prince: okayy *hugs back* and the guys are at the couch near the snack table, Prod suggested that...
Skittlez: ok, I'll see u when u get there * leaves*
Prince: wat where u doin wit her?
Riley: nun ya bizz
Prince: u do anything to hurt her, trust me, u gon have alot 2 deal with
Riley: haha u dnt scare me so it dnt matter wat u do
Prince: let me give u a sneak peek * punches him right across his jaw*
Riley: WTF?!? N**ga wats wrong wit u?
Prince: u bothering my friends is wats wrong wit me & dnt let that happen again *turns and leaves*

Prince Pov
OUCH!! Jeez my hand hurts! Wat is that guy's face made of???

Aww Prince luvs his fwnds... How cute!